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Favourite ASMR

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Is anyone else into ASMR? I don't like the talking videos, but I find the soap crunching ones to be nice. 

However, my favourite ASMR to watch are the food ones, which is super weird because if I hear something chewing IRL, it makes me so irritated. I'm coming to realize that I don't care so much for their eating noise, but I like to see what they're eating. So I'm starting to gravitate more towards mukbangs. I like the more exotic channels because they eat so differently than I do. I love the cooking process, so I like when they include that in the beginning of the video. 

Favourite Youtubers to watch:
- SAS Asmr
- Linh 
- Dorothy
- NE Let's Eat
- LiBi TV 

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Waffle Time

The only ASMR videos I’ve really seen are dog ones... maybe I’ll check the human ones out too!!

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