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Son of Hephzibah House founder speaks out on Dr. Phil

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Why do I get the sense that "older boys rubbing their hands with glee [i.e., bullies/thugs] at the prospect of teaching a younger smart-aleck kid [i.e., young vulnerable/sensitive child] a lesson" have been raised under the Love and Logic paradigm? 

What a bunch of crap. 



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On 6/11/2020 at 11:13 AM, AmazonGrace said:

This is from the Parenting with love and logic book  by Foster Cline. (Courtesy of Google books).

Go ahead and let your five year old be assaulted if you think it has anything to do with either love or logic.


When my daughter was accosted by neighborhood bullies, I called the cops. Now the bullies don't mess with the kid with the crazy mom. Much more natural consequence. 😉

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