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Golf feud leads to shootings and fire


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According to Santa Maria police, a long-standing feud between three men boiled over Friday at the golf course of the Casa Grande Estates. Minutes after the trio was witnessed arguing, gunshots were fired. One man was fatally shot inside the Casa Grande clubhouse while another was found dead on the grass nearby, according to the Santa Maria Times.

After the shooting, police believe the suspect returned to his home. Moments later his home went up in flames following a small explosion, Police Chief Phil Hansen told the AP. The fire spread to nearby homes before it could be put out by firefighters. A situation made worse as ammunition was exploding from the gunman's home.

Authorities initially found two bodies— one of which is believed to be the gunman’s— in the rubble, but officials said on Saturday an additional victim had been located. Their names will be released after the coroner’s office confirms their identities

Neighbors told the Santa Maria Times that one of the victims is likely the suspect's son.


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