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Duggars in 10 - 20 Years

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I don’t see any of them putting their children in a public school- it will be homeschooling or private Christian school. 
I also think with the notable exception of Austin the work ethic is not strong in any of these so they will run minor businesses and grub money along where they can.

I can see Josh & Josiah feeling sorry for themselves while their wives fake smiles and keep their families afloat with online peddling. 
Jed has the potential, depending on his political success, of being the most obnoxious- but it’s a crowded field. 
I don’t see Jeremy having a mega church but I see him clinging to the coattails of fame and anybody vaguely famous they know. Jinger will do pretty much nothing except promote whoever will pay her and support Jeremy.
Amy will write the tell all while Derick keeps hinting at it- then he’ll snark over her on Twitter until she offers to bring Jill in as co author! 

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