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Dillards 79: Sex Education on the Fly

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1 hour ago, Denim Jumper said:

I think Derick initially expected to jump right into the “griftin’ for Jesus” lifestyle, but got a dose of reality. JB & Michelle worked hard in their early years, delayed starting a family, and set up various passive income streams, which allows them to now live as they do.

Derick started out on that path with his accountant  job at Walmart, but I think he got impatient and didn’t want to put in the years of grunt work that JB & Michelle did, and figured he could sidestep all of that by abruptly escaping to the mission field. 

I hope this latest 180 (law school, side hustles, putting down roots with a home) is evidence of him learning from those half-baked choices, and being willing to work for his living. 

I think he quit that WM job because his wife did not want him working for the man, and spending time away from her. Plus, I think he assumed that TLC would be interested in following the Dillards to danger America, thus eliminating the need for the WM income. What he didn’t anticipate was a super needy wife and douchebag, sister molester BIL being exposed.

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I have 3 kids between 3 and 7 years old, and I frequently forget to take snacks if we’re only going somewhere for a couple of hours. They’re not suffering starvation, but sometimes they have to wait a bit instead of eating the second they’re hungry.

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