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The worst of JillRod, or her 229 damnations

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Here it is folks! Your list of every awful thing our Jilly has done since we first encountered her in 2013. Please vote for your own personal top (bottom?) 10 Jill moments, in order of worst to...less worse. Eventually we'll publish a top 10, and maybe a top 100 on the 100th thread. Take it away @harkasquirrel! No, really, take it away :my_biggrin:

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HELLOOOOOOO, FREE JINGER! without further ado, here are the damnations in all their glory, Part 1:


1. Jill has almost 100 eleventy!!!! threads all about, Jill in the time span of 4 years.

2. David quit two jobs to start the printing business

3. The bedbug drama


4. Back in the RV days, when she was pregnant with Sophia, she decided she needed to be on “bed rest” 24/7.  Until her family was given Disneyworld passes. Then suddenly she was physically fit enough to be on her feet all day throughout the park, likely covering several miles of walking and going on rides, with no concerns or issues. And then she put herself back on bed rest again.

5. Anytime she does the handgrip of death while forcing people to take photos with her.

6. Persecution Complex in Overdrive:

    A. She is incapable of understanding why people object to so much of what she does. She thinks folks talking about you and not liking you is persecution.
    B. Her constant judgement of others followed by how dare you judge me. 
    C. When Satan first attacked her with green beans

7. David and Nurie were in Botswana, AFRICA for something like 10 days on a missioncation and Jill said she could relate to military wives and what they endure when their husbands are gone.

8. The photo where she was posing for a solo photo (what else?) while a small hand in the bottom of the photo reaches up for Mama's attention. To no avail, of course.

9. Jill bought a dream catcher from a Native American woman on the big trek West to deliver not-dead Tim to Moody. She said something like that she had bought it from an 'authentic NA woman' and seemed unaware of it's cultural meaning, treating it as yet another tchotchke to add to Pampered Mama's collection.

10. Her "the whole family is waiting for me before we go xyz, but I'm going to quickly share why I'm better than you."  30 minutes later she's done sharing.

11. The change of her tone of voice from when she talks on the videos to when a kid shows up

12. Her comments about how so and so doesn't like being on camera, but she's going to put them on camera anyway.

13. Jill has a bell, a freaking bell, that she rings when she wants the older girls to attend to her needs.

14. Guilting the older children into using any money to buy them presents.

15. That time people in a church gave the children money specifically to buy themselves a treat, David took them to the store and the money was spent buying Jill things.


16. Jill has taught the teen girls to pluck their eyebrows like it’s 2001.

17. Her makeup video.

19. Her hair video.

20. Jill's shit-eating grin.


21. Blaming the nasty pants wearing smoking thrift shop ladies for objecting to her kids trying to eat candle melts.

22. Jill took a video of herself singing the national anthem with all the kids lined up, hands over hearts, to watch.  They were supposedly regarding an American flag hanging from the mantel, but could have just as easily been contemplating the large flat screen TV they supposedly never watch.

23. Despite all Jill's anti-TV nonsense, they have a very large, nice looking TV AND appear to have cable (at least for NFL season)

24. The family ringing cowbells at Timothy's graduation.

25. Having her kids post under a bunch of dead deer heads when they invaded Cabela’s.

26. Tim’s graduation cake that said “Congratutions” and looked like someone at the bakery didn’t know how to spell congratulations. No one in the Rod family seemed to notice.

27. "Brain-dirtied"

28. Those ghastly reborn dolls

29. Jill and David had all the kids dress in their Sunday best for a trip to Wall Drug. They then proceeded to take over the chapel and for an "impromptu" concert.


30. Her cowbells and the ironing board

31. The whole damn Rodrigues record catalog-"That's What Mooooooooomies Do", “Come On Down To The Farm.”

32. Ben Vance, shadowing the Rodrigues RV circus 24/7


33. Satan is no longer in your green bean cans. He is now a “rouring lion”

34. The fact that she repeated a story that someone drilled to the middle of the Earth and put down a microphone all the way down and they recorded screams of souls being tortured in hell. IIRC, she also stated that a demon rode its way back up on the microphone. PROOF THAT HELL IS REAL.

35. Writing the same caption on IG about churches, but changing the name of the church and comment.

36. How she ministered to people even when they were nasty and smelly

37. Posting a bazillion Satan memes

38. The ill-fated ladies retreat for nuggets! Jill was fibbing a little on the price of hotel rooms. Soon to be followed up by the ill-fated homeschooling retreat.


39. Her inexplicable cognitive dissonance about supporting Trump while having a softball team worth of kids who he is actively trying to make life worse for

40. Visiting Trump properties in Florida just to pose in front of them

41. Posting endless Trump memes, such as, "Pro Life.  Pro Gun."


42. Going on vacations and date nights with Dopey Dave, but she can’t afford enough chicken legs for her children or $10 for Tim’s textbooks

43. Jill and David needing "romantic date weekends" away because one of the children in the RV was so difficult to train

44. The soft porn bedroom pics/The many, many, many pictures of J and D liplocked.


45. Jill's Wedding/Vow Renewal

    A. The weird voice over letters to each of her bridesmaids
    B. The saw-playing grandma at her wedding
    C. The vow renewal with hideous bridesmaid dresses and ten thousand Jill glamour shots.
    D.  The wholly unnecessary replacement wedding set

45. Gotta get the girls a GYM!

    A. Overly advertising Nurie, Kaylee, and Timothy as prospective spouses/Sultry teen girl auction photos
    B. Screwing over Nurie’s courtship due to oversharing
    C. A couple of her daughters already have their wedding dresses. Nurie has one she bought thrifting years ago. Kaylee had a wedding dress on her Plexus dream board and someone gave her their old horror. Jill was very excited. She made sure to thank God and the people who gave it to Kaylee and then talk about how they needed to alter it to fit their modest convictions. 
    D. Jill appointing herself Nurie's Maid of Honor


46. The wall dedicated to her SEVERE miscarriages, with photos of her pregnant with Janessa! She seemingly assigned names to each miscarriage as an afterthought

47. Mentioning that her mother had a miscarriage, which I believe was a private matter, until Jill blabbed it to the world.

48. Her not being able to keep her miscarriages straight.  In one place she had 3 in 2011 (before the 2012 baby), in another she had 2 in 2011 and 2 in 2012

49. One of her pregnancy announcements in a church and you can hear someone saying “oh my god” (or something similar) in a worried down in the back.

50. Jill posted an "I'm pregnant!" photo with an arrow pointing to her uterus, and IIRC one of the FJ-ites looked at the metadata on the photo and it was taken months before the pregnancy actually happened.

51. She has empty picture frames waiting for baby pictures sitting on a family picture shelf

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Posted (edited)

Damnations, Part 2:


52. Chugging an unregulated dietary supplement for weight loss while pregnant with Janessa - potentially denying her much needed nutrients along with exposure to Rufus knows what else.

53. Driving into a snowstorm in an RV close to her delivery date of a medically fragile baby.

54. Claiming nasty secular doctors implied she should abort Miracle Baby Janessa when Janessa was an apparently healthy 9 month old but not mentioning it when she was in utero.

55. Janessa chewing on a pen, with the cap on it, and no one notices

56. Ending Janessa’s “happy first birthday” instagram post with “Time for another baby!”


57. Jill turned up at the funeral of someone she used to know, from a church she'd left in dispute, and arrived early and set up their singing equipment because she wanted to perform there, without asking anyone, letting alone *being* asked, and then getting huffy because the family wouldn't let her hijack the funeral like this - and having the gall to blame everyone else for this upsetting her children

58. The Henry Childrens' Funeral:

    A. She crashed a funeral and took a smiling selfie in front of the caskets. The funeral crashing, with the grinning selfie, was for four CHILDREN, babies, who had died in a fire and Jill didn’t know them. It was like the worst situation imaginable and Jill was THRILLED at the internet fame of being next to the mother and father at the worst moment of their lives.  Jill was “excited” to be there
    B. She dressed matchy matchy with her oldest girls, as if to say “look at my living, almost adult daughters. After you have done that, say cheese!”
    C. She gave them a nice gift basket.
    D. She also live streamed the eulogy without permission, yelling “AMEN” when moved to do so.


59. Extending the Go Fund Me for the new car, so people with jobs could donate, while her lazy husband doesn’t have a job. She named the Go Fund Me "Sister Accident Ruins Car.”  She included a tearful video from Nurie (and Kaylee). The “Go Fund Me” asked for $20K to replace a 2001 car, and ended up with an almost brand new car donated to them.

60. Jill posted about the car accident and (and Kaylee) wanted Jill so bad and she brushed her off to go be with Nurie instead.

61. Saying she wished she could take away Nurie’s pain, then adding (and Kaylee) in as an afterthought.

62. When Nurie (and Kaylee) got in the accident, the picture that Jill posted on Facebook was not just Nurie bruised and battered - it was Nurie on a stretcher with her eyes closed. She posed her just-in-an-accident oldest child to make it look like she was dead.  She strategically placed bloody gauze on Nurie after the accident.

63. Nurie is all cleaned up with fresh make up but (and Kaylee) is battered, caked with blood and mud, and in a neck brace and has a swollen lip and eye.

64. Saying how happy she was that Nurie (and Kaylee) survived a car accident and were slim enough to slip through the cracked open window


65. Angie and her foot

    A. The twins being the ‘same’ again now that Angie has an injury that is restricting her mobility.  So Sweet.
    B. When she was updating us on Angie’s wound, she copied and pasted a message from Angie to Jill. Of course she couldn’t have just paraphrased it because then this gem at the beginning would’ve been left out. ”I would be sooooo nervous! But that’s right up your alley! [then provides wound update]” So, Jill just had to leave that first part in so that we all would know that she’s doing something really difficult and brave that she’s going to be really good at but that any other person would be scared of! I wonder what it could be? (Probably speaking at this women’s conference in NY that they’re going to)  As per usual, it’s all about Jill all the time. Always.

66. Poor Amy

    A. She threw herself a baby shower in a hospital cafeteria while her sister was in critical condition, organizing her gender reveal party in the hospital cafeteria, while Amy was still in critical condition and starting a collection for a stroller when Sofia was baby number 12
        a. She put a donation bucket out at the hospital baby shower.
        b. Got in trouble for having the young kids yell a message to Amy Foster Quadriplegic while she was in ICU.
        c. Opening nail polish and perfume in Amy's hospital room, with other patients present
    B. Never missing an opportunity to tell remind people that Amy is disabled, even writing and performing a song about what she can no longer do, with lyrics that include Amy's useless hands. "These Are the Hands" is the title track of the latest Rod Family CD for sale on their website.  Because Jill not only wrote and performed that musical insult to her sister, she's trying to make money off it.
        a. She hosted a funeral for her very much alive sister.
        b. SEVERELY broken neck, Amy (paraplegic), etc. Never just Amy Foster or my sister Amy
        c. Her mentioning several times how Amy would love to be pregnant again, but can't, but she's happy for Jill and others who are still able to
        d. Jill forced Amy to go to Olive Garden even though she was nervous/embarrassed to go out to eat in her chair and still uncomfortable sitting in it (due to pressure) and nervous about needing to adjust her chair.  Jill asked the server to bring out a free dessert, as if it were a birthday, and was disappointed to be told no.
        e. Jill's post about the fact that Amy couldn't physically get up to comfort her crying child.


67. Tim starting a Go Fund Me to pay for college. Jill and Dave only donated $50.

68. Jill's recent trip to visit, and the thousands they surely wasted last summer dropping him off could have easily covered the 2k Tim is seeking, AND pay for him to fly to and from school.

69. She decorated Tim’s dorm nook for him, completely filling his bookshelf with light-up topiary and an eagle statue, because who needs books while you are at college.  Oh yeah, and a Jill portrait too.

70. Needing books at college- clearly Jill didn’t expect Tim to need any, because he was on her FB less than a week later Asking for help finding college books, and didn’t have $10 to buy a book he needed.

71. There was a photo of some food Jill left for Timothy before they headed back home to WV.  It looked like several bags of rice.

72. She spilled the tea about how Tim was getting on with his new classmates.


73. Claiming Plexus cures every condition known to man, even when the company has made no such claim, and giving it to the children.

74. Every f*cking eyeball pick, tooth scrape, and nose scratch whilst trying to sell me Plexus. 

75. Plexus claims. She has claimed it cures autism, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and “leaky gut”.

76. Lying about her Plexus use (she promoted it and talked about how good it was for her before she ever imbibed)

77. She made the kids sit around the dining table with a dinner that was too small to feed everyone. She then talked about plexus for 10 min.

78. Her pronunciation of Microbiome as Mi-cro-bi-oh-me.

79. Sharing about someone's wart (Ma Turtleneck?) in order to sell Plexus.


80. Her adult children are not allowed to have their own social media pages, and are forced to use hers whenever they want to post something.

81. The bizarre incident when Jill’s “kids” posted Happy Birthday messages to Jill using Jill’s facebook, and Jill writing responses. In all likelihood Jill posted those messages herself.

82. The live Facebook videos at midnight when the babies are all still awake.

83. The whole loophole of making her FB private but then dumping her posts into one mega-blog entry every so often.

84. Her extreme overuse of emojis.

85. Her inability to use "quotes" correctly.

86. Her LOVE of CAPS (with her random exclamation points).


87. Deadbeat David grilling dinner in a walled yard on a propane BBQ while wearing church clothes, including dress shoes (in Botswana).

88. She was all about how long hair on women is Godly and, besides, it so much prettier anyway.  So apparently the KJ Bible makes it very clear about exactly how short a man's hair should be and how long a woman's should be.  It should at least cover their ears and neck. It is also (according to Jill, who is second only to Jesus on knowing what God likes) VERY important to all the angels and other spiritual beings that women have long hair.  And Say-un knows this and he uses short hair on women to drag them straight to hell!!

89. Jill only wears blouses, y’all.  For femininity. Even when they are T-shirts or hoodies, as soon as Jill puts them on they magically become blouses, and are thus feminine.

90. Talking relentlessly about modesty, but then she wears the tightest fitting skirts and shirts.

91. Kids dressed in heavy clothes during the summer.

92. Kids dressed in street clothes in the ocean (do they even know how to swim?).

93. An early photo of one of the little girls with her shoes on the wrong feet.

94.  Blaming girls wearing their skirts immodestly for one of her sons seeing “clear up to a girl’s underwear” twice. And having a weird relationship where her sons feel like they have to tell her about stuff like that.

95. Going on and on in those “modesty” videos about how her daughters have gorgeous slim figures and would look “hot” in bikinis yet still choose to dress modestly because they’re convicted it’s right, not cause they’re fat and have no choice but to wear “potato sacks”

96. Dressing her daughters, especially the little ones, in ill fitting and mismatched outfits while she always has new dresses.


97. Eating ice cream out of the trash.

98. One less chicken leg.

99. David making a perfectly timed entrance bearing a heaping plate of midnight snacks.

100. The pic of David with a ginormous amount of cupcakes while the children looked hungrily on.

101. When David made "coconut milk" and the children stared on.

102. Taking her brood unannounced to her neighbor’s house and expecting them to feed them.

103. Their inability to budget, inability to plan, inability to feed their kids healthy food, their lack of consideration for what kids need.

104. Drinking her milkshakes while the kids watch, and then letting the kid whose "special week" it is have the leftovers.  And the kid acted like it was a big treat.

105. Tim had a birthday cake that was just a bunch of snack cakes stacked on top of each other, still in the wrapper.

106. Sadie got a piece of pie with a candle in it for her (first?) birthday


107. House tour video , including the creepy ass “good Nights” at the end.

108. They used to have Ma and Pa Turtleneck move into the RV when they stayed at the Noyes Sr home in between grifting trips, so Jill and fam could take the house

109. In the bathroom -- carpeted walls.  Photo over the toilet of J + D kissing

110. The closet full of teddy bears and stuffed animals that her children aren't allowed to touch.

111. She filled up the house with so much cheap crap

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Posted (edited)

And now, the third and last (but sadly not final) chapter of the damnations (so far. oh god, what will she do next):


112. She crammed her kids into a car with no seat belts or even enough seats.

113. Infants and toddlers ride in the RV in cages.

114. Bragging about her uber thin teenagers being able to share one seatbelt.

115. Jill precariously balancing a metal gate/decorative item of baby Sofia's head while they drove back from one of her weekends away with David.

116. There isn't room for kids' toys in the RV, but she posted pictures of the space where she organized all her jewelry and makeup.

117. Jill and David sleep in a nice bed, the smallest one or two get a cage, and the rest of the kids find the best spot they can on the floor or whatever.

118. 13 kids and 2 adults in an RV only designed for 8 people maximum.  One bathroom, and Lord knows how many siblings get stepped on to reach it.

119. When she listed a picture of her “non-spoiled” children napping together on the one bed, in their regular clothes, all in a pile.

120. The fake ivy that was used to decorate the floating baby cage in the RV.


121. Putting her kids in white and parading them down to the front row in a Bates wedding so people would think they were in the wedding/Turning up to Bates wedding in white dresses and sitting in seats designated for family.

122. Blabbing about the date of Jinger's wedding and then parking the RV at the Duggar's and outstaying their welcome, as they usually do.

123. Still Referring to Mike and Suzette Keller as Anna Duggar's parents, when she has known them for a few years and most people already know that.

124. Watching the Duggars slowly but definitively send them to the outer social circle

125. Pulling the pictures of Josh Duggar from their ministry video post scandal but still calling the Kellers “Anna Duggar’s parents” and their sons “Anna Duggar’s brothers” at every opportunity.


126. Her whole straight-up racist weirdness she has about Hannah in particular, who she calls “her darkest child” and “dark-Hannah”.

127. Her weird thoughts about how people think girls have a lighter skin tone than boys in general, and that Nurie was “so dark” that people mistook her for a boy.

128. Her adding (wheelchair) over David’s brother in her wedding video.

129. Jill thinks claiming David's family came from Portugal (IT'S RODRIGUES WITH AN S!) somehow makes him "whiter" or "better" than anyone whose family comes from south of the US border.

130. Her calling the police over the woman in the bathroom that she just assumed was a transgender human being.

131. Insisting that a male never be allowed to go into a female bathroom ... and then she turned around and took David into the women’s bathroom to paint him up for the gender reveal.

132. Calling disabled people/persons with disabilities “precious”


133. Taking the children to the Laura Ingalls Wilder house, knowing that they couldn't afford entry and in the hope that if they peaked through windows then they would get sympathy and be allowed in for free.

134. David was asking for very specific equipment and Jill used her newsletters to "pray about it". Ditto for their sound equipment. I believe they turned some free shit down because it wasn't up to snuff.

135. Showing up unannounced at Churches over the country and expecting to perform and knowing that they will get money and fed for free. Especially when she forces the kids to walk up and down the church aisles during their final song and beg for cash.

136. Grifting expensive printing equipment and not using it to print anything other than badly designed tracts.

137. Refused a house because she wanted a parcel that wasn't hilly.

138. Making her children work for their living, literally singing for their supper, from when they can stand on stage, because Jill and David made such stupid choices.  The fact the kids know they're responsible for putting food on the table, and paying the bills, and it's a CHOICE is vile and reprehensible.

139. Having the gall to claim she's a SAHM as she travels the country making her kids work, and she's admitted their education falls behind when they're on the road

140. Setting up Go Fund Me's and online registries for every and any excuse and when people complain about it, blame it on one of the older children. Specifically, the incident with Nurie and the Pamper Mama Shower.


141. Brought their dog in the RV to bring oldest son to college in Spokane -- cross country from WV -- and proceeded to lose the dog and waited for days to go back and get him from the rescuer. She thanked the rescuer by giving them a framed Rod family photo.

142. Selling the family's pet cat at a garage sale.

143. Jill posted the selfie with a baby duck, and the caption was something like “I’d bring this cutie home but My Dad wouldn’t like having to take care of it while they house sit for us!”


144. The videos of the kids studying, and thanking mama for not sending them to ebil public school.

145. The terrible examples of the older kids’ writing as evidenced in the Pearl’s magazine and on Jill's blog.

146. Nurie and Kaylee's college "education" consisting of listening to recorded Bible college lectures while touring in the RV and brief visits to see their friends at school.

147. Many of the kids didn't even have an appropriate area in their homes to do their schooling (trying to do workbooks and take notes on beds as opposed to at a desk).


148. When Nurie and David were on a missioncation in AFRICA, she wrote home to Mamma to say that none of the ladies in Africa dressed "sluttish" like women in America. The fallout was as follows:

    A. Nurie got thrown under the bus for the comment.
    B. All the kids had to say how wonderful Jill was during a Facebook live and poor Kaylee cried so much.


149. Comparison between JRod and the Turpins.

150. Tessie took a short video of her hard work in the dining room and kitchen. She says that she is almost done with the dishes, and says "Bibbitee, bobitee, boo." Her voice and speech are normal, and what I would expect from a child narrating a video. Then, the video cuts, and we see Jill inspecting the work, and gushing to Tessie that she is such a hard worker. When responding, Tessie doesn't even sound the like the same child. She slurs her words, and starts talking like a baby. She switches to that high, breathy speech we hear so much.

151. Nurie and Kaylee were brought to the home of Michael and Debi Pearl (to help out with something or other) and people on FJ remark on how much healthier and happier they looked while they were there.

152. Making her 11 year old clean the entire kitchen by herself/The kids' massive chore lists

153. The KOA incident when the kids went swimming in their street clothes.

154. She posted to the world about what a "brat" Tim used to be and much they needed to train him.

155. Unfair ‘weeks’ - special trips for some kids and getting to go grocery shopping with momma for others. Kaylee wrote that Jill can't even be bothered to remember whose week it is, and the kids have to remind her.

156. Accepting gifts from Timbits (Valentine's Day) and the rest of the kids, while never mentioning ONCE that she got them something.

157. How all her kids look like hostages in her videos.

158. Her need to sing over all her kids all the damn time.

159. Total lack of kid-art around the home.

160. Calling the dinner she and David had with Nurie and Tim as going on a double date.

161. Filming Sofia in the RV bathroom using the potty (oh so modest) while shilling Plexus.

162. Kaylee was doing dishes and some sibling taped a note that said “I think I’m the greatest” (or something like that) to her back. Jill thought that was just hilarious.

163. Not one, but two, incidents of Sofia being put in a box.

164. Calling Gabe "Little Boy Blue" and pointing out that he is shorter than his younger sister. Jill laughed merrily about how Gabriel had cried when he found out he was having another sister so he would be keeping the nickname he hated.

165. Giving one of the little girls (I think either Sadie or Sophia) an open package of diapers as a birthday present.

167. Kaylee had a photo shoot with her BFF in the bushes behind Burger King.

168. Hannah got her special birthday photo shoot in an actual parking lot on the curb.

169. Nurie’s grotesque graduation/bridal offering photo shoot of 1,000 poses and multiple props.

170. The modesty videos of recent days with Nurie's pricked heart.

171. When Jill was so proud that not yet not-dead (but thin as a rail) Tim was fasting to channel the Lord's will for his life.

172. The fact that Jill has managed to convince her beautiful, young daughters that they NEED to cake on make-up, to the point that they FREAKED THE FUCK OUT when David came home unexpectedly once and was in danger of seeing them without make-up. 

173. The "I yelled at my children!" blog reveals how much she cries and screams in front of the kids, and what a horribly emotionally abusive home that is.

174. All the videos where it's clear she's been ranting about how people hate/persecute her, and she makes her children defend her, often while they're in tears.

175. Her general and constant encouragement of her children judging and gossiping about the appearance of others.

176. Can’t buy her house a new dishwasher, so her kids have to wash dishes by hand, but she can afford whitening strips, new clothes, hair products, trips.  

177. The time they were in the rental house and Jill claimed her daughters begged for her to pose for pictures so we have a gazillion pictures of Jill posing but in the background you can see a daughter changing the diaper of the latest baby.

178. During the hair video where the baby was sitting next to Jill eating tiny rubber hair bands and Jill didn't notice. 

179. The explanation of how each birthday is different.  One year supposed to be a party and another year the child gets a pet, etc.

180. Child labor in that print shop.

181. In the house tour video there were boys dressed in suits standing perfectly still lurking in corners.

182. Olivia in the pumpkin patch, wearing shoes that are ludicrously large for her.

183. The way that she'll make an effort for whoever her favoured children are to wear matching or colour-themed clothes, and then a child who's just.... not

184. Jill doesn't have the cash for the most basic things, but can afford to have matching outfits for herself and the oldest daughters.

185. She used to make the little kids hold fake microphones.

186. Making herself her oldest daughters' best friend.

Edited by harkasquirrel
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There we have it. 215 damnations.

Thank goodness I have plans to get margaritas tonight. Because I need them. 

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@harkasquirrel, may Rufus bless and keep you for compiling this list! Enjoy those margartias. You have earned them. 

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3 minutes ago, Pecansforeveryone said:

@harkasquirrel, may Rufus bless and keep you for compiling this list! Enjoy those margartias. You have earned them. 

Thank you! I'd like to give credit where credit is due: @MayMay1123 compiled the list, and @wallysmommy helped me organize it!

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This is epicly phenomenal!  So achingly, depressingly, sadly, yet epicly phenomenal!

I don't care that spellcheck says epicly is not a word.  It is a Jillyrod word. And the spellcheck hates epically too I'm going with it.

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2 hours ago, harkasquirrel said:

There we have it. 215 damnations.

Thank goodness I have plans to get margaritas tonight. Because I need them. 

At some point there were 229, then 215, now 186. We merged some. And yes, I don't drink but occasionally, some margaritas sound lovely! 

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Ugh, I thought of another one. Remember how she made her daughters crawl under the dining room table if they had to get up during a meal so that the men wouldn’t have to stand? 

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Thank you all for compiling this!! 👏 I feel if I showed this compilation to anyone I know, they would never believe that such a person does indeed exist!

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Closed Womb
On 5/10/2019 at 5:51 PM, MayMay1123 said:

At some point there were 229, then 215, now 186. We merged some. And yes, I don't drink but occasionally, some margaritas sound lovely! 

Sadly, it won’t be long before she exceeds 229.  May she never top funeral selfies, though.  Lord, Rufus, grant us this one wish.  

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Okay - I am pretty sure that my #1 (worst) for Jill is her entire attendance at the Henry funeral for those four little babies, from dressing herself and her 3 oldest daughters in matching t-shirts (for a funeral Jill? are you effing kidding me?), to live streaming the service and shouting out Amen throughout, to the abominable selfie, complete with big old shit-eating grin with the parents of those children.  Incredibly vile, the whole of it.

Picking #s 2, 3, 4, etc. is less easy but mostly centers around the abuse and neglect the children have to endure all the time, from Jill and David constantly going out to eat while their pitifully thin children stay at home and eat who knows what, to putting babies in cages on the RV, to making the girls overdress for "modesty", often in hot, clingy clothing in the summer months, to clearly favoring Tim and Nurie and disfavoring (and Kaylee) and "dark" Hannah. 

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Are we voting by commenting here? Here’s my top ten.

1 - The Henry funeral. So bad in so many ways.

2 - The Pearls are better parents than Jill, for God’s sake.

3 - The School of the Rolling, Crowded RV (with the utterly ignorant teacher). When at home, chores come before school.

4 -  Persecution! So much persecution!

5 - Plexus, it’ll cure what ails ya! High blood sugar? Low blood sugar? It does it all! Also, Jill used it while pregnant.

6 - Cramming the kids into the RV to sing for their supper.

7 - Go Fund Me for totally foreseeable expenses (Tim) and after an emergency had been paid for (the car).

8 - Pestering the Duggars, Bates, and Kellers in hopes of courtships and reality show appearances.

9 - Making her daughters look immodest while constantly going on about modesty.

10 - The Microphone to Hell is possibly the single dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

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Quiverfullofbooks, your number 10 choice is dumb BUT it gave birth to the legend that is Beansie. . He arrived on earths surface and made his first home in Jilly's green bean can. 

Dumb but very very important in the historical true on-going Drama of the legend that is the RodPod. 

I'm a member the worlds most inept Missionary group! Perhaps I'm due a sighting of a rare USA mission-cationer to Britain ( or more specifically Scotland!!). 

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Posted (edited)

'' granet'

Edited by freethekahlo

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Posted (edited)

1. The abominable Henry funeral incident.

2. The "memorial" for living person Amy Foster.

3. Everything else to do with Amy Foster, including calling her "quadriplegic".

4. Car accident photos of her daughters and subsequent go-to-me fund.

5. Dressing kids in white and sitting on first row at a wedding.

6. Baby cages.

7. Hospital baby shower.

8. Pamper mama shower complete with Kitchen Aid request.

9.  "Dark" Hannah

10.  Slut shaming women who wear pants while justifying her overdone hair and makeup.

11. Ghoulish posting of her sister's injured foot. 

12. "Chicken leg" comment.

Sorry, it was hard enough picking these out, needed two extra!

Edited by SilverBeach

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1.  Henry family funeral

2.  Comments and behavior about/towards Amy

3.  Comments and behavior about/towards anyone with special needs/injuries

4.  Judging others and teaching her children to judge others

5.  Her family's complete ignorance about safety  (now with Timothy's live video while driving that can be included along with girls sharing seatbelts, no seatbelts in the RV, etc.)

6.  No shame grifting

7.  Tracts (not even sure that made the 100+ list)

8.  All of her and David's trips away from the kids

9.  The "special week" with certain kids

10.  Plexus

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As someone who had to read the list carefully to help organize it, trust me, you can't make this shit up.

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This needs to be pinned.

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Waffle Time

Holy Rufus, thank you @harkasquirrel and @wallysmommy for this very informative and important list. Mr. Puma is still new to the train wreck that is Jill Rod and only hears about me mentioning her in passing. I'll have to show him this and it will give him a lot more clarity.

Oh Free Jinger-I came for the Duggars but stayed for the crazy.

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I'm really torn about my top ten.

I mean yes, as a single incident, the absolute worst thing that Jill has ever done was the Henry funeral debacle. Hands down, no contest.

But is one (admittedly horrendous) episode of behaviour worse than the ongoing, consistent, daily abuses she perpetrates? On her children, on Amy? No snark here, genuinely find this a toughie...


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Bad Wolf

This is difficult.

1.  Henry funeral

2. Letting children ride without seat belts, or assigning 2 kids to one belt.

3. Not feeding children adequately, but having plenty of snacks for herself and David.

4. Not educating them so that they can make their way in the world.

5. Teaching them to judge others.

6.  Letting them treat their younger siblings like dolls (Sophia in the box.)

7. Making them sing for their supper, including the awful song about Amy.

8. Sending Tim to school without food or enough money for books.

9. Spending money on trips to take Tim to school, having him fly home for Thanksgiving, then visiting him over spring break. Not bad for someone she was only going to see again in heaven.

10.  making her kids spend their money to pamper her.

11.  Eleventy, Snuggles.

There really were too many choices, so I decided just to concentrate on the children.

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Waffle Time

so far, the universal #1 item is the Henry funeral, and i agree with it too.  i haven't compiled my own two-through-ten yet, but i do wonder how Jill truly feels about the funeral aftermath.  even her own social media contacts condemned her behavior.  if she thinks about it now when she's alone with her thoughts, is she truly so without remorse or self-awareness that she has no regrets and believes everyone else to still be wrong?  she'll never own it publicly, but what's in the darkest corners of her brain?

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1. Henry funeral

2. blanket/cage/box training (remember when the little girl was put in the box and she didn't say a peep? scary)

3. abysmal education

4. teaching the kids to grift for a living and teaching them they are entitled because of Jesus

5. Pearls are better role models (which includes modeling working for a living)

6. The girl's car accident and then go-fund me

7. Everything around Amy's accident, the go fund me (that at the time we wondered if any went JIlly - administrative fee ya know), the funeral for living Amy, the way she talks about Amy now and the baby shower in the hospital

8. Date nights/weekends and the kids get one less chicken leg

9. KOA incident

10. the horrible hostage,  I mean, testimony videos about modesty and then teaching the kids to be uppity about modesty. 

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