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11 People Dead after Shootings in 2 Bars in Germany


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Yesterday evening a 43- year old man opened fire in 2 shisha bars in Hanau, Hessia, killing at least 9 people and injuring at least 4 people. He was later found death at home, next to the corpse of his 72- year old mother, most likely after commiting suicide. With him they found a letter where he confessed the attack. He also loaded a video up several days before in which he proclaimed several conspiracy theories from the far right.

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I saw this story yesterday as it was breaking. My mum and I thought it would be some kind of racially-motivated thing when we saw it happened at two shisha bars. My mum also commented about how these things aren’t particularly shocking anymore, we just think “oh, another terrorism incident” (federal prosecutors are treating it as domestic terrorism). It’s shit all round. 

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