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Gwen Shamblin Lara 12: Gwen says something I can't understand.

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Wine time!
17 hours ago, throwaway9988 said:

I recently went back through all my old Remnant emails and found some buried treasures. I was collecting all the old emailed sermons and messages from Gwen that were in my email archive. I tried to use them to train a deep learning AI to write like Gwen writes, but I didn’t post the results because I only met with middling success and the results weren’t as funny as I had hoped (it’s hard enough to get an AI to write in sentences, and even harder when the source material you train it with has as much incorrect grammar and spelling as Gwen’s emails, with randomly capitalized words strewn around). 

Anyways, at least I found some entertainingly crazy stuff. I’m just not sure if I would be violating the privacy rules if I posted it. I tried to message a mod about it a while back but never got an answer; Im assuming I messaged someone who was too busy and forgot. Im not trying to go over their head or bug them, I just never got an answer. So if any mods or helpmeets read this thread, do you think I would be allowed to post these old Gwen messages? I originally thought the messages had been emailed to the entire Remnant (around 1000 people at that time, iirc), but upon closer inspection I see that they were emailed to me by other Remnant members after originally having been posted on a private message board that the whole Remnant (again, about 1000 people at that time, including me) had access to. The messages are all signed “Gwen” and none of them include the comments of anyone else or anyone trying to be anonymous. Thanks for any guidance. 

I’ve been wondering about this as well. I have a ton of emails and miscellaneous media. 

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RED ALERT!  These are dangerous times! Our enemy is looking to defeat us! It makes us emotional!  It ruins our health! It makes us lose sleep! it will ruin our relationships! It will suck the life out of us!  It will ruin our finances! It will keep us from our family members! It forces us to go to the doctor to figure out what's wrong with us! It makes us depressed! we think about it  every day! At least twice,   in the morning and at noon! We're in our PJ's all day! we read all about it!  We prepare for it!

Corona? what are you even talking about....? You gotta watch because food is out to get you! Food is evil! Beware of food! Food can KILL YOU!

This public service announcement was brought to you by the Gwenorexic and Proud of It Foundation.

This is so insane... if you think about food in the morning and read recipes and actually do something to prepare your dinner it's a sign you have an affair with the food-idol.


You have to learn that every time your mind goes to your idol, you need to get it off and concentrate on higher callings.

read that? Every time... if you think about food ONCE, you have to stop.

Edited by AmazonGrace

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