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Las Vegas man faces weapons charges

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A former security guard and all around loser has been arrrested


A former security guard accused of compiling bomb components and guns to kill people at a Las Vegas synagogue and of drawing up plans to attack a bar catering to LGBTQ customers or a fast-food restaurant has been indicted on a federal firearm charge, court records show.

Conor Climo’s court-appointed attorney, Paul Riddle, said Tuesday that Climo plans to plead not guilty at his arraignment Wednesday on the one-count indictment filed Sept. 11 in U.S. District Court in Nevada.

Climo, 23, was arrested Aug. 8 and remains in federal custody pending arraignment Wednesday in Las Vegas on a charge of possessing “firearms, specifically destructive devices” found at his home. He could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

Prosecutors and a U.S. magistrate judge who rejected Climo’s bid for release from custody ahead of trial said he identifies himself as a white supremacist and shared with an FBI informant detailed plans to attack a synagogue near his northwest Las Vegas home. He also compiled a journal with sketches of attacks on a downtown Las Vegas LGBTQ bar or a McDonald’s restaurant, the judge said.

Gonna hop out on my well worn limb and guess this guy was a fuck face supporter.

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