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Rambling "defense" of Bill Gothard

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I always feel I must point out that BG himself admitted to inappropriate touching: "My actions of holding of hands, hugs, touching of feet or hair with young ladies crossed the boundaries of discretion and were wrong. They demonstrated a double-standard and violated a trust." The writer of the above letter can protest all they want but Bill Gothard admitted that he crossed the line. The claim that he has been exonerated legally is also eye-bulgingly inaccurate. The judge made sure that the victims could re-take up their case once they had the funds to continue if they chose. I also have to laugh that the author thinks that the board doesn't understand how a board works-- that they are answerable to Gothard as owner of IBLP. That's not how a board works- I think it is you who doesn't understand.


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There is something seriously wrong with Alfred, the writer of DG. He is living proof a family can dress totally normal and do normal activities and still be deep in fundie culture. 

There is no point in arguing with him or pointing out where he is wrong because he will simply never admit it. I considered messaging him once about my experience with Bill and how he completely ignored me to instead focus on the "pretty" one, but I figured I didn't want get involved with him. I also wanted to point out that if Gothard truly felt God called him to focus on the pretty girls and elevate them while ignoring the ones who he doesn't view as pretty, he should have told the parents that. Either Gothard is making up that excuse now(which is what I believe) or he purposely misled parents who sent their children to his training centers. 

And there is no reason Alfred can't organize a reunion with Bill. 

And I love that he compares Bill to Trump. 

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Let me share this one thing that insanely pisses me off and it's not specific to, but includes Gothard.  It's a perpetrator asking for forgiveness.  As noted, it pisses me off.

Gothard does it. Murderers do it.  Rapists do it.  Thiefs do it.  Domestic abusers do it. They all do it after they're caught.  JUST STOP.  STOP. 

Perpetrators, offer your sincere, abject apologies (if you are actually capable of it).  But DON'T, just f**king DON'T ask for forgiveness from someone you have already robbed -- emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. 

You've already ripped away something, likely everything, from your victims -- don't ask them to give you more. 

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As soon as I saw the title of this thread I knew it would be about Alfred!

He's as delusional as BG himself.  If you can make it to page 8 (of 11) of the ramble you will find this line: 


Mr. Gothard walks on water, none of us do.

That sounds positively heretical to me.  And Alfie, Gothard has not "given his life" for anyone.  He's not dead yet.  And were you drunk when you wrote this?  You sound even more incoherent than usual.

There are some nuggets of information among Alfred's desperate lies reframing of the whole situation.  If he is to be belied, it seems BG has tried to invade IBLP property in places other than Big Sandy.  He hit Sacramento too and was repulsed.


There are millions and millions of dollars in assets tied to the IBLP Board.



When Mr. Gothard stepped down temporarily there were properties and cash in the bank valued in the millions.

When Gothard was forced to resign permanently by the BoD there were indeed.  But he has been running the "ministry" into the ground for years.  Look at the Form 990s.


Today the Board is selling the assets just to keep the ministry alive. Little if anything is coming in in the way of support, unless it comes from those who think it is “business as usual”

We know.  Little if anything is coming in because some people were disgusted by Bill Gothard's behavior and the corrupt nature of IBLP in general.  Yay!


It was just learned- that Headquarters or part of it, has been sold. Probably sold to keep the organization afloat! We have also learned the current Board is considering selling Northwoods. Everything was done very secretively; Mr. Gothard knew nothing!

Where have you been, Alfie, my pet.  Shutting your eyes and plugging your ears?  HQ has been lingering on the market since 2015.  Publicly up for sale.  Among many other IBLP properties. 

I'd be surprised if they put Northwoods on the market in the near future though.  That and Big Sandy are still being used for conferences and they have a lot more property they can liquidate before then.


Selling the properties gives the Board several more years to finance their organization. Headquarters is valued at 100 million dollars. We have not confirmed this, but it is suspected it was sold for less than it should have been.

Property is only worth what people are willing to spend.  


There will be money to redo the Basic Seminar leaving Mr. Gothard out and changing things to make it more “user-friendly.” There has also been unconfirmed, talk they will give the women who sued IBLP wrongly, money! If this is true it is absolute insanity! T

If this is true it is nothing more than Gothard's and IBLP's victims deserve.  Money won't make them whole.


In many Christian circles, it is the same way with the "BG" words. If you even say his name, there are some people that get demonic! 

Or justifiably angry.  Glad to hear it.  Bill Gothard's name should live on in infamy.


By their fruit you will know them. "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35 They don't ever have to work together, but Tim and the Board should at least divide the assets, they should at least give back to Mr. Gothard what is his!

So it is all about the money.  


Nothing has escaped God. He has seen it all.

And Bill Gothard should tremble at the thought of the afterlife (in which I do not believe).  He'll be on the down escalator for sure.

I am moved to song.

What's it all about Alfie
Is it just for Bill Gothard you lie?

What's it all about
When you sort lies out, Alfie?
Are we meant to laugh at your shit
Or are we meant to believe?

And if, if only fools believe, Alfie
Then I guess it is wise to be cruel
And if cash belongs only to Gothard, Alfie
What will you do with the old golden rule?

As sure as I believe there's no heaven above
Alfie, I know there's something much more
Something even non-believers can believe in.

I believe in truth, Alfie
Without truth we just exist, Alfie
Until you find the facts you've missed
You're nothing, Alfie.

When you talk you let your heart lead the way
But you'll find truth any day Alfie, oh Alfie
What's it all about Alfie?

And if, if only fools believe, Alfie
Then I guess it is wise to be cruel ...


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1 hour ago, Palimpsest said:

So it is all about the money.  

Yes it is. Bill is seriously angry he lost control of all that money. Bill thought he could resign and then pop back in later to live the high life again. I'm sure that the idea that his victims might get money while he gets nothing must drive him insane. 

Bill, like Trump who he clearly seems to look up to,  is an evil, evil man who I hope dies alone and in poverty. 

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I was not part of FJ for most of the IBLP/Gothard/Etc. mess but I have read up a lot and am familiar with it.  I really do wonder what is wrong with Alfie?  He is obsessed with Gothard.  Gothard is a piece of crap, but Alfred is seriously obsessed and that makes no sense.

What strikes me, from reading the excerpts from Alfred's letter, is that he is 100% delusional.  He takes true facts and rearranges them to suit his own vision.  Such as the headquarters being worth "100 million dollars."  I'm sure that the headquarters would be worth a pretty penny but that number is what I would expect someone to just pick out of the air.  I noticed that same thing from pretty much everything dear old Alfie says.  He refuses to face reality because he doesn't like it.  Therefore, reality must be wrong and he has to set everybody straight on the truth!

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13 hours ago, Briefly said:

I was not part of FJ for most of the IBLP/Gothard/Etc. mess but I have read up a lot and am familiar with it.  I really do wonder what is wrong with Alfie? ...

My opinion (or unprofessional diagnosis): Gothard is Alfred's God. (seriously) Alfred's whole belief system rests on Gothard.

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Gothard was forced to admit to inappropriately hugging, holding hands, and touching hair and feet with zero understanding (on his part and the part of everyone associated with him) that his insanely creepy behavior is because he has multiple FETISHES. 

Bill and his brothers are riddled with  sexual deviance and criminal behavior.  Steve was sexually harassing and having sex with secretaries at the Northwoods Center back in the day, and in 2015, the other brother, David, was charged in Florida with large-scale racketeering and fraud.  I cannot even imagine what the hell went on in their home growing up. 


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5 hours ago, apple1 said:

My opinion (or unprofessional diagnosis): Gothard is Alfred's God. (seriously) Alfred's whole belief system rests on Gothard.

Alfred should be in the textbooks as an example of a fully brainwashed and completely programmed cult member.  In his eyes Gothard can do no wrong.

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