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Interesting Genealogy Findings

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So I discovered a lot of ancestry.com leads that led me to newspapers.com (and you can save the clippings over to ancestry).  FYI Newspapers does offer a 7-day free trial which I'm taking advantage of at the moment.

So yesterday I looked up my paternal family surname (sort of common in the US) in the small town my father is from.  While I was hoping for obituaries for his mom, sister and father what I found was a series of divorce announcements, etc for my paternal grandparents (not a shock since I had figured out from evidence as well as a discussion with my uncle about them).  (oh and they married, divorced/split up/she went with his brother for a while/then got back together and had my dad and uncle).  What was a shock was to see this in the newspaper articles of the time and the term 'gross negligence of duty' applied to my grandfather - assumption on my part - alcohol was likely involved, also the term cruelty.  And this was circa 1917/18 when people did not get divorced)

Another finding this time on my maternal side was burial notices (yes plural) in 1895 from my maternal grandmother's family.  I believe my mother had mentioned to me that she thought there had been twins who died.  Well, I think I found the evidence of it.  Burial notice for a 6-day infant as well as a burial notice for a 4-day old infant.  No indication of which cemetery in St Louis so I might do some more research on that.  

Who else has interesting findings

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