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Dillards 78: Taste the Rainbow


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6 hours ago, samurai_sarah said:

So, how about he take your last name?

I would love that!  Unfortunately, he's also attached to his last name and doesn't want to get rid of it

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2 hours ago, itqitc said:

I just can't with Jill promoting sexy games, something about it creeps me out even though I love sex.   Maybe I am a prude and I don't realize it.  

You're not a prude. The gaggle of Dulls are just fucking weird and no one wants to picture their vanilla sex games.

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Jill posted pictures of the kids playing and Derick's mum and stepdad building a plane garden toy for them and someone commented that it was Lazy of Jill and Derick to make the them build it and said in later comments that Cathy is just in remission and should not be doing stuff like this. People seem to pick on people on Instagram for stupid things these days, I viewed it as grandparents bought the children something for their grandchildren and built it or they offered to do it for Jill either way nothing to snark on. Izzy chewing on a cable for an electric fan as toddler or a few of her other things she has posted are worth concern 

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8 hours ago, nickelodeon said:

And yes, Dating Divas are the “take turns spitting skittles into each other’s mouths” people. Check out their website if you’ve ever wondered how people “spice things up” when they’re not allowed to have actual kinks.

It's about time we start a new thread for Jill, but the title of this thread is still relevant! Any suggestions? ?

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