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Iowa architect recorded employee pumping breast milk


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Here's a guy who needs to sell his company and head out to the prayer closet as soon as possible


An Iowa City architect accused in a lawsuit earlier this year of secretly recording an employee while she pumped breast milk now faces criminal charges of violating the woman’s privacy 22 times over eight months.

He faces 22 counts of invasion of privacy, an aggravated misdemeanor. Each count is punishable by up to two years in prison.

Clark sued Carlson and the Carlson Design Team in May, alleging sexual harassment, sex discrimination, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. This was after Dec. 18, when she said she found a recording device in the conference room at Carlson Design Team, 1210 S. Gilbert St., where she had been pumping breast milk.

Police obtained a search warrant for the architecture firm’s office and Carlson’s house. Police said they seized electronic devices as part of their search. Those devices contained 22 videos of separate incidents in which Clark was recorded pumping, police said.

If  I needed an architect there is no way in hell I'd use his  company as long as he still owned it .

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Good Lord. On the positive side at least a wide number of people are aware that he is a creepy asshole with a pumping fetish and hopefully avoid him like the plague. 

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