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Coconut Flan

JRod 106: Praying for Plexit

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10 hours ago, FloraKitty35 said:

If Plexus starts selling their own their patented strain of marijuana (it will be pink, of course, and called Plexijuana).  Jill will be all for it (especially if she can grift something out of it). Instead of swilling pink drink, she will be taking hits off of the pink bong.  

Plexijuana! FJ, Gold.


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On 7/29/2019 at 2:51 AM, Petronella said:

That’s true, but I still stand by my understanding of the world that it takes a lot of experiences and relationships to make up a worldview. So, the tract may have been a tipping point, but I don’t think any tract has the ability to be entirely responsible. There are things in David’s life before the tract that in a sense readied him for it, and then after that made it stick.

Since David sees the tract that changed his life as a monumentally positive thing, I guess it makes sense that he wants to bring that positive (to him) change to others. It’s just...tract effectiveness is just so darned rare!

Actually, I’d love to hear a psychologically honest account of his state of mind before he got the tract, what it said, why that resonated with him, and what happened after. But I doubt he thinks of it that fully.

Does anyone know what tract it was?

I am sorry but those two words attached to any Rod is f'ing high comedy!

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Naga Viper
2 hours ago, MayMay1123 said:

posts about penis waggling...thank you for making me laugh, God knows i need it! i think every man on the planet shows off his personal penis waggling skills as often as possible, they are all just that talented :bananna-demon:

Of all the threads this drift could've happened to, I'm glad it was Jill's.

JRod 107: Posts about Penis Waggling (just to piss her off)

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I dreamed I went camping and was in a spot next to the Rod Pod. The rodlets were all swimming in winter clothing and for some reason I was the one who had to go tell them they had to get out and only swim in swim clothing. Jill made me cry. 


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Coconut Flan

Carry on here:


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    • mango_fandango


      Peanut was watching me change the newspaper in her cage earlier. She’s currently eating said newspaper. Because reasons.

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    • Briefly


      I am beyond angry at Mr. Briefly's mother. My daughter posted a comment on her own facebook page that discussed parellels between nazi Germany and what is happening today as far as immigrants, detention camps, etc. My MIL left one of the rudest, meanest things I have ever seen. She told me daughter not to post things like that on her own page, she said horrible things. I just posed a long comment to my MIL, and told her that she has destroyed her relationship with her granddaughter and probably any hope of one in the future. My daughter is so hurt, and she is angry. And so am I. I try to be forgiving, but I'm not really inclined to forgive this one. Maybe I will be, but my daughter probably won't ever forgive her for this one. OK, rant over - and thank you for listening.
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    • OyHiOh


      Did another photo shoot this morning (strictly trade for prints, because it's a fun hobby), this one for Paul McCartney/Another Day.  one of those incredibly pretty little songs that hides just devastating lyrics behind beautiful harmony:  As she posts another letter to the sound of five People gather 'round her and she finds it hard to stay alive It's just another day.  There's a furniture shop near where I live that sells second hand and "unique" furniture/decor.  They had a neat little vanity someone built out of a Singer sewing machine table so we did the photos there, trying to convey the world weariness of the lyrics in a single photo.  It felt good.  We'll see how the prints turn out.
      It always surprises me how well Neptune and I work in these kinds of situations.  We'd had one conversation about this shoot, ten days or a couple weeks ago.  A few key words, couple props that he specifically wanted, not much else.  We walked into the building and started setting up without needing to really talk very much.  Just feels easy and in sync in a really comfortable way.
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    • HarryPotterFan


      I went to get a snack and ran into someone someone who asked if I went outside for the two fire drills today. What fire drills? This is the third time fire alarms went off everywhere in a building except where I was. Why does this keep happening to me?
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    • Briefly


      Has anybody else had issues with the latest Windows update?  Windows 10 has screwed up a lot of computers, mine included. Apparently,.Microsoft knew that it was going to cause problems and released it anyway. Now they talk like they are working on a problem.  OK, so I guess they are going to pay for the repairs to my laptop since I had to take it in to be fixed?  Due to their stupidity in releasing a known problem and not having a patch ready, but still they should not have released it knowing it was going to do this!!
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    • mango_fandango


      Peanut likes sitting on her hidey-house! She’s eating a bit of honeydew melon which the pigs have never had before (although they have had watermelon). 

      There is still a bit of an abscess left; it’s reduced a bit in size but not completely. Our nearest vet clinic is mainly cat/dog related although the woman we’ve been seeing does have an interest/knowledge about small animals. We’re going to contact another clinic who are an exotics centre; our vet said that she could do a slightly more invasive procedure but that it’d be best if we took Peanut to a specialist place. 
      The vet also said today that we can reunite her with Cinnamon and Grace; there was no evidence of a bite mark but we’ll still have to be careful because of where the abscess is. The main reason we kept her separate was so she could recover post-sedation when the drainage site needed to properly heal. 
      I’m not worried about her health-wise in any major sense, but it’ll be a relief when it’s dealt with! 
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    • laPapessaGiovanna


      RIP Felice Gimondi

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    • ViolaSebastian


      Received news (from my dermatologist) that I tested positive for ANA, which indicates I have some type of auto-immune problem. But I can't see a rheumatologist until my primary care refers me, and I don't have an appointment with primary care until the 28th. And who knows how long it's going to take me to get into a specialist. So now I just get to sit around thinking about what's potentially wrong with me and being scared shitless about it.
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    • MamaJunebug


      The substitute pastor dislikes me and my candor and forthrightness. As he was giving pre-worship announcements, I needed to blow my nose. Did it so quietly! — but he interrupted himself with “gesundheit!” — and I felt embarrassed and in retaliation rolled my eyes or scowled every time he looked my way during sermon. Also held subsequent nose-clearings for when HE spoke during service. It felt snarky--right at first, now I’m just mad that these patriarchal bozos foul up the peace of music and hymns and prayers with their attitudes and actions. Thanks to FJ for providing this little forum-ette. I feel better for venting. 
      · 3 replies
    • MarblesMom


      Today is my 4th anniversary on FJ.  Came for the Joshley scandal and stayed for the rest of the crazy.  xo
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