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Abigail of the Alcove had a seventh baby and began an M.F.A. program in 2019

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Today I finished reading the many the archived threads about Abigail Benjamin, fundy Catholic convert and lay Carmelite, mother to many poorly homeschooled kids, self-described co-dependent and spiritually-abandoned-in-youth blogger living in "poverty" (with more privilege and access to financial resources than many people in the world will ever have).

She has a gift for hyperbole and a persecution complex the size of the Washington, DC Basilica. 

I figured I'd google her to see who she is harassing blessing these days. I learned from her most recent blog post (which is from early 2019) that she:

  • delivered a seventh baby (late 2018 or 2019, couldn't be sure), despite the warnings of her high risk OB that further pregnancies could be life-threatening (because CATHOLIC!)
  • in 2017, founded an environmental law firm (I haven't confirmed this, so it might be as real as the advertising agency she supposedly launched a few years back, which somehow never got mentioned again)
  • was planning to undertake a Master of Fine Arts program to become a fiction writer (insert snark here regarding the fiction she blogged about for a decade prior, in which she chronicled her suffering in daycare as a baby just like kids in an Eastern European orphanage, and as a 40-something, risked arrest for standing up for Catholicism in line at a Goodwill when a guy wouldn't let her have a puzzle he was buying)

She included a family photo in her most recent post, though it must have been taken before Blessing #7 - a boy - arrived.

I guess once she began working for her Master's degree while running an environmental law firm while being a lay Carmelite while homeschooling and raising seven children while being a wife while being the best daughter Mommy Mary (the BVM) ever had, she didn't have time to blog any longer.


ETA: Oh boy. For the first time, we have several videos of Abigail, in which she discusses clean water issues. (Apparently before she launched that law firm.)


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Gems from her public social media accounts and blog posts that Abigail published after the last thread died out include:

  •  "I'm probably the only artist from West Virginia that you will ever meet" - ??
  • Is living in so much poverty that she had to take two daughters on a trip to France
  • Apparently her pregnancy with the most recent baby (which docs advised against for the sake of her health) required bedrest and a few hospitalizations; good thing she survived, or her husband would have had to raise the other six kids alone #prolife
  • From a blog post she called At Ease Homeschooling: "This August marks my eighth year as a homeschool teacher. I'm starting a part-time environmental law practice the same year that I'll be teaching four different grades, along with a 4 year old who wants to be in the academic mix and a nutty 18 month old who has a knack for finding trouble the exact moment that an older sibling makes progress with multiplying fractions...I make sure that we're following a plan that is legal for the State. Basically that means, even though no one likes it, we do long division, spelling and lessons on passive voice. The this is what we have to learn is pretty light." Great.
  • From the same post as above, but this gets its own line because it made me LOL: "They write the reports and I nag them about grammer [sic] rules and standardize their spelling."
  •  "This was the week that I decided to self-nurture myself with a gym membership. We don't have a lot of money, yet my health is worth a small piece of our grocery budget." What about your kids' health?!? Do all seven of them get enough healthy food every day?!?

Okay, I gotta go to bed.

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