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Scarlett Johansson defends Woody Allen: 'I love Woody and I believe him'

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"Actor says she has spoken extensively to the director about claims of sexual abuse and ‘would work with him any time’"


Fuck you Scarlett and Woody, creep who MARRIED his adoptive daughter, I believe your kids.

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I watched the film Isle of Dogs last Friday evening.  I'd forgotten that Johansson had a voice told in it.  I might not have watched it otherwise.  Fortunately, her role isn't that major.  

I'd thought that Scarlett said a year or so ago that she'd not appear in any future Woody Allen films due to the allegations against him.  What gives, Scarlett?

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How the hell has this bastard not been brought down in the era of metoo??? I know Ronan has tried, but how???

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I was just looking at Scarlett's Wikipedia page and it said she criticized James Franco when allegations came out about his conduct, but she's pretty much stayed silent about Woody's behavior.   Whatever she is, she's an idiot!

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