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Cats & Kidney Disease


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I took my feline headship in for her annual visit.  Due to weight loss (which considering she was overweight a couple of years ago is not a bad thing - but this was a bit drastic year over year), the vet ran a blood test.  Blood test result indicated possible kidney disease.  So she got to do a return visit the next week in a day trip outing for a urine test.  Urine test indicated kidney disease and a more in-depth test confirmed it.  So she's now on rx diet for kidney disease with an effort to get her to drink more water.  I'm in the process of giving her more wet food (Rx) to get more moisture in her.  The Spook is not complaining about wet - she loves the stuff (but is a messy eater which is a whole other story).  

Any advice/tips on kidney disease is appreciated 

FYI she's roughly 14 or so years old.  

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My 3 year old cat is having urinary issues, but not kidney issues. All the ultrasound has told us about him is that is bladder wall is thick and there are minerals in the wall, but not stones and there is no infection in his bladder or kidneys. However, from doing a lot of reading on cat urinary issues, if she isn't getting enough water even with just the wet food, you can add more water in the wet food and mix it in! My cats actually love that.

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@clueliss, my sympathies.  I don't know much about cats, sorry.  Perhaps ask the vet for ideas on how to get her to drink more.  Turn her wet food into soup and feed her in the bathroom if she is a messy eater.  Also one of my dogs had kidney disease.  I got her to drink more by adding a little chicken broth, clam juice, or the water from canned tuna to her water bowl.

If it is any help, when Miss P went into kidney failure I lost count of the number of vets who told me that cats have a much better prognosis than dogs with kidney disease.  I told the last vet who told me this that I wanted to scream!  Elderly Miss P spent 2 days in hospital, but lived comfortably for another 18 months on a kidney diet before we had let her go for another medical problem.

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Okay, wet food with added water slurry was a win.  And a bonus of less bits left in the bowl since she laps at the slurry.  Thank you,

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We got my cat a water fountain to help keep him hydrated. It's ridiculous how much water he will drink out of that thing. 

We got him this one: https://www.amazon.com/Catit-Flower-Fountain-Triple-Action-Filter/dp/B0146QXOB0 so he can lap at a fountain. 

Vets suspect kidney disease, based on age, weight, and the constant drinking/peeing, but his labs come back only slightly elevated. Anyway, it's a suggestion to get more water into your cat. 

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I just had her out down.  Diagnosed with an aggressive basal cell tumor in her left rear leg.  Thyroid issue, kidney issue.  15 years old.  And the potential of amputation.  It’s been so hard to watch.  The decision was agonizing.  

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