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Itchy legs and razor burn

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I'm not sure which forum is the best to put this topic but I'm looking for advice on how to prevent razor burn now that summer is fast approaching. My legs, specifically my shin and calf area, are always itchy. It gets really bad in winter but its a year round problem. Moisturizing helps to a degree but during a particularly bad "flair" it doesn't do much to take away the pain or itch (these flairs happen even when I don't shave for a while). When I shave it gets so much worse- sometimes it starts becoming painfully itchy before I'm even out of the shower. So basically all winter I avoid shaving my legs as much as possible but I'd like to be able to wear shorts this summer without being in pain. I've started using GiGi no bump scrub before shaving and it helps a little bit. I've tried different shaving creams or using conditioner but not much difference there. I've tried different razors and have learned which ones to avoid- basically any cheap or disposable razor is out of the question. Dollar shave club razors were a big no. Venus and Gillete seem to cause the less irritation. 

So basically I'm looking for anyone who deals with this if you have found any success doing certain things or using a certain product- I'm open to trying anything at this point!

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Maggie Mae

Who says you have to shave to wear shorts? 

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I've found that really close shave makes me very itchy. For me, the best option is the stupidly expensive Schick Intuition. It's not the closest shave in the world, but it's the only razor that doesn't give me itchy legs at this point. I use cocoa butter lotion on my legs daily- right after the shower, before I get dressed. I don't shave a lot, just on Fridays, usually- I don't like wearing shorts to work, but I like wearing the on the weekend. Benadryl itch lotion is also great for trouble spots.

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I second the Schick Intuition.

I have super itchy skin. What really helps me is Sarna Sensitive Skin lotion. The regular Sarna doesn’t help me, but the sensitive version does. It cuts inflammation nicely. 

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I didn't see my notifications for replies here! Thanks guys! I've been trying different razors but its tough because some wear out so quickly and the replacements are expensive (but I know using the same blade over and over can cause razor burn). I have an electric shaver but I don't really care for it. It takes forever and it doesn't really get a close shave so the effort feels wasted, especially since I still get itching afterwards. I'm currently pregnant so I'm not comfortable using nair right now. I've thought about trying out a safety razor but I'm a little nervous, especially since I'm on blood thinners.

I have done a few things recently that seem to be helping. I bought a water filter for my shower head. I use the no bump scrub the day before shaving. When shaving I lather up with shaving cream, shave with the hair once, then lather up again and shave against the hair once. I rinse my legs with cold water afterwards and then I use an eczema lotion with colloidal oatmeal afterwards (also started using a hemp seed oil lotion that seems to work as well as the eczema one). Its not perfect but its made a difference. Its been super hot here so shorts have been a necessity, I've been shaving every 4 days and just accepting my legs are a little more hairy than I would like on days 3 and 4.


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I am also not a mega shaver.

By any means.

But.. I second the thought that 4 or 5 bladed ones are the only way to go. 100% I'm not sure if they are even making a 5 blade for women yet, which is nuts. My underarms definitely stay hair free and I prefer these.

(Fwiw, I get itchiness all over and randomly. I am not down with natural deodorant and can't take the intensity of a clinical strength. I use Dove. It does the best w/o making me insane)

I have sensitive skin too. Scrub and a good lotion (right now I use a

17 minutes ago, JesSky03 said:

nature's gate one) first. And then a shave or Nair.

And If I lived somewhere hotter or was wearing more shorts and dresses I'd internally pressure myself to be less hairy. So, I feel you. I do appreciate the fact that I live in an environment where men are much more tolerant of some body hair.

Not removing hair on a regular basis is still one of the best parts of my current bout of celibacy 🤣

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