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Coconut Flan

JRod 108: Selling the Grifted House

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So when Jill made her Big Courtship Announcement last month, I predicted an October engagement for the happy couple.  With Nathan (brother of Anna Duggar) Keller visiting his beloved right now, I think this engagement is imminent.  Labor Day at the latest.  What are you guys predicting?

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Ex 2x2

Ok folks. There are TWO new picnic videos up. I need musical people (I am not one) to watch the family band one. They are playing what sounds to me like bluegrass-y music, and they actually sound better than when they are singing. However, one of the Rod boys seems to be totally faking playing. Like he’s not actually playing at all. It’s sad bc he probably has no choice. He also looks absolutely miserable. I feel so sad for him!! Also, I severely took a screenshot of Jill when the camera panned to her. 


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Coconut Flan
Posted (edited)
19 minutes ago, PennySycamore said:

Only with certain brands of hot dogs. Oscar Meyer, I think, comes 8 to a package and maybe something Nathan's or Hebrew National.  Haven't looked at regular hot dogs in quite a while -only veggie dogs which do come 8 to a pack. Cheap hot dogs (the kind that turn the water pick) do come with more dogs than buns though.

Ah, you wouldn't catch me near those pink dye jobs so that explains it.

Carry on here:


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Oops sorry about the merge.

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