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Bettina Arndt: Paedophile Apologist

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I tend to avoid reading about Bettina Arndt, who is an Australian 'sex therapist' and 'clinical psychologist' who is also very into the whole MRA movement and constantly spins things so that men are eternal victims.  But then, thanks to the never ending bloody culture wars, she was made a Member of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day list. For, of all bloody things, "services to gender equity". 

This is a woman who, amongst other things, has been a paedophile apologist, attacked domestic violence victims, and has described rape victims as having "morning after regret", and ran a "rape crisis scare campaign" tour claiming that the statistics for rape at universities were overblown.

There is a reason I avoid her like the bloody plague.

But then it came out that she had in fact been calling herself a clinical psychologist for the last 35 years (including on the blurb of her book) without actually being one, and allowing people to call her Dr when she has no qualification that would entitle her to that.  She has a degree in pyschology, yes.  She does not have the required qualifications and recognition by the psychologist practicing body, no.  I think so far my favourite comment is "someone should introduce her to Belle Gibson".

There is a campaign to strip her of the award, which has been pushed by many leading figures including the Premier and Attorney-General of Victoria.  And most recently the woman who was raped by the paedophile Arndt joked around with (and who was described by Arndt as engaging in "sexually provocative behaviour") has also called for the honour to be revoked.

Her response is thoughtful and honest.  I hope Arndt is stripped of all honours, ignored and crawls under a rock with the other spiders.

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Another Australian here. I wholeheartedly agree with you. 

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I see that you have the same issue in Australia that we have in the UK with useless, offensive idiots being given various honours. Hopefully the fact that she has been lying about her academic qualifications will mean that she is not given this award. Then again, they have given about 4 failed politicians who were voted out in December peerages so that they can sit in the house of Lords over here so my faith in humanity is becoming somewhat thin.

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I loathe Arndt. She’s the Australian female Jordan Peterson and a traitor to women. Also, my sister majored in psychology and has done a PhD about affective disorders, now working as a postdoc researcher still in psychology - she can legitimately be called Dr, but she is careful to correct anyone who calls her “a psychologist” because of what it means in a clinical sense. I am VERY interested to hear that Arndt has been misrepresenting herself in this way, and hope she gets whatever sanctions are available for that.

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Every single time I think she cannot get worse she throws out another couple of shovelfuls and proves me wrong.  For context - earlier this week we had (yet another) case of a man anihilating his family in a particularly horrible way. One of Queensland Police's finest said that this man was "driven to it" by his wife having the temerity to leave him, to get an AVO, to hide from him with her children because she was in fear of her life. Justifiably so.

And fucking Arndt comes out with this (in spoiler because the reply references the murders in more detail and I would prefer people not have to look if they don't want to.)



The response to her is spot on - did his kids also "drive him to it"?

Incidentally the man responding is the ABC's election analyst - not someone you would normally see entering this type of debate (policy wonk stuff yeah). 

The cop has been stood down, thank God. 

The sooner Arndt becomes irrelevant and forgotten the better.

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Arndt is truly offensive. I also find it completely unsurprising that someone who holds the ideas she does was lauded by #ScoMo. I really and truly hadn't realised until relatively recently just how poisonous she is. And when you think the bar can't be set any lower in the terrible tragedy of Hannah Clarke and her children

Link to Mark Latham story and appearance on Sunrise

The story source (above) isn't one I'm familiar with, but to quote them:

"Sunrise this morning, as part of the on-going national conversation on domestic violence in the wake of the horrific murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children, eschewed any nuanced or respectful conversation on the topic, and instead took the opportunity to wheel out brain-poisoned dunderhead Mark Latham, who utilised this unrestricted air time to have a world-class grizzle about AVOs."

"Go sit in a Local Court and look at the number of these AVOs handed out,” Latham scoffed, before continuing “I mean, these things are handed out like confetti these days and they’re devalued in the system to the point… the police must look at the number of AVOs in their local community and think ‘how could I possibly police all of these?'” "

Tell you what Latham, why don't you think about that a bit........


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‪I have a 3 year old. There is nothing - NOTHING - I or anyone else could do that could legitimately “drive someone to” gruesomely murder her while she sits innocently in her car seat. Nothing. End of story. ‬

Few people on this planet could evoke such visceral disgust in me as Bettina not-a-psychologist Arndt.

14 hours ago, Katzchen24 said:

Arndt is truly offensive. I also find it completely unsurprising that someone who holds the ideas she does was lauded by #ScoMo. I really and truly hadn't realised until relatively recently just how poisonous she is.

I swear she’s become so much more poisonous relatively recently (say 2017 onwards). Or maybe just more public. Which tells me she says this shit to cash in on misogyny and that repulses me in new ways.

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