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Mormon/LDS Family Vloggers

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So - my path to this particular subject is courtesy Out Daughtered and Sweet Home Sextuplets.  The Busby's have both Instagram and Youtube channels.  The other family has Instagram.  And Google then takes my looking at these and starts suggesting youtube videos for five.two.love. 


FIve.Two.Love - five is for quintuplets.  two if for the two older boys.  I like this family but dad has decided to make a living from youtube vlogging (at least until Youtube puts and end to this - which from all families seems to be an ongoing issue as far as content to keep them where they are and not moved to a children's category).  I will admit that when compared to say Kate Gosselin this family is calm and amusing.  

They led me to (thanks to both cross-overs and youtube suggestions) the following.

Not Enough Nelsons.  Mormon family of (now) 16.  Roughly half the kids are adopted.  They are, for me, loud.  (As in if they spent money on mic equipment or something they might be able to get rid of the shout/yelly end of things on every video).  all the girls names end in 'ee'  (although daughter Janie doesn't put hers out there that way and Kass has apparently lobbed the EE off hers).  

Gardner Quad Squad.  As the name implies they have quadruplets - but their quads are two sets of identical twins.  Another family that seems to either be full time vloggers and/or MLM schilling.  Kids are on the loud side but they've also just turned 5. 

Meet the Millers - family with 5 kids.  The youngest Jensen has medical issues, congenital defect involving his esophagus, almost died at birth.  And hey, dad seems to have a regular job during the day so this is more Mom's gig.

April & Davey - I'm going to have to go find the link to the videos that aren't on their main channel to post in here.  April is ex FLDS.  (but the story is a tad humorous because her family was less than exemplary and Mom seemed to be working the FLDS system for support post divorce).  Very LDS - he does Temple shifts (I'm assuming volunteering).  They've had a series of exchange students living with them.  She just had baby #6 (and he got a vasectomy shortly after that baby was born).  She's a hair stylist who does work at home.  They have had a channel (or have a channel) for kids that involved superhero videos.  I haven't' checked that one out.  


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