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Misogyny in the court

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Thought I’d start a thread to cover misogyny in the legal system  

First some good news.


A New Jersey Supreme Court panel has recommended the removal of Superior Court Judge John F. Russo Jr. from the bench, citing "multiple acts of severe misconduct" of the state code of judicial conduct.

The panel's findings, published on the New Jersey Courts' website, revealed far more details about what happened in Russo's courtroom in the three cases cited in the initial complaint about his conduct, particularly his handling of the domestic violence complaint.

Russo was suspended from his position in 2017 by Ocean County Assignment Judge Marlene Lynch Ford following a number of complaints about his conduct, including an instance where he asked a sexual assault victim whether she knew how to prevent herself from "having intercourse," suggesting "Close your legs" was one of the solutions.

"Because (Russo) committed multiple acts of severe misconduct and offered less than truthful testimony ... in an effort to deny or minimize his actions, thereby demonstrating his unfitness for judicial office, the record coupled with the relevant case law supports imposition of the most severe sanction: removal from judicial office," the three-judge panel wrote.

He’s a fucking disgrace to the profession and needs to lose his judgeship. 

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