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Revisiting 2019 Predictions & More for 2020!


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It's that time of year again! I've gone through all of our predictions from last December and I'm reposting them now for y'all to take a gander at! Another long year, but fundies are always here producing both babies and bullshit.

It's now my 7th year on the prediction beat somehow, and I've been less active on FJ over the last few. I've still kept up even if I'm not posting, but I was unsure about some predictions and I'm sure I've gotten a few wrong. This is my favorite part of the year and I love giving back to this community in this weird way. Predict away and I'll be back again next year :)

You can find last year's thread here:


I didn't tally up winners this year because I'm pregnant and irritable. Sorry.

And now, what you've all been waiting for - last year's predictions. Some are under spoilers for space saving purposes:


1.      Someone gets a serious vaccine-preventable illness (albireo) -1

2.      Someone will die as a result of a mismanaged birth (Themanda Duggar) -1

3.      Someone will have a set of twins (SunnySideUp) -1

4.      “Old Maid” gets married (lunaselena503) -1




1.      General

a.      Show stays on (albireo) (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      At least one courtship (VelociRapture) -1

c.      No new courtships (JillyO) (meee) (petrushka) +1

d.      At least one wedding (SunnySideUp) -1

e.      Duggar significant marital problems (singsingsing) -1 not that we know of

f.       No deluge of babies (singsingsing) -1

g.      Nobody goes to college (JillyO) +1

h.      Duggar boy leaves home for some time for an opportunity (singsingsing) -1 because I don’t think Jed actually “moved out” to run for office

i.       Another Duggar daughter in pants (Jatalie1996) -1

j.       Huge pregnancy lineup photo (albireo) (meee) +1, one with 5

k.      Someone gets a big haircut (albireo) +1, Jinger’s cut & color

l.       Duggar girl joins an MLM (SunnySideUp) -1 so close though!

m.    Duggar involved in a shady financial thing (singsingsing) +1 Hurricane Dorian “help”

n.      New scandal (KeshetParparNesicha) (singsingsing) +1 Hurricane Dorian “help”

o.      Another family banished from show (nickelodeon) -1 just the Dullards and Smuggars

2.      Jim Bob & Michelle

a.      Retain custody of Tyler but do not adopt him (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Continue lurking just out of the spotlight (VelociRapture) -1 now have talking heads on the show

3.      Josh & Anna

a.      M6 pregnancy (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lexiloumarie) (singsingsing) (VelociRapture) +1

b.      M6 born (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (lunaselena503) (meee) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) +1 Maryella Hope

c.      Girl (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) +1

d.      Boy (Caskett4ever) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) -1

e.      Named Maya (JermajestyDuggar) -1

f.       Named Matthew (SunnySideUp) -1

g.      No pregnancy (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

h.      Sneak peeks continue, rare social media posts (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1 Anna has posted more, but Josh remains in the background

i.       Family stays off the show (SunnySideUp) -1 some peeks of Anna or the M kids

j.       Josh stays off the show (singsingsing) +1

k.      Josh eased back onto show (KeshetParparNesicha) -1 Thank God

l.       Josh takes community college courses (petrushka) -1 not that we know of

4.      Jana

a.      Courtship (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (lexiloumarie) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (VelociRapture) -1

b.      Engagement (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) -1

c.      Marriage (albireo) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) -1

d.      Younger guy (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

e.      Arndt wedding (Glasgowghirl) -1

f.       No pregnancy (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) +1

g.      Stays single (anjulibai) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (singsingsing) +1

h.      Move away from the compound (KeshetParparNesicha) -1 still sharing a room with Josie!

5.      John & Abbie

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (JillyO) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lexiloumarie) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (petrushka) (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Baby (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (meee) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) -1 not quite yet

c.      Boy (JermajestyDuggar) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) -1

d.      Girl (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (singsingsing) +1

e.      John as middle name (JermajestyDuggar) -1 no name yet

f.       Grace as middle name (singsingsing) -1 no name yet

g.      Hospital birth (SunnySideUp) -1 no birth yet

h.      Attempt home/midwife birth (singsingsing) -1 no birth yet

i.       Abbie won’t continue with nursing career (SunnySideUp) +1 I haven’t seen any word on her returning to nursing

6.      Jill & Derick

a.      Pregnancy (albireo) (anjulibai) (lexiloumarie) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) (VelociRapture) -1

b.      Baby (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (meee) -1

c.      Boy (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) -1

d.      Girl (lunaselena503) (SunnySideUp) -1

e.      Named Ezekiel or Gabriel (JermajestyDuggar) -1

f.       Named Selah Michelle (JermajestyDuggar) -1

g.      No pregnancy (JillyO) (singsingsing) +1

h.      Stay in Arkansas (SunnySideUp) +1

i.       Derick continues at law school (albireo) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (petrushka) (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1

j.       Drops out of law school (The Wanderer) -1

k.      Another big change for Derick (singsingsing) -1 not really

l.       Continues blogging (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1 ugh…

m.    Jill starts selling for an MLM (albireo) -1 she hasn’t made the leap yet

n.      Jill restarts midwifery (KeshetParparNesicha) -1 which is for the good of all of the babies of Arkansas

o.      Social media crap (anjulibai) (JermajestyDuggar) (KeshetParparNesicha) (meee) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) (VelociRapture) +1 with bonus TMI

p.      Derick shades the Duggars (anjulibai) +1

7.      Jessa & Ben

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (JillyO) (lexiloumarie) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (petrushka)  (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Baby (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (singsingsing) (The Wanderer) +1 Ivy Jane

c.      Girl (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (The Wanderer) +1

d.      Boy (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) -1

e.      Don’t announce sex until baby is born (SunnySideUp) +1

f.       Homebirth (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) +1

g.      Trendy first name (JermajestyDuggar) +1

h.      Middle name Lauren (The Wanderer) -1

i.       Middle name honor a Christian hero (JermajestyDuggar) +1 Lady Jane Grey

j.       Charlotte Crosby or Theodore Tozer (JermajestyDuggar) -1

k.      Calvin Tozer or Cotton Mather (singsingsing) -1

l.       Ben career advancement (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) -1 what’s a career?

m.    Move out of Grandma’s house (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) -1 adding on

n.      Make a move toward independence (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

o.      No Jessa in pants (SunnySideUp) +1

8.      Jinger & Jeremy

a.      Pregnancy (albireo) (Jatalie1996) (lexiloumarie) (SunnySideUp) -1

b.      Girl (SunnySideUp) -1

c.      No pregnancy (anjulibai) (Caskett4ever) (JillyO) (KeshetParparNesicha) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (singsingsing) (VelociRapture) +1

d.      No baby (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (The Wanderer) +1

e.      Jeremy continues studying through Master’s (VelociRapture) +1

f.       Jeremy career advancement (SunnySideUp) -1 what’s a career?

g.      Travel a surprising amount (VelociRapture) +1 how do they manage it?!

h.      Social media crap (anjulibai) (VelociRapture) +1 nothing too controversial, but definitely crappy

i.       Says something very offensive (albireo) -1 nothing I can think of

9.      Joseph & Kendra

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (Caskett4ever) (JillyO) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lexiloumarie) (singsingsing) (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Baby (albireo) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (meee) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) +1 Addison

c.      Twins (singsingsing) -1

d.      Girl (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) (The Wanderer) +1

e.      Boy (SunnySideUp) -1

f.       Middle name Renee (The Wanderer) +1 A+ work!!!

g.      Hospital birth (KeshetParparNesicha) +1

h.      No pregnancy (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

i.       Mostly avoid social media (VelociRapture) +1

j.       Keep a low profile (SunnySideUp) +1

10.   Josiah & Lauren

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (KeshetParparNesicha) (petrushka) (singsingsing) (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Baby #1 (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (lunaselena503) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) +1 Bella Milagro

c.      Boy (Caskett4ever) (meee) -1 unless you count Big Brother Asa

d.      Girl (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) +1

e.      Middle name Milagro (KeshetParparNesicha) +1 Awesome!

f.       Does not attempt a homebirth (SunnySideUp) Unsure so far

g.      Hospital birth (KeshetParparNesicha) +1

h.      Post about abortion (VelociRapture) +1

11.   Joy & Austin

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (Jatalie1996) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lexiloumarie) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (petrushka) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Baby (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (The Wanderer) -1, the pregnancy resulted in a late-term miscarriage

c.      Boy (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (The Wanderer) -1

d.      Biblical first name (JermajestyDuggar) -1 Annabell

e.      Middle name after a family member (JermajestyDuggar) -1

f.       Hospital VBAC (The Wanderer) -1, no birth

g.      No pregnancy (VelociRapture) -1

h.      Not much changes (SunnySideUp) +1

i.       Post about abortion (VelociRapture) -1 nothing I saw

12.   Jedidiah & Jeremiah

a.      Twin courtship (albireo) (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lexiloumarie) (SunnySideUp) -1

b.      Both twins courting (singsingsing) -1

c.      Twin courtship with Lauren Caldwell (Jatalie1996) -1

d.      No Lauren Caldwell courtship (albireo) +1

e.      No official relationships (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (The Wanderer) +1

13.   Jason through Josie

a.      No Jason relationship (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (The Wanderer) +1

b.      No James courtship (The Wanderer) +1

c.      Howler courtship (Jatalie1996) -1

d.      New singing CD (JermajestyDuggar) -1

14.   Amy & Dillon

a.      Pregnancy (SunnySideUp) +1 I guess this every year and it finally paid off





1.      General

a.      Show stays on (albireo) (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Boy courtship (lexiloumarie) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) +1 Trace & Chaney

c.      No boy courtships (JillyO) -1

d.      No new courtships (EyesOpen) (meee) -1

2.      Gil & Kelly

a.      Continue to skate through life (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Travel a lot (VelociRapture) +1 more or less

3.      Zach & Whitney

a.      Pregnancy #3 (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lexiloumarie) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (petrushka)  (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Baby #3 (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (lunaselena503) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) +1 Khloe Eileen

c.      Boy Girl Twins (The Wanderer) -1

d.      Girl (JermajestyDuggar) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) +1

e.      Boy (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) -1

f.       Cutesy name (JermajestyDuggar) (singsingsing) +1 Khloe

g.      Middle name honoring bio mom (singsingsing) -1 Eileen after Whitney

h.      Continues working (VelociRapture) +1 I don’t think anything has changed

i.       Whitney quits job (lunaselena503) -1 not that we know of

j.       Bradley starts homeschooling (lunaselena503) +1 I believe she’s posted about this

k.      Bradley not homeschooled but not public schooled (KeshetParparNesicha) -1 not that we know

4.      Michael & Brandon

a.      Pregnancy (meee) (SunnySideUp) -1

b.      Baby (The Wanderer) -1

c.      Boy (The Wanderer) -1

d.      Pregnancy or adopt (lexiloumarie) (singsingsing) -1

e.      No pregnancy (anjulibai) (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (VelociRapture) +1

f.       Adopt and then become pregnant (Themanda Duggar) -1

g.      Become parents somehow (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

h.      No baby (lunaselena503) (petrushka) +1

i.       Starts fertility treatment or adoption (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

j.       Talks about adoption (albireo) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) -1

k.      No talk of adoption (JillyO) +1

l.       Move (singsingsing) +1 back to TN

5.      Erin & Chad

a.      Pregnancy #4 (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lexiloumarie) (meee) (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Pregnancy complications (KeshetParparNesicha) -1 not that we know of

c.      Baby #4 (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (lunaselena503) (singsingsing) (The Wanderer) +1 Holland Grace

d.      Girl (Caskett4ever) (The Wanderer) +1

e.      Boy (Jatalie1996) (lunaselena503) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) -1

f.       No pregnancy (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

g.      Move out of cottage or add on (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) -1

6.      Lawson

a.      Continues to court himself (anjulibai) (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (KeshetParparNesicha) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Kind of tries to be a country music star (VelociRapture) (anjulibai) +1

c.      Lots of photos with small children (VelociRapture) +1

d.      Helps with a natural disaster (JermajestyDuggar) +1 Hurricane Dorian, though “help” is a strong word…

7.      Nathan

a.      Relationship (anjulibai) (JermajestyDuggar) (petrushka) (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) -1

b.      Engaged (Jatalie1996) -1

c.      Married (Caskett4ever) (The Wanderer) -1

d.      No relationship (lunaselena503) (singsingsing) +1

e.      Pregnancy (The Wanderer) -1

f.       Pursue ministry (singsingsing) -1 unless being on TV is a ministry?

8.      Alyssa & John

a.      Pregnancy #4 (anjulibai) (lexiloumarie) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) -1

b.      Baby #4 (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) (singsingsing) (The Wanderer) -1

c.      Boy (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) -1

d.      Girl (singsingsing) -1

e.      Cutesy name (singsingsing) -1

f.       Emmie Grace or Sadie Rose (singsingsing) -1

9.      Tori & Bobby

a.      Pregnancy (albireo) (anjulibai) (Jatalie1996) (JillyO) (lexiloumarie) (lunaselena503) (meee) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) +1 Kolter

b.      No pregnancy (Caskett4ever) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (VelociRapture) -1

c.      No baby (JermajestyDuggar) +1 not until next year

d.      Keep a low profile on social media (VelociRapture) +1

10.   Trace

a.      Special friend (Jatalie1996) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) +1 Chaney

b.      Courtship (The Wanderer) +1

c.      Courtship with Lauren Caldwell (lunaselena503) -1

d.      No courtship (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (VelociRapture) -1

11.   Carlin & Evan

a.      Married (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) (VelociRapture) +1

b.      First dance at wedding (anjulibai) +1

c.      Wedding not in a church (KeshetParparNesicha) +1

d.      Honeymoon somewhere tropical (KeshetParparNesicha) +1

e.      Pregnancy (albireo) (anjulibai) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (lexiloumarie) (lunaselena503) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (petrushka) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) (VelociRapture) +1

f.       Boy (SunnySideUp) -1

g.      No pregnancy (JillyO) -1

h.      Carlin in pants (KeshetParparNesicha) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1 IMMEDIATELY

i.       Carlin in bathing suit (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

j.       Continue to be extra (albireo) (JermajestyDuggar) (KeshetParparNesicha) (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1

12.   Josie & Kelton

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (petrushka) (SunnySideUp)  (VelociRapture) +1

b.      Baby #1 (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) (meee) (singsingsing) (The Wanderer) +1

c.      Girl (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) +1

d.      Cutesy but trendy name (JermajestyDuggar) +1 Willow counts as cutesy

e.      Josie stops working at the salon (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) -1 not that we know of

13.   Katie

a.      Special friend (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lexiloumarie) (singsingsing) (SunnySideUp) (The Wanderer) +1

b.      Special friend fizzles out (singsingsing) -1

c.      Courtship (albireo) (anjulibai) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1 not yet

d.      Don’t bother with a courtship (KeshetParparNesicha) -1 maybe next year

e.      Stays single (Caskett4ever) -1

f.       Crown cosmetology program (VelociRapture) +1

14.   The Youngins

a.      Continue visiting the married sisters (VelociRapture) +1 Everybody gets a trip to Florida





1.      General

a.      No girl relationships (Jatalie1996) (JillyO) (meee) (petrushka) (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Gigi health decline (petrushka) -1

2.      Nathan & Melanie

a.      No pregnancy (JillyO) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1 announced shortly before the end of the year

b.      No baby (JermajestyDuggar) -1

c.      Rough pregnancy (lexiloumarie) -1 seems her easiest yet

d.      Baby comes early with complications (albireo) -1 slightly early, no complications

e.      Boy (anjulibai) (Jatalie1996) (lunaselena503) (SunnySideUp) (Triplet3) -1

f.       Girl (Caskett4ever) (petrushka) (singsingsing) +1 Deborah Carol

g.      C name (SunnySideUp) -1

h.      Caleb (lunaselena503) (Triplet3) -1

i.       Caleb Thomas or Deborah Patience (albireo) -1

j.       Claudia called “Dee” (singsingsing) -1

3.      Christopher & Anna Marie

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (petrushka) +1

b.      Baby #6 (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (lunaselena503) (meee) (SunnySideUp) (Triplet3) -1 Not until next year

c.      Girl (meee) (Triplet3) -1

d.      Boy (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (lunaselena503) (SunnySideUp) -1

e.      Twin boys (singsingsing) -1

f.       Julia, Rebecca, or Rachel (Triplet3) -1

g.      Samuel and David (singsingsing) -1

h.      Traditional biblical name (JermajestyDuggar) -1

i.       No pregnancy (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

4.      Sarah

a.      Arndt wedding (Glasgowghirl) -1

b.      No relationship (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (lexiloumarie) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (singsingsing) +1

c.      Nothing new (meee) +1

d.      Snaps at someone on the blog (albireo) -1

5.      Joseph & Elissa

a.      Pregnancy (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (singsingsing) (Triplet3) +1

b.      No baby (JermajestyDuggar) +1 not until next year

c.      No pregnancy (albireo) (Caskett4ever) (JillyO) (meee) (SunnySideUp) -1

6.      John & Chelsy

a.      Boy (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (lunaselena503) (meee) (singsingsing) (Triplet3) +1

b.      Girl (anjulibai) (Caskett4ever) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (petrushka) (SunnySideUp) -1

c.      Trendy name (meee) +1 Axton counts

d.      Surname-as-a-first-name or biblical name (Triplet3) +1 Axton is a surname

e.      Named after a family member (albireo) +1 his father

f.       Asher (singsingsing) -1

g.      Middle name John (JermajestyDuggar) +1

h.      Uncomplicated birth (JermajestyDuggar) +1

i.       Pregnancy #2 (anjulibai) (Jatalie1996) (JillyO) (lunaselena503) (SunnySideUp) -1

j.       No pregnancy #2 (albireo) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) +1

k.      Visits Iowa frequently (petrushka)  -1 I don’t see evidence of quite as many visits this year

7.      Anna & Mary

a.      One courtship (Triplet3) -1

b.      Anna relationship (lexiloumarie) (singsingsing) -1

c.      No Anna relationship (Milly-Molly-Mandy) +1

d.      Mary relationship (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

e.      Mary wedding (singsingsing) -1

f.       No relationships (Caskett4ever) +1

g.      Another mysterious trip (anjulibai) +1 plenty of trips with little explanation

h.      Nothing new (albireo) (JermajestyDuggar) +1 as always in Maxhell

8.      Jesse

a.      Courtship (anjulibai) (lexiloumarie) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

b.      Married (albireo) (Jatalie1996) (ladyamylynn) (SunnySideUp) (Triplet3) -1

c.      With an unknown (albireo) -1

d.      Broken courtship/engagement (singsingsing) -1

e.      No relationship (Caskett4ever) (JillyO) +1

f.       No announcements (JermajestyDuggar) +1





1.      General

a.      No courtships (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (singsingsing) -1

b.      Budding relationship fails (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

2.      Jill & David

a.      Pregnancy (singsingsing) -1

b.      No pregnancy (albireo) (EyesOpen) (JillyO) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (SunnySideUp) +1 thank god

c.      No baby (JermajestyDuggar) +1

d.      No jobs (JermajestyDuggar) +1 except Plexus, of course

3.      Nurie

a.      Courtship (JillyO) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) +1 with Nathan Keller

b.      No courtship (lunaselena503) (meee) (SunnySideUp) -1

c.      Be in Hosanna Plath’s wedding (JermajestyDuggar) +1

d.      Nurie has a new endeavor (lunaselena503) +1 I guess Nathan counts

4.      Timothy

a.      Drops out of college (JillyO) (singsingsing) +1 I think changing colleges under shady circumstances counts

b.      Stays in college (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (JermajestyDuggar) (KeshetParparNesicha) (lunaselena503) (meee) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) (SunnySideUp) (Walking Cat Bed) +1 he did continue with his schooling

5.      Kaylee

a.      No relationship (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Hints of a relationship (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) -1

c.      Marriage (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

d.      Runs away (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

6.      Other children

a.      Brush off Janessa’s medical issues (KeshetParparNesicha) +1 nothing’s wrong with her at all!



1.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (meee) (SunnySideUp) +1

2.      Baby (albireo) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1 due in February

3.      Boy (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

4.      Visit USA (Milly-Molly-Mandy) +1 for a surgery

5.      Stay in Zambia (anjulibai) (EyesOpen) (SunnySideUp) +1 aside from his trip, yes

6.      Leave Zambia (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1 aside from his trip, no

7.      Does not fly a plane (EyesOpen) +1

8.      Enoch moves back to the USA (anjulibai) -1

David & Priscilla Waller:

1.      No pregnancy (EyesOpen) (meee) (SunnySideUp) +1

2.      No baby (albireo) (JermajestyDuggar) +1


1.      Relationship (JermajestyDuggar) -1

2.      2 relationships (petrushka) -1


1.      Jessica gets married (SunnySideUp) +1

2.      Jessica has a strapless wedding dress (SunnySideUp) -1


1.      General

a.      No courtships (petrushka) +1 they seem to have maxed out

b.      No weddings (JillyO) +1

2.      Mitchell & Bryn

a.      Girl (Caskett4ever) (JermajestyDuggar) (SunnySideUp) -1

b.      Boy (Jatalie1996) (petrushka) +1 Micah

c.      No pregnancy #2 (albireo) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) +1

3.      Allison

a.      Courtship (Jatalie1996) (meee) -1

b.      Married (SunnySideUp) -1

c.      No courtship (albireo) (anjulibai) (Caskett4ever) +1

d.      Keep selling MLM (JermajestyDuggar) +1

e.      Visits Chelsy often (JermajestyDuggar) +1 seemingly a couple times

4.      Carson & Carolina

a.      Pregnancy #2 (albireo) (anjulibai) (Caskett4ever) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (petrushka) (SunnySideUp) -1

5.      Joshua & Cassidy

a.      Pregnancy #2 (albireo) (anjulibai) (Jatalie1996) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (petrushka) (SunnySideUp) -1

b.      Baby #2 (Caskett4ever) -1

c.      Boy (Caskett4ever) -1

6.      Denver through Rebecca

a.      Denver single (Caskett4ever) +1

b.      No Denver engagement (JermajestyDuggar) +1

c.      Hudson aces Bible Bee (JermajestyDuggar) +1 first place in his league


1.      General

a.      Moving back into house is delayed (meee) (SunnySideUp) -1 not particularly

2.      Steve & Zsuzsanna

a.      Pregnancy #11 (JermajestyDuggar) (lunaselena503) +1

b.      Pregnant at Solomon’s wedding (anjulibai) (SunnySideUp) -1

c.      Baby #11 (meee) +1 Eva

d.      No pregnancy (JillyO) -1

e.      Steven kicked out of another country (anjulibai) +1 I think so

3.      Solomon & Sarah

a.      Wedding (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (lunaselena503) (meee) (SunnySideUp) -1 the scandal of the year!

b.      Wedding at the Church of the Holy Strip Mall (SunnySideUp) -1

c.      Steve officiates wedding (SunnySideUp) -1

d.      Livestreamed wedding (SunnySideUp) -1

e.      F-slur used during wedding service (SunnySideUp) -1

4.      Isaac

a.      Works full time (JermajestyDuggar) (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Finishes school early (JermajestyDuggar) +1 of course, Zsu’s children are geniuses

c.      Hints at a relationship (SunnySideUp) -1


1.      At least 3 babies (albireo) +1

2.      4 babies (petrushka) -1

3.      Valerie baby (petrushka) +1 twins!

4.      David wedding (petrushka) -1


1.      Nothing changes (albireo) (anjulibai) (FaithAndReason) (JermajestyDuggar) (meee) (SunnySideUp) +1

2.      Wedding (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1

3.      2 Weddings (Glasgowghirl) -1


1.      General

a.      Health problems for Bret (albireo) -1 not that we know of

2.      Lanes

a.      Trendyish “C” name for baby girl (lexiloumarie) +1 I’d say Camille counts

b.      Baby doesn’t have an “L” name (albireo) +1

3.      Michael & Kressant

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) -1 not that we know of

b.      No pregnancy (SunnySideUp) +1

c.      Give old house to family (albireo) I am unsure

4.      Cleve & Lise

a.      No pregnancy (SunnySideUp) -1

5.      Wesley & Rachel

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (lexiloumarie) +1

b.      Baby (albireo) (SunnySideUp) +1 Manuel Leon

c.      Boy (SunnySideUp) +1

6.      Dorothy & Noah

a.      No pregnancy (SunnySideUp) +1

7.      Adeline

a.      Courtship (albireo) +1, status uknown

b.      Married (SunnySideUp) -1

c.      Stays single (anjulibai) (JillyO) -1

d.      No marriage (lexiloumarie) +1

8.      Martha &Tayte

a.      Baby (SunnySideUp) -1

b.      Girl (SunnySideUp) -1

9.      Andrew & Kennedy

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Baby #3 (JillyO) -1

c.      C-section (JillyO) -1

10.   Samuel & Alyssa

a.      Pregnancy #4 (albireo) (anjulibai) (JermajestyDuggar) (lexiloumarie) (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Baby #4 (JillyO) -1

c.      Boy (lexiloumarie) +1

d.      Finish new house (albireo) unsure

11.   John & Campbell

a.      Pregnancy (anjulibai) (JermajestyDuggar) (lexiloumarie) (SunnySideUp) -1

b.      Baby (albireo) (JillyO) -1

12.   Edwin & Paul

a.      Edwin relationship (anjulibai) -1

b.      No Edwin courtship (albireo) +1

c.      No marriages (SunnySideUp) +1

13.   Other Smith children

a.      Adopted Smith kids stay at home (albireo) +1


1.      Edgar married (albireo) (JermajestyDuggar) (lexiloumarie) +1

2.      Edgar pregnancy (albireo) -1

3.      Norma pregnancy (albireo) -1

4.      Another Roberts engaged (albireo) (lexiloumarie) +1

5.      New Willie special friend (lexiloumarie) +1 engaged


1.      Hunter married (albireo) +1

2.      Christiana in a long-distance relationship (albireo) +1 not sure if it was long distance, but she’s married now


1.      Josiah Thomas & Mariah engaged (albireo) (JermajestyDuggar) +1

2.      Mariah married (lexiloumarie) -1 not yet

3.      Nick relationship (albireo) -1

4.      Male Campana courtship (lexiloumarie) +1 Jeremiah

5.      Gabbie with a Roberts or Morton (lexiloumarie) -1


1.      Rachel & Alan

a.      Baby (albireo) (SunnySideUp) +1 Justice William

b.      Girl (SunnySideUp) -1

2.      Ruth & Ryan

a.      Pregnancy (SunnySideUp) +1

b.      Baby (albireo) +1 Judah Loren

3.      Josiah & Abi

a.      Pregnancy (SunnySideUp) +1 Andron Michael

4.      Bethany & Dan

a.      No pregnancy (SunnySideUp) +1

5.      Andrew & Kori

a.      No pregnancy (SunnySideUp) +1

6.      Matthias & Michelle

a.      No pregnancy #2 (albireo) (SunnySideUp) +1

7.      The Unmarrieds

a.      Elizabeth courtship (albireo) -1

b.      Elizabeth married (SunnySideUp) -1

c.      Relationship (JermajestyDuggar) -1


1.      No new baby (JermajestyDuggar) -1 seems like there’s another grandchild on the way

2.      Nicole fixes teeth (JermajestyDuggar) unsure (I have to be honest, just “checking up” on this family once a year gives me anxiety and I don’t have the bandwidth for that…)

3.      Jacob out of jail (JermajestyDuggar) unsure

4.      Quentin visits girlfriend (JermajestyDuggar) unsure

5.      Quentin & girlfriend break up (JermajestyDuggar) unsure

Sweet Tea & Buttermilk:

1.      Girl (anjulibai) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) +1 Coralee Jean

2.      Boy (JermajestyDuggar) -1

3.      Baby named Casey (albireo) -1

4.      Pregnancy #11 (albireo) (anjulibai) (JermajestyDuggar) (JillyO) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) -1 coming soon, I’m sure


1.      No pregnancy for Karen (JillyO) (Milly-Molly-Mandy) +1 as far as I can tell

2.      Melanie stays in the fold (JillyO) +1 seemingly

3.      Stay silent (meee) +1


1.      Scandal in the Botkin church (Columbia) -1

2.      “Girls” remain single (Marian the Librarian) +1


1.      Homebirth (JermajestyDuggar) -1 but it was in the most homebirth-y birthing center I’ve ever seen

2.      No new pregnancy (JermajestyDuggar) +1


1.      Pregnancy for Bethany (meee) -1 doesn’t seem like it

2.      Elijah and Katie engaged (meee) -1 still dating


1.      Audrey & Jeremy will continue pushing their stupid products (VelociRapture) +1

2.      Use Ember to sell stuff (VelociRapture) +1

3.      Tori continues photography (VelociRapture) +1

4.      One Roloff pregnancy (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1 Audrey & Tori

5.      Jacob marries Izzy (SunnySideUp) (VelociRapture) +1


1.      Keller boy marriage (SunnySideUp) -1 coming soon!

2.      Dominguez pregnancy #7 (SunnySideUp) +1

3.      Michael Staddon and Elizabeth Frazer wedding (petrushka) +1

4.      New Sanders grandbaby (lexiloumarie) =1 not that I can tell

5.      Charlie Bowers courtship (albireo) -1

6.      Monica & David Brown baby (albireo) -1 not that I can tell

7.      8th Corrall daughter (anjulibai) unsure

8.      Reins “girls” remain single (Marian the Librarian) -1 Andrea found a man

9.      Ashley Salyer relationship (lunaselena503) -1 nothing evident on Instagram

10.   Radford pregnancy (anjulibai) +1

11.   Wilson scandal (nickelodeon) -1 not that I’ve seen

12.   Kelly Bradrick pregnancy (lunaselena503) -1 no word

13.   Tabitha Paine has baby (lunaselena503) -1


1.      Mueller investigation continues (VelociRapture) -1 ended in April

2.      Trump/Pence continue trying to destroy the country (VelociRapture) +1

3.      Trump faces consequences of some sort (VelociRapture) +1

4.      Trump censured by  congress (SunnySideUp) -1 straight to impeachment

5.      Tax returns released, at least to the House (VelociRapture) -1

6.      Evangelicals cling to Trump (VelociRapture) +1

7.      Awful Melania Christmas decorations (VelociRapture) not sure yet, but probably

8.      Clarence Thomas retires (SunnySideUp) -1 I’ve never been happier to lose a point

9.      >10 democrats running for office by the first debate (SunnySideUp) +1 >20

10.   More mass shootings (KeshetParparNesicha) +1 sadly

11.   Violent attack attempted on members of one political party, hinted that they brought it upon themselves from other party (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

12.   Trump impeached repeatedly in the house, never convicted (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

13.   Prince Phillip dies (KeshetParparNesicha) -1

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Just FYI, but the Corrals didn't have an 8th daughter, but they did have their 1st son. Didn't announce the name, for some reason. 


I think I might wait a bit to make my predictions. Things can come up closer to Christmas. 

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Great job! I did find a couple of things that you missed or were unsure about

8 hours ago, SunnySideUp said:

Monica & David Brown baby (albireo) -1 not that I can tell

Yes, Monica had their seventh, James, on May 26

8 hours ago, SunnySideUp said:

3.      Jacob out of jail (JermajestyDuggar) unsure

4.      Quentin visits girlfriend (JermajestyDuggar) unsure

Yes, Jacob is out of jail.

Yes, Quentin visited his girlfriend

8 hours ago, SunnySideUp said:

Nothing changes (albireo) (anjulibai) (FaithAndReason) (JermajestyDuggar) (meee) (SunnySideUp) +1

I'd say several of the boys moving out was a big change.

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Thank you again for doing this! I’m again going to try and hold off and not make any predictions for 2020 until the 31st. 

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10 minutes ago, singsingsing said:

Thank you again for doing this! I’m again going to try and hold off and not make any predictions for 2020 until the 31st. 

My thanks as well!  Holding out on my predictions a few more weeks hoping for a few more pregnancy and courtship/engagement announcements.

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My sister announces her fifth pregnancy in six years +1

I bite the bullet and finally register as a Democrat +1

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  • 3 weeks later...

So I know there is still a week to go until the new year and that it's very plausible one of the fundies I'm making predictions on announces something, but since I'm going on vacation tomorrow, I figured I'd get my predictions in now.


Josh and Anna- nothing.

Jana- courts, engaged, and married.

John and Abbie- baby girl born, no new announcements.

Jill and Derick- baby #3 born, a girl.

Jessa and Ben- baby #4 born, a boy.

Jinger and Jeremy- baby #2  born, a girl.

Joseph and Kendra- pregnancy announcement, but no birth until 2021.

Josiah and Lauren- nothing.

Joy and Austin- baby #2 born, a girl.

Jedidiah- nothing.

Jeremiah- courtship.

Jason- nothing.

James- nothing.



Zach and Whitney- nothing.

Michaela and Brandon- nothing.

Erin and Chad- nothing.

Lawson- nothing.

Nathan- nothing.

Alyssa and John- baby #4 born, a boy.

Tori and Bobby- baby boy born, no new announcements.

Trace and Chaney- engaged and married.

Carlin and Evan- baby girl born, no new announcements.

Josie and Kelton- baby #2 born, a girl.

Katie- courtship.

Jackson- nothing.



Nathan and Melanie- nothing.

Christopher and Anna-Marie: baby #6 is born, a girl.

Sarah- nothing.

Joseph and Elisa- baby #3 is born, a boy.

John and Chelsy- baby #2 born, a boy.

Anna- nothing.

Jesse- courting, engaged, and married.

Mary- nothing.



Chelsy and John- see above.

Mitchell and Bryn- baby #2 born, a girl.

 Alison- courting, engaged, and married.

Carson and Carolina- baby #2 born, a boy.

Joshua and Cassidy- baby #2 is born, a girl.

Denver- nothing.

Taylor- nothing.

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I think I'll do mine now, too.


  • Pregnancies for Jinger, Joy, Kendra and Lauren. 
  • Jedidiah loses his run for office, maybe starts a courtship. 
  • Jeremiah starts a courtship.
  • Derick makes vague comments about the rift with TLC and JB, and hints at a tell all books, but otherwise nothing major will happen for him and Jill.
  • Jana will continue to be single.
  • Not much else will change, and I don't think much will come from the investigation at the car dealership. 


  • Pregnancies for Alyssa, Josie and Tori. 
  • Traces becomes engaged to Chaney and they marry by the end of the year. 
  • Katie starts courting. 
  • Carlin finds having a baby super overwhelming. 


  • Pregnancy for Chelsy
  • No courtships, engagements or marriages for Sarah, Anna or Mary.
  • They do go on trips, though, most likely with mysterious destinations. 
  • If Jesse courts, we won't know until the wedding picture is put on the blog. 
  • Steve is going to have some sort of health issue come up.
  • He will gloat about his diet.


  • Jill will do something so over the top that we all wonder whether she can outdo herself ever again.
  • She, of course, will.
  • Nurie and Nathan will be married, and the wedding will be all about Jill.
  • Jill will desperately try to be pregnant at Nurie's wedding.
  • Jill will have a funeral for Nurie after the wedding. 
  • Nurie will be pregnant by the end of the year.
  • Timothy will have issues at school and will be "persecuted" for "being a Christian". 
  • David will continue to be lazy
  • Plexus will feature prominently in all things. 

PP and Zoo

  • Something happens with Solomon. Not sure what, but I have a sense something is coming. 
  • Zoo will go back and forth about how great she feels because of something pseudosciency and complaining about how crappy she feels because of something psudeosciency.
  • She'll talk about being pregnant again, but won't get pregnant this year.
  • PP will be kicked out of another country.
  • There will be another scandal with one of the branches of his church.


  • Baby #11 for Courtney Rogers. She'll have 11 under 11. 
  • David and Priscilla will name their baby Peter
  • His middle name will probably be Michael
  • John Shrader will do something very stupid that costs a lot of money and then blame others for it. He will continue to complain about Satan attacking him.
  • Esther Shrader will be at least 1-2 weeks late giving birth. 
  • Nothing will change for the Arndts. They may or they may not acknowledge Paul turning 40. 
  • Pregnancy for Carolina Bontrager. 
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Time to make my predictions for next year. Trying to keep it simple.


Jinger and Joy both pregnant and delivering babies in the latter half of 2020.

Courtship for either Jed or Jer.

Derick continues with law school; no pregnancy for Jill.  Derick will hint at moving significant distance away from JB but still in Arkansas.



Alyssa pregnant.

Trace and Chaney engaged and married by end of 2020.

Nathan hints at a new relationship.

Lawson's musical aspirations fizzle.

No baby for Michaela.

Erin and Chad find a larger fixer upper home for their ever growing brood.



There will be fewer pictures of Jesse demonstrating his future husbandly/fatherly potentials leading us to suspect a courtship in the works.

Sarah will be busy providing chaperone duty to Jesse in the form of random trips. She will write yet another insipid book.

Uneventful deliveries of healthy babies to NR Anna and Elissa. Hardcore biblical name for NR Anna's child and Elissa will continue to use biblical name only for the middle name.  We may notice a C and or K pattern with her children's names.

None of the Maxwell daughters will court. They are all needed at home to tend to all the "littles", Gigi, Steve and Teri.

Chelsy will be pregnant and deliver in the latter half of 2020.  They will continue to give cringeworthy first names to their offspring.



Josh will, for the time being, be Marlin's right hand man in managing the farm but will hint at political aspirations.

Carson/Lina will announce another pregnancy by Easter 2020.

Mitch and Bryn will announce another pregnancy by Labor Day 2020.

Allison will be engaged but not until near the end of the year to a man not on FJ radar.

This may be the last year the Bontrager Singers do any extensive touring.



Nurie/Nathan's wedding will be fraught with drama beyond my ability to predict. Both fathers will officiate and vie for the most fundilicious preaching award. 


Pecan/Pris and related Wallers:

Baby boy Waller will also suffer his newborn picture in an awkward and marginal receptacle complete with khaki pants and polo shirt.

Another of Pecan's brothers will court and announce an engagement by the end of the year.

Sarah Waller will remain single.

Adam and Valerie will be pregnant but not announce until baby is born in 2021.


The Rest:

Elizabeth Frazer Staddon and her sister Sarah Frazer Rheaume will both be pregnant and give birth by the end of the year.  Another Frazer brother courts.

Solomon Anderson courts again.

Tom Mills marries shortly after the first anniversary of Andrea's death.

No Staddon courtships.

Muellers (Waller adjacents)-- carrying over my prediction that David will marry; Kimberly will be pregnant and deliver by the end of the year.

Bonnie Engstrom (A Knotted Life) announces a pregnancy.


And finally, Lord please no girl babies for any of our fundies....










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1 hour ago, petrushka said:

Bonnie Engstrom (A Knotted Life) announces a pregnancy.

I wish I could say this 100% wasn't going to happen, but it's 100% going to happen.

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Some sort of scandal, probably involving either Josh or Derick. 

Courtship for Jana. FJ speculates that it's meant to be a distraction from the scandals.

Abbie has her baby on JD's birthday and names her Amelia Jane.

Jill and Derick continue to act less fundy. No new pregnancy/baby. 

Nothing new for Jessa and Ben.

Pregnancy for Jinger.

Joe/Kendra: announce another pregnancy in 2020.

Josiah/Lauren: also expecting again in 2020 but don't announce until 2021.

Joy/Austin: said they were giving her body time to heal so I guess no new pregnancy. 

Jed: wins whatever political thing he's running for (sorry, don't really follow him).

No new courtships for younger boys.



Zach and Whitney: nothing new. Whitney homeschools and doesn't work anymore. 

Michael and Brandon: I hate to say it, because I'm rooting for them, but I don't see their family growing this year. She'll throw herself into nursing school instead. 

Erin I could see announcing another pregnancy in 2020.

Lawson, Nathan, Alyssa: nothing new.

Tori and Carlin have their babies, Trace gets engaged, Josie pregnant again, Katie courting.



Another courtship for Solomon. No new baby.



Baby girls for Elissa and Anna Marie within a week of each other. Jesse gets married. Chelsy pregnant again. 

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I predict someone will buy John David a t-shirt that says;

”Lord of the Wings”.   ✈️

He’s a Pilot you know.

And for Josiah who landed a helicopter in his yard;




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At least two babies born in 2020; three pregnancies due in 2021.

JD and Abbie: will actually try to be decent parents. Might try methods other than the Pearls or blanket training. JD might be reluctant to let Josh the Perv anywhere near his kids.

The Show: if the legal problems are directly related to the Duggars, the show might be dropped. If so, fingers will start being pointed about whose fault it REALLY is -- especially if finances are suddenly less abundant. 

Derick will hint around on social media but won't actually say anything of substance. 



The Nurthan wedding will be an absolute shitshow. Jilly Dearest will be visibly pregnant and in full attention-whore mode. Nathan and Nurie will be visibly overwhelmed. Nurie will spend their watered-down punch and stale snack foods (grifted, of course) reception speaking at octaves that not even dogs can hear. 

Renee will be the next on the courtship list. Kaylee will realize that she's going to be stuck with her horrid mother forever if she doesn't find a way to change her life and will run away with Snuggles. Jilly Dearest will have a few tantrums on social media, mostly because this means she has to raise her own children. 


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No M7 but Anna will continue to post more and more.

Healthy vaginal delivery in a hospital for Abbie. No pregnancy announcement in 2020.

Jana courts and marries. No pregnancy announcement. 

Jill is preggo.  Another failed homebirth. She has another boy which will disappoint her and the family since all her sisters and in laws each consecutively had a girl.

No pregnancy for Jessa. They build the addition on to their house.

Jinger gets pregnant.  Delivers at the end of the year. Another girl. They magically stay in the house that was only supposed to be theirs for 1 yr.

Joe and Kendra expect #3 before the year is out.

Joy has another boy. VBAC. The will flip their house and live in the trailer with both kids.

Josiah and Lauren's marriage will continue to show cracks. But they will have another kid. Due in 2021.

Jed doesn't win. No new courtships for the boys. 

Tyler quietly disappears from the show. We find out on a random comment that his mom is married and having a kid and he lives with her again.

They won't have any scandals or legal troubles. 


Whitney doesn't mention that she ever worked. No new pregnancy for her.

Michael continues in her nursing degree and she and Brandon continue their side businesses.  No pregnancy announcement. 

Erin is pregnant again before the year is up. She and Chad find a fixer upper.  They make a lot of videos about their work. He eventually puts out a book about wood working. 

Lawson continues traveling about and being a musician.  No courtship for him.

Nathaniel courts.

Alyssa announces a pregnancy and has a boy.

Carlin has a healthy girl via hospital birth. No new pregnancy announcement. 

Trace gets engaged. 

Tori has a healthy boy. Hospital birth. Pregnancy announcement next holiday season.

Josie gets pregnant with another girl. Born in the fall.

Katie is officially courting. No engagement. 

JillRod: I try to stay away but I can't resist a prediction.  She will do everything in her power to upstage her daughter's wedding. She will announce a pregnancy at the shower and do a gender reveal at the wedding after catching the bouquet and deep kissing David.  Nurie will be pregnant before the end of the year. The wedding with be live streamed and cringe worthy AF.


No courtship for Addie but there will be for her younger brother.  (I can't keep their names straight but I believe it's Edwin?)

Rachel will be pregnant as will Kressant. Both hospital births in Paraguay.  

Alyssa will be visibly pregnant again before the year is out.

Martha will announce early and claim it's due to plexus. And jesus.

Campbell will announce a pregnancy in a coy way on IG.

No pregnancy for Dorothy. 

Courtney will have a baby but not until late fall and won't be able to post #irishtwins for this pregnancy and won't be able to post #11under11. It will be a boy. She will need to buy all new boy clothes and baby gear for the baby.

We find out from a family picture at a Paine family event that Tabitha had a baby. 

There will be one major shock. A Maxwell girl will get married or one of the Arndt boys or both!


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Some kind of new Josh scandal. Anna will stay and his parents will support him.

Twins for Joy, but no other pregnancy announcements. After this year’s babypalooza it’s time for a drought.

A courtship for Jana.

JB lashes out at Derick.


Wedding and pregnancy for Nurie.

No real updates for Tim, we’ll hear less and less about him.

David will have some kind of serious health crisis.


PP will completely lose his wits and go off the deep end when he is prosecuted for something. 

Another pregnancy.

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Josh and Anna- Scandal

Jana- Nothing

John and Abbie- baby girl born,

Jill and Derick- No baby  Announces deal for a book

Jessa and Ben- Pregnancy Announcement 

Jinger and Jeremy- Nothing

Joseph and Kendra- Pregnancy Announcement and Birth by the end of 2020

Josiah and Lauren- Pregnancy Announcement 

Joy and Austin- Pregnancy Announcement and Birth

Jedidiah- nothing.

Jeremiah- Courtship

Jason- nothing.

James- Courtship and Wedding 

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Okay! Guessing time!


Babies for Abbie (girl) and Jinger (boy-August-ish)-Hospital births, no complications. Pregnancy announcements but 2021 deliveries for Joy and Kendra. Nothing from Lauren, Anna, Jessa, Jill. 

Courtship and Engagement for Jedidiah. Nothing in that regards for the rest of the over 18's. 

Jill puts Israel in Kindergarten. 



Babies for Carlin and Tori. Pregnancy announcements but 2021 delivers for Josie and Erin. Nothing from Whitney, Michaela or Alyssa. 

Engagement and Wedding for Trace and Chaney. Maybe a panicked we need to get rid of him thing for Nathan with some family friend they've "known forever but recently re-connected with." Lawson stays single. 

Erin and Chad move to a slightly bigger house. 


Bontragers: Boy for Josh and Cassidy, Girl for Chelsey and John, Carolina announces and also has a boy.

No Maxwell weddings. No baby for Melanie. 

Courtney Rogers has #11 (Boy) but not until like Sept/October. She's crushed it's not another set of Irish twins.

No Nurie pregnancy. Her wedding is live-streamed. Priscilla is a bridesmaid, Anna is not.

The Plaths TV show does not continue.  

Karissa Collins will announce #9, but not give birth till 2021

Michaela Keilen will get another niece or nephew through Brandon's side via his sister Becky.

Another seven sister engagement. Cassia maybe?

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added a family I forgot about
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Jana - finally announces a courtship. Gets married by the end of the year. Marries an Austin type guy and stays in NWA at first. Starts a blog or Youtube channel. 

John and Abbie - has baby girl and her name is Skylar Amelia Duggar. Continues to remind everyone that John is a pilot. Abbie starts a part time nursing job during the second half of the year. 


Jill and Derrick - Derrick continues to spill half of the tea on his Instagram. Starts year 3 (final year) of law school. Jill continues to be the most rebellious Duggar. Gets a better hair dye job than Jinger (goes blonde? Maybe. Maybe a different color). Puts her kids in some type of daycare and starts online community college classes. Becomes a wine mom. Makes an announcement saying that they are waiting for Derrick to finish law school to have kid number 3, and everyone takes that as proof that they are using birth control. 


Jessa and Ben - Jessa will keep up her mediocre Youtube channel. Becomes a family youtube channel and posts old Duggar footage from time to time. Ben starts a podcast with Jeremy. Announces baby number 4 towards the second half of the year, delivers in 2021. 


Jinger and Jeremy - announces baby number 2 (a boy) during the first half of the year and delivers during the second half of the year. hospital birth. Jeremy starts a podcast with Ben. Jeremy will try to be friend Kayne West and get him on the podcast. Jinger and Jeremy will start a Youtube channel that is way better than Jessa's and Jessa is jealous. 


Joe and Kendra - announce baby number 3 towards the second half of the year. 


Josiah and Lauren - Lauren will complain on Instagram how being a first time mom is just the hardest thing she has ever gone through. Makes posts about how most days are hard but they are worth it. Josiah looks like he has aged by another 20 years. 


Joy and Austin - won't announce a new baby is on the way but will probably get some type of pet. Probably will get a dog since they have the room for it. Austin will continue to flip houses and hopefully won't get sued again. 


Jed Duggar - will not win the Arkansas State House seat. 


Jer - starts a courtship and gets married by the end of the year. 


Jason - starts a courtship with Kendra's sister Lauren but won't get engaged until 2021. 







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Josh/Anna: no baby in 2020

John/Abbie: baby girl born in January

Jill/Derrick: no New Dillard born in 2020, Derrick stays in law school

Jessa/Ben: no new baby in 2020

Jinger/Jeremy: pregnancy announced in 2020

Joy/Austin: has a baby born in 2020

Joe/Kendra: no new baby born in 2020

Josiah/Lauren: no new baby born in 2020

Jed: runs for office and loses

Amy: no new pregnancy announced in 2020

Jana: no courtship or engagement in 2020


Bates family:

Zach/Whit: no new baby born in 2020

Michael/Brandon: continues with nursing school and no pregnancy announced.

Erin/Chad: no new baby born in 2020

Alyssa/John: no new baby born in 2020

Tori/Bobby: have baby boy named Kolter (ugh)

Carlin/Evan: have baby girl named Layla

Josie/Kelton: no new baby born in 2020

Trace/Chaney: will get engaged in 2020

Katie/Travis: start official courtship in 2020

Lawson: continue courting himself, taking pictures with babies, going to natural disasters to “help”

Nathan: will also help with natural disasters



Mel/Nate: no new baby

Anna/Chris: have a baby boy in Feb

Joe/Elissa: have a baby boy in Feb

John/Chelsy: have a baby girl in June

Jesse: gets engaged

Sarah Mary Anna: big fat nothing



Bryn/Mitch: no new baby born in 2020

Carson/Lina: new baby born in 2020

Josh/Cass: new baby born in spring 2020

Allison: gets engaged

Denver: doesn’t get married in 2020



Jill/David: announce pregnancy in 2020. They move somewhere that seems like a horrible idea to everyone on FJ.

Nurie: marries prince Nathan and Jill makes the wedding all about her.

Tim: continues with school

Kaylee: continues to be forgotten

Renee: graduates homeschool



David/Cil: will have a boy named Peter in spring 2020

Lydia Waller: marries her fiancé

No one else marries this year



No adult Staddon gets married in 2020

Robert/Ken: have a baby boy in February

Michael/Elizabeth: announce a pregnancy

Daniel/Kathryn: no new baby born in 2020



Joe will get into it with Travis yet again.

Nicole will screech on social media about the government

Jacob and his girlfriend will have a baby boy. Jacob will also be arrested again in 2020.

Q and his girlfriend will break up and get back together at least once in 2020.


M is for Mama (Braggie):

Will humble brag her way through 2020. No new baby born in 2020.



Katie: will remain unmarried

Mike/Kress: pregnancy announcement in 2020

Rachel/Wes: no new baby born in 2020

Cleve/Lisa: new baby born in spring 2020

Dorothy: no new baby born in 2020

Martha: no new baby born in 2020

Alyssa/Sam: baby boy born in 2020 and they will act like the most amazing thing ever.

Kennedy/Andrew: New baby girl born in 2020

Mariah/John: will announce a pregnancy in 2020



PP: will keep kicking people out of his cult and fighting like a petty tween on social media.

Zoo: will not have a baby in 2020 but she will keep making desserts for most meals.

Solomon: they will push hard to find a girl for him to marry but the lack of girls in the cult will prove difficult. Therefore no marriage for Sol in 2020. They may start looking for a bride overseas as a better option.



No one will marry. Of course.


Plath’s: Moriah and Micah will branch out from their oppressive parents and find places of their own and jobs possibly modeling or doing another reality show. Hosanna will have a baby in 2020 and be a bridesmaid in Nurie’s wedding. Ethan and Olivia will continue supporting Micah and Moriah in their freedom.


Girl Defined:

Kristin will not have a baby in 2020.

Bethany will have a baby boy in 2020 and will act like she’s the first person to ever have a baby. She will be so enthralled with motherhood that she will only want to talk about that and GD as we know it will change. Possibly one of the younger sisters will start filling in for Bethany all the time. Bethany will want to start a new venture called Motherhood Defined.


Doug Phillips will remain hidden while Beall pretends their marriage is just fine.


Mariah Campana and Josiah Thomas will get married on Leap Day. Many Campanas, Thomases, Mortons, Robertses, Johnstons, and other abortion protesting fundies will be in attendance.

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Sometimes I have to play the devil's advocate.  Sometimes I think of it as being the torchbearer of hope.  So, just to keep hope alive, I will predict for 2020:

Anna Maxwell courts.

Not one, but two Arndt brothers marry!  In a double wedding, natch.  Possibly they marry sisters but not necessarily.  The wedding includes penguins (stuffed) and drones (real).

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9 minutes ago, church_of_dog said:

Sometimes I have to play the devil's advocate.  Sometimes I think of it as being the torchbearer of hope.  So, just to keep hope alive, I will predict for 2020:

Anna Maxwell courts.

Not one, but two Arndt brothers marry!  In a double wedding, natch.  Possibly they marry sisters but not necessarily.  The wedding includes penguins (stuffed) and drones (real).

I did that once. I said John David Duggar and Sarah Maxwell would marry and FJ would implode. 

I was obviously very wrong.

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Just now, JermajestyDuggar said:

I did that once. I said John David Duggar and Sarah Maxwell would marry and FJ would implode. 

I was obviously very wrong.

As I will most likely be.  But just in case... :my_tongue:

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