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Pot dispensery opening at bowling alley

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Mind if I do a J?



ONTARIO, Ore — Sunset Lanes in Ontario was on the verge of closing its doors over the summer until a new owner stepped in to hash out a unique business idea to keep things rolling. 

When all of the changes are implemented, it won't be a completely traditional bowling alley. The center's new owner, Joe Dunne, plans to combine the bowling alley with a second business - a new marijuana dispensary. 

Originally, Dunne was scouting multiple locations in Ontario to build the dispensary but after hearing Sunset Lanes was closing, he decided he could kill two birds with one stone. 

“We had this really unique opportunity to come in and keep this place alive,” he said. “Really, it came down to a decision [for us] to focus on the community.”


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This is a really cool idea, and totally awesome of the owner to factor what the community might want into his decision. Also, if they don't already, the bowling alley should start selling snacks because I think a lot of the customers coming from the dispensary will be wanting them. 😉

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When a legal pot shop opened up down the street from our local hippie grocery store last fall, the grocery immediately put this on their chalkboard outside:

"Got the munchies? We've got snacks!"

It's a great business strategy.

[Also in Ontario here, but the Canadian province.... not Oregon!]

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This was on last night's news. (I'm about an hour to the east of Ontario.) On the news story, the new owner made a point of showing how there's going to be a wall separating the dispensary and the bowling alley, with separate entrances for each. And the news anchor pointed out that it's illegal to smoke marijuana in public in Oregon, so no one will be allowed to smoke in the parking lot and then go bowl. I hope it helps the bowling alley stay in business though.

Malheur County (where Ontario is) did not legalize when the rest of Oregon did. They opted out, and didn't vote to legalize until last November, so pot has only been allowed in Ontario for less than a year. Ontario has the disadvantage of getting lots of shoppers from Idaho who use their roads, water, sewers, and other utilities while there, but since Oregon doesn't have sales tax, the shoppers leave the city poorer in many ways. Pot sales, however, do provide tax revenue to the county where it's sold.

I also wonder how tiny Huntington, Oregon is doing, now that they aren't the closest legal weed to western Idaho. They were having a little boom for awhile. I imagine they're back to bust now.

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