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Maxwell 35: Choosing The Right Vest For an Extended Family Member

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Per the Maxwell's blog, Anna Marie should be in surgery now.

Hope her kids are being reasonably distracted from the anxiety.

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My sister is really into woo medicine. She is now anti-vacs and thank goodness all her (vaccinated) kids are adults. She is in her fifties and refuses mammography because of the radiation.  Nevermind she gets lots of radiation flying all over the world all of the time.  So instead of mammograms, she gets thermography, which is done in spas, not a medical facility, and has a high rate of false-negatives and false-positives. 

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13 minutes ago, Dandruff said:

Hope her kids are being reasonably distracted from the anxiety

They'll be forced to pray all the time. Is mom ill? You have to pray. Is mom MORE ill? Pray harder. Plus I doubt Maxwells are able to explain things adequately. I'm worry especially for Joshua and Ruthanne, who can be aware of a lot of information but not being allowed to have questions.

At least Anna and Mary are sweet and relatively fun. So at least the children have a couple real caring people next to them. (Don't take me wrong. I'm sure Teri loves these kids and her heart suffers for them, but she can't handle stress).

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Waffle Time

@louannems, a close friend of mine is turning to woo at the age of 67.  She’s taking a reiki class that sounds sketchy AF, as it’s all about crystals and essential oils. She recently posted a testimonial that stated three people were able to avoid knee replacements by using essential oils. She believes that underwire bras cause breast cancer and rose quartz is too “strong” to place on a child’s skin. 
Worst of all, she’s decided that if she ever gets breast cancer, she’ll refuse all conventional medical care. Her reasoning is that breast cancers are “overtreated.” A friend of ours went through two bouts of breast cancer and then skin cancer, and now is suffering greatly from rheumatoid arthritis as a result of one of her treatments. This is why Woo Friend has decided All Chemo Bad. I hope to God she hasn’t said this to any breast cancer patients or survivors.

All of this is tiring me TF out. (She also “can’t deal with all the Trump hate.”) I am sitting here, just having made a doctor’s appointment for the discomfort I’m feeling in my right breast (I’ll be seeing him tomorrow). It hurts so badly to see that a dear friend has turned into a freaking whackjob.

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The teeny bit of radiation you get from mammography is much less than the radiation you might have if you actually get breast cancer.  And if you do have a cancer discovered during your mammogram.  it's likely to be smaller, easier to treat, and to require less radiation.

ETA:  @Hane, here's hoping that your appointment tomorrow turns out A-OK with nothing seriously wrong.

Edited by PennySycamore

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