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Mrs. Midwest 2: Full of WTF

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9 hours ago, kaluce said:

“ Mary didn't have to advocate for herself or march around screaming her truth. No. She instead lived peacefully and patiently, allowing God to open the doors for her, and allowing His plan to come forward in her life.”

Some subtle shaming of women with agency and opinions, brought to you by Mrs Midwest

There are other parallels to this too. “XYZ disadvantaged group didn’t have to advocate for themselves or march around screaming their truth. They could have waited peacefully and patiently for God to end segregation/enact the ADA/end apartheid/end British colonial rule/stigmatization of gay people. See??!

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Random comment:  those are the 1970's Sears "Merry Mushroom" kitchen canisters she has, and color me jealous that she got them for $6.  They're a lot more than that on Etsy.  I covet them for my circa 1970 kitchen.  

Carry on.

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