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Need advice - first world problem (choose my phone case)


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I put this in Quiver Full of Internet because that’s the main thing I use my phone for ?

TL;DR: I need a new phone case! Hit me up!



I just ordered a new phone and I need to choose a case. Please share ideas and recommendations? I’d really appreciate some help and direction.

It must:

Be available in Australia

Be VERY sturdy. I am a notorious phone dropper - mine smashes into the ground at least once a day. I’m a klutz. For this reason I’m happy to pay up to $150 for the case. It’s worth it. 

Not be too bulky. 

Be cute/pretty and glitter is a bonus ?


Cases I’ve had in the past:

Kate Spade (loved it but was always scared my phone would smash when I dropped it because it isn’t drop/shock tested)

Otterbox (I think it was a defender? loved the protection, hated the bulk)

Lifeproof (loved the protection by the case itself was too plain/dull/boring - I bought this one for snorkelling because my old phone is not water proof. New one is)

Speck presidio glitter (love it and would buy it again but can’t find it for my new phone).

Cases I currently can’t decide between:





Any experience with these? The otterbox looks a little less bulky than my old one but I can’t find much info about whether it is super protective when it comes to drops and shocks. 

Which would you choose if you were a phone dropper? 

Any other ideas or recommendations? 

Thanks in advance!

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I have to admit I'm Lifeproof all the way - and not just because my child wanders off with my phone and then drops it! The cases are pretty standard though. We have a Survivor case on the ipad, also pretty standard (but so far so good with the ipad!)

I love that first case though, it's beautiful. So I would choose that and then hide my phone better... 


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I have a Lifeproof as well for travelling and Iove it! But I agree it's very bulky. From your list I love the one from Kate Spade!

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I have an Otterbox, which protects well, but is nowhere near as gorgeous as that first one on your list (the footprints one.)   Mr PPOD has a Body Glove one that is basically  indestructible, though a bit bulkier than the ones you are looking at.  

Now you've got me pining after that footprints case...


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Thanks for your thoughts! I think I’ve decided against the Kate Spade - I read some reviews and a couple said that the gems fell off. So while I think it’s adorable, I don’t want to risk it. 

I can’t find any information regarding how much of a drop the Otterbox can handle. And considering that I’d already dropped my new phone face down within 2 hours of getting it ... I definitely need some assurance that I’m not going to smash it.

Looking at the casetify, it’s a 3m drop. That’s pretty good! So now I’m deciding between two patterns - the one I linked above, or this one:


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