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Advice needed: Getting outside kitty to use box


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Friends, I have mentioned, I think, that the kitty that I have been feeding for a few years decided he lives with me now, not his supposed humans. He's doing well inside (he's a big fan of the couch and fireplace), but he hasn't quite figured out how to use the litter box. He understands that he's not supposed to pee just anywhere -- he's peeing on the pee pads I have down for my old man cat who is going senile and forgot entirely how to use the box. It's not an urgent issue, but someday I would like to not have 2894329473 pee pads down everywhere. Any ideas how to communicate to him that the box is the best way? 

Obligatory picture so you can tell him he's the prettiest: 


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Coconut Flan

There is a specially scented litter that attracts cats to pee on it.  It's available at Petsmart, Petco, and Chewy.  It's Dr Elsey's Cat Attract.  On Chewy I see he now sells an additive to put on regular litter that is cheaper.  It worked for one of our litter pan averse kitties.  At least he's using the pads!  He may think he's doing the right thing following the older cat.


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3 minutes ago, Coconut Flan said:

At least he's using the pads!  He may think he's doing the right thing following the older cat.

He totally understands he's not supposed to pee just anywhere. He just doesn't get WHERE he's supposed to pee.

I'll check on the thingy from Chewy. An additive is perfect because I use breeze litter system for special snowflake lung reasons. 

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Maggie Mae

Is the litter box clean and is there one for each cat? My showed up one day cat seems to "forget" about using the box sometimes, but we haven't isolated the cause yet, so I'm watching this thread too. 

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Yeah. I have five total for four cats. I have considered purchasing another one just for him though. He's not at all interested in challenging for king of the house or anything, so he just walks away and doesn't argue the point when my other cats start things. I'm wondering if his own box would make a difference. 

I honestly don't think the problem is him being a jerk cat like it is sometimes with cats being punitive when they are pissed about something. I honestly think it's a just he doesn't understand the expectations thing. My impression is that he's never seen a litter box before. His supposed humans just threw him outside with no shelter or anything in 20 degree weather when they moved in. Next Door and I have been sheltering and feeding him since day one. 

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