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Bishop said girls shouldn't attend college...

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Fundy girls shouldn't go to college so they won't be smarter than their husbands. Fundy boys shouldn't go to college because they might be tempted by the heathens there/they might have debt/they need to get started making baybeez/Jesus is coming soon so it's irrelevant anyway/so they won't be smarter than their parents who got them into this ridiculousness. 

And of course as always with fundies/extreme religious groups, there's an element of fear. Critical thinking skills might lead their kids to ask QUESTIONS. Maybe even ones that are difficult to answer. Possibly ones that the Bible contradicts itself on. They might not believe the same things in the same way as the parents. And if they don't check off the same "do this and go to heaven" list as the parents, they might go to hell! 

Sounds like fundamentalists, many of whom are already not in the top tier of intelligence, are deliberately getting stupider and stupider. (See: Brother Gary) I worry once Nurie Rodrigues has grandchildren they won't be able to do up buttons on their own, at this rate. 

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