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If I Ran a Cult...


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14 hours ago, meep said:
  • Always Coke, never Pepsi
  • Brussel Sprouts are forbidden
  • Everyone must do a happy/silly dance to the best of their ability every morning
  • Weekly hikes with the groups 
  • We must all develop a secret language together so no one else can learn our super secret cult knowledge

I'm in, as long as I can bring my pups on the hikes.

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1. You must know how to fix your computer yourself.

2. If you bring salt and vinegar chips to an event and serve them in a bowl, they must be very clearly marked so as not to be mistaken for regular chips.

3. Anyone who mentions or references the game 'Fortnite' will be excommunicated.

4. No fanboy fights over DC vs. Marvel.  They're both pretty.

5. We don't mention Marvel's Inhumans.  Or Stargate Infinity.

6. If you must, you can maintain an interest in sports but may not push your beliefs on others.  This goes for e-Sports too.

7. If you see a spelling or grammar error on the internet you are duty bound to provide a correction.  Especially if it's an extra or missing apostrophe, or the wrong cannon/canon.

8. Videogames are like any other activity.  If you have time management problems, work on your time management skills rather than thinking that banning videogames is the solution.

9. It's never okay to harass or threaten studios over delayed videogames, or the cast and crew of shows when storylines or characters don't follow your preferred shipping.  (Don't harass or threaten anyone at all really.)  But with that said, Supergirl and Lena Luthor clearly aren't just 'best friends'.

10. Don't go within arm's length of anyone wearing a VR headset on pain of being summarily clobbered by accident.

11. Mary Hamilton (step-sister of Batwoman) is a perfect cinnamon roll who must be protected from all harm.

12. You may only use the phrase "when you have children of your own" or "when you get married" once per year, and you only get one, not both.  And that's once total, not once per hearer.

13. The burning sky orb is dangerous.  If you must go outside during the day, cover up for your own safety.

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