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Maxwell 33: Managers of Their Vests

Coconut Flan

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I love the Maxwell threads. I pop in here every 3 to 6 months and bam, same story line! But this time, much to my surprise all the characters have nicknames ( Judgy Chelsy, Amish Anna - ha!)  and there has been an Ardnt/Maxwell crossing! I love it. 

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Puh-lease!   They call them Dad Maxwell and Mom Maxwell.  Dad must ALWAYS come first. I've been taking a break from Maxhell for my mental health and need to catch up. However, I am dropping

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Lady Grass Lake

Going to start an egg war, can't stand Mayo, it has to be Miracle Whip in my Deviled Eggs.   I also add a pinch of powdered cumin in with the egg yolks, standard baby poop yellow mustard, and lots of Miracle Whip, with a dash of paprika on top of the finished eggs for decoration.  Can't abide the addition of Dill either.  

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On 11/24/2019 at 12:37 PM, Black Aliss said:

Well, now you know! ;) To be fair to you and the people around you here on FJ and in the Real World, there is considerable disagreement on what the replacement term should be, because "third world countries" don't have much in common.

Background: During the time of the Cold War, the term "first world" was coined to refer to the US and its allies (Canada, Western and Northern Europe, Japan, Australia, NZ). Essentially, all capitalist industrialized nations. The "second world" referred to the former Soviet Union and its allies, communist-socialist industrialized nations. The "third world" comprised the remaining 3/4 of the earth's population, all assumed to be undeveloped countries (read: unindustrialized, lacking a middle class, decent health care, educational opportunities)  that were at risk of being subsumed into the Communist bloc. Countries that DJT would have referred to as "shitholes". Basically the term came to mean any poor country except, of course, those poor countries that were aligned with the US or the USSR.

Fast forward to the 21st century:  The Soviet Union no longer exists, and some "third world" countries, neither communist nor Western, are not at all poor, although they may have pockets of severe poverty and other third-world metrics. Many parts of the US would fit the economic definition of third-world and the oil-rich countries of the Middle East are pretty affluent. Anyway, how could a group that comprises the majority of the world's population be considered the third world? In terms of sheer size, they are the first world.

So the terms "developing countries" or "the developing world" came to replace "third world". It's not universally popular because it still assumes a hierarchy among nations and perpetuates a stereotype of people from those countries being backward and ignorant.  Not all undeveloped countries aspire to industrialization at the expense of other values. 

In short, there is no one-size-fits-all term. It's better to refer to specific countries or, when it's accurate, underdeveloped countries, or developing countries.

Sorry, I didn't mean to go on and on. If anyone made it this far, thank you for reading.

Yeah, I did a lot of research on why it became outdated. I didn't know all of that. Your comment just caught me off guard when saying it was outdated. 

4 hours ago, Cora Persephona said:

"Maybe Family Day could become a tradition in your family. We loved it, and I’m quite certain it’ll be an annual event at the Maxwells." - Who wants to bet this is the last time we hear about it? They had way too much fun for Steve to allow them to repeat this. 

The results of your writing not worth it, Sarah! Clearly your creativity didn't take any effort.

That was my thought the entire time reading it. Every other family post is a family fun day for the Maxwells. The family is as dull as can be. What got me is when Sarah mentioned they had to postponed the blessed day. The entire family lives with driving distance of Steve and Teri's home. They get together all the time and post having picnics, relay races, and playing other games in the park. 

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3 hours ago, Lady Grass Lake said:

Going to start an egg war, can't stand Mayo, it has to be Miracle Whip in my Deviled Eggs.   I also add a pinch of powdered cumin in with the egg yolks, standard baby poop yellow mustard, and lots of Miracle Whip, with a dash of paprika on top of the finished eggs for decoration.  Can't abide the addition of Dill either.  

Amen, the tangy zip of miracle whip is essential 😂

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In other Maxwell news Teri just posted they received a letter from Plymouth, UK about the Mayflower festival with photos and the letter. The post ends with Teri praising a photo of the image pilgrims would have seeing the sea.

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Teri & Steve Lord & Lady Whiteadder would have been too repressive even for the Pilgrims.

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