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Anna Marie has Breast Cancer


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2 hours ago, Baxter said:

So you never really know what you're going to get with kids. 

Just like a box of chocolates.

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Long time lurker, first time poster - but every time the cost of medical treatment comes up, or the difficulties of negotiating insurance, I feel overwhelmingly grateful to be where I am in New Zealan

Regardless of what we feel about their individual beliefs, no one deserves to have this diagnosis at such a young age.  I can imagine this will have a huge impact on the entire family.    

The family just posted that Anna Marie has breast cancer and will have to be induced as soon as possible to have surgery. I feel awful for them. My cousin had a very aggressive form of breast cancer a

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On 2/2/2020 at 10:43 PM, Melissa1977 said:

I have heard about lots of recipes, mixing cow milk with herbal teas, or using condensed milk (I've been told this one was a very bad idea, as babies cried awfully because it's not digestive at all).

What breaks my heart is that lots of mothers who wanted to breastfeed in the 60's and 70's, like my mom, were told they had no "good" milk, or were adviced to put the babies in such a strict nursing schedule that we were always hungry and finally given formula (mom was told that nursing on demand wasn't nutritious!!!). My mom is still surprised because most women breastfeed nowadays (in my area at least). None of her friends "had good milk" back in the 70's, which was obviously caused by doctors advice. 


Please forgive me for not remembering the title, but I read the book well over a decade ago. It was hailed as the first major “sociology”* book — where a researcher went out and recorded their findings in late 19th-early 20th century.

I was weaning my almost three year old at the time (2007ish) and was appalled to see that social workers encouraged women to use formula as much as possible. They had especially derogatory language (truly vile, offensive, xenophobic terms) for the Italian mothers, who generally refused their advice to formula feed. 
Most immigrant groups (the ones who’d be getting social worker visits) seemed to feel that pressure to conform/follow their advice/have to return to work,  and did so.

Formula feeding has been strongly encouraged in various ways for a very long time, both in the US and abroad.

@EmmieJ I’ve got a veteran friend who’s a mother of four, three of whom are boys. As most of us know, kids love to travel in packs (preferably in a semi-feral state, but I digress). She’s been known to lead army drills with her kids and with whatever stray kiddos were at her house. 😂 
Whatever must be done to tire them out, I suppose. 

*ETA: scare quotes because sociology wasn’t really a recognized field at the time.

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4 hours ago, Granwych said:

Kinda lengthy tale here.   When my sister's and I were teens we were visiting relatives out of state.  There had been a flood in the area and the national guard was called in to help.  For a few days trucks full of young men went by the house and we'd wave to them .    One truck stopped and the guys came over to flirt with us.   My 5 year old cousin kept interrupting until one guy got the idea to pay the kid a quarter to run a few laps around the house and leave us to our chats.  That little cousin must have made $10.00 in quarters that day.  Plus, he slept like a log that night. 

My friend loved my kids when they were little and they loved her. When we wanted an adult-only conversation she’d call them over and pull out a couple of dollars. She’d say “Go to your rooms and practice something - a song, a dance, magic tricks.  Come back in twenty minutes and perform for me and I’ll pay you each a dollar.” The first time she did it, I laughed and laughed. It soon became a regular thing for our kids to prepare little shows for her next visit. 

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11 hours ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

I made a similar mistake in allowing my kids to have opinions and teaching them to think critically for themselves.  At times a little blind obedience would have been nice.  :) 

You too? That shit backfired on me before they were 10. Their teachers were none too pleased either. 

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9 minutes ago, feministxtian said:
11 hours ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

I made a similar mistake in allowing my kids to have opinions and teaching them to think critically for themselves.  At times a little blind obedience would have been nice.  :) 

You too? That shit backfired on me before they were 10. Their teachers were none too pleased either. 

Me, as well!  But you know what? Not one of the Juniors has made a miserable marriage like the one their mom endured for decades. They also didn’t marry people I necessarily would’ve chosen ... whereas my folks’ approval was very important to me. 

Yeah, there were backfires and regrets ... but after all’s done and said, I’m glad I raised them  the way I did. And I’m glad to know you each did so, too. 

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Hey guys!
I am going to close this out. We can resume the discussion in the main Max thread. NR- Anna does not have an independent social media presence so the the chance of a lot of duplicate conversations get pretty high!

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      My grandmother came from a town in Missouri of (now) population ~14,500 and 8 Baptist churches.  Not counting all the other denominations, that's just the Baptists.  
      MY grandfather came from Drimoleauge, Ireland which has a current population of ~450 people (not a typo) and 1 church and 5 pubs.  
      If I get a time machine take a wild guess which ancestors I'm going back to visit?  I'm not social, don't enjoy bars, and prefer to imbibe at home but sitting in a pub has to be better than being Godbothered to death by people pretending they don't drink.  
      Fun unrelated fact - Martin Luther spent so much time on the toilet he had a desk built so he could work there, and would take meetings while actively pooping.   He also wrote letters to people with vivid descriptions of his poops.   That should make everyone feel a little better about their work place and emails.
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