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Fundamentalism is Fundamentally Wrong [video from former fundie]

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So after ten years, I finally gathered the courage to make a video about my experiences in a Fundamental Baptist Church (which closely followed Bill Gothard's principles). If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'm just trying to get my story out there. After ten years I finally feel like I can talk about this. It's harder than I thought it would be... but worth it. 

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Thanks for this. I’ve been following your posts on reddit and have found them very interesting. I have some very general questions, if that’s ok.

Re: fundies and compulsory joy (“keeping sweet”), I’d be interested in hearing more about grief in IBLP-adjacent groups. It’s a topic FJ has been discussing a lot lately. How were fundies expected to react to loss?

Also, Gothardites in politics. Sonny Perdue, Dan Webster, Jim Bob Duggar... to what extent was there really a push for IBLP men to hold office or generally be active in politics?

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Thanks for speaking out, and encouraging others to do the same! I'm glad your students have someone like you in their life. Also, good for you that you're not letting others dissect and label your own story ("she's just bitter" etc.).

One question: What do you mean "putting them on blast"? Haven't heard that expression before.

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I was wondering how Independent Fundamental Baptists compare on the BITE model scale  ,  to other groups , more commonly thought to be cults , such as Jehovah's Witnesses ?   

Just going off my personal impression , from what I have read , I wouldn't think that they'd be quite as severe , in certain areas , as the Conservative Holiness Movement   , based on what I have observed of the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches , where the rest of  my immediate family currently attends church , especially in regards to the idea of Christian perfection , but I'm not sure exactly . I suppose that it's still quite severe though . 

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Thank you for this! I especially appreciate your reflections on mental health and on acknowledging vs. suppressing emotions.

I love that you told that pastor who asked "Is bipolar in the Bible?", "Are headaches in the Bible?" That's hilarious. You really had some fight in you.

@Antipatriarch, putting someone on blast just means denouncing someone publicly or on social media for something they did. It's internet speak, nothing specific to fundamentalism.

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