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Dillards 80: Everybody Take a Shot!

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16 hours ago, neuroticcat said:

I don’t think the mocking their kids is surprising at all. This is but one result of not seeing children as individuals with worth and dignity separate from parents. Kids are reflections/extensions of parents in fundie culture.

And, while I totally get sharing a private laugh with your spouse over something your kid did - parenting does require a sense of humor for sanity! - posting it is another thing.

It reminds me of the awful videos after Halloween where parents say they ate all the kid’s candy and post their reaction. Makes me furious every time.

One year, my son had only one of some kind of chocolate in his bag. I think it might have been almond joy. While he slept, I ate it. The next evening he was looking for it. When I confessed that I had eaten it, he said "that's okay, but next time ask" 

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