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Things that made you go “Huh?”

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Waffle Time

1. In On The Banks of Plum Creek, Mary and Laura go to school in the summer.  I know this was before standardized school terms, and according to Pioneer Girl, even Rose Wilder Lane wrote her mother to ask “Was there really school in the summertime?”

2.  I remember being confused about terms such as “calico,” “lawn,” and “boughten”(it took me way longer than it should have to figure out that it meant store-bought, and not homemade).  I really wished there was a glossary.

3.  Also in On The Banks of Plum Creek , when Laura and Mary begin driving the family cow to meet the herd boy in the morning and bringing her back home at night, it says “Now Laura and Mary has chores to do.”  I used to think, “But what about the things they were already doing—making beds, washing dishes, sweeping the floors?”  Apparently, that was housework, and totally different.

4.  Last but not least, when Mr. Edwards told the story of Santa Claus riding a pack mule, was I the only one who thought “But where were his reindeer?” 😛



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