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Most Americans would not know how to pronounce gaol.  It's just not a word we ever see.

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On 6/6/2019 at 6:33 PM, zeebaneighba said:

Most Americans would not know how to pronounce gaol.  It's just not a word we ever see.

Which is why I blamed the British "Pilgrims and Prophets Christian Heritage" tour guides for Ted's pronunciation boo-boo.  https://pilgrimsandprophets.co.uk/about-us/They should have dropped Ted a hint that John Bunyan was imprisoned in a jail.




Spelled "gaol" by those weird Brits.

Not a goal.



I'm sure Ted's followers are a bit surprised Bunyan didn't just walk out of the goal and write Pilgrim's Progress in the comforts of his own home. ;)

Ted is now in Zurich, Switzerland and eating at MacDonald's.  Of course.  I forgot he was going to convert the Swiss too. 

He had a whirlwind tour of England.  I quite enjoyed his photos of London.  Not so much his commentary in multiple videos.

 He pontificated from John Newton's pulpit, visited Bunyan's actual grave, mentioned John Wesley (only a Methodist), paid homage to Spurgeon at the Metropolitan Tabernacle ...

Smithfield - here's where the burning stakes would have been.  This is where Anabaptists were murdered by "Bloody Mary."  He really gets off on martyrdom.

And then to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard.  The Queen is wearing pink today.  He seems to like the Queen.

Juxtaposed with:



NEWGATE PRISON location / Baptist liberty was passed on through the bars of this prison written in milk on paper, deciphered by firelight, & conveyed to the new world. There it would make its way into the BLOODY TENET, Ill NEWS FROM NEW ENGLAND, the Colonial Rhode Island charter of 1663, and ultimately into our Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Their suffering was not in vain unless we forget, take it for granted, and let it slip away. I pray that we would all be willing to pay a price for our religious liberty.


Huh? Oh, well.

And on to the Tower.  Ted informs us that all the kings and queens of England resided there for about 500 years.  Up to James II, he claims.  Not so much, Ted.  The Tudors mostly used it as a prison.


Religious dissenters, and true criminals, were buried under the floor of this building. Many of the people whose remains have been discovered were missing their heads!

Imagine that.  He really gets off on torture.  He's only interested in dissenters and not in the rest of the history.  Ted, your wife and daughter might have enjoyed the Crown Jewels.  But instead you spend all your time in the torture chamber.  

Lambeth Palace and Lollards Tower.  More muddled history.   

And back to Westminster Abbey.  He thinks it is in Westminster City.  Westminster Abbey is only important because of its connection to KJV 1611.

God moves in mysterious ways on the Tube.  


You meet the strangest people on the London tube. Met a missionary we support-Wayne Grissom, when he gave up his seat for my wife. I know that there is a God in heaven. Who knows how many tens of thousands of people rode that same train yesterday and yet the Lord put us in the exact car on the exact train, keep in mind this train runs all day, every four minutes!!! I turned and said “thank you sir my wife gets quite claustrophobic,” to which he responded “are you from Texas?” LOL 

LOL.  He just called Wayne Grissom strange!

The statue of Cromwell outside Parliament.  "Interestin' fella." 


O. Cromwell / Revolutionary / Anabaptist & Baptist connection

Ted says that "reputable historians" claim that half of old Olly's supporters were Anabaptists.  He's really not enthused by Olly, especially compared to other Fundies who love him.  It's because Cromwell was put in power by Anabaptists but then wasn't nice enough to them when he became Lord Protector. Or so Ted says.


Three years ago I finally wrote a book about the persecuted people of God from my Father’s homelands. I had studied them for twenty years. 
In four days I will get to visit the Cottian Alps for the first time. This will be the highlight and last part of my Baptist history research trip! To say that I’m excited would be an understatement!

Bless his heart.

And he's off to Zurich.  To stand in front of a monument commemorating a "murderous villain" by the name of Huldrych Zwingli.

Sadly, "Christian" universities (and Ted uses that word loosely) bring tours here to lecture about this sinner, but fail to mention what he did in "murdering our Anabaptist forefathers" in the river.

Um, OK.  Here's what Wikipedia says about that. 


But Ted needs comfort food after all that traumatic revisionist history.  


McDonalds in Switzerland. I finally like this place???



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On 5/13/2019 at 1:00 AM, Palimpsest said:

He was burned at the stake, poor man, while trying to recant for a second time.  He had been "well scorched" at previous attempted execution. 

Pretty sure the church had a "one chance" policy (at least in the period ~900s-1600s) - if you were found to have returned to your previously determined to be heretical beliefs after one recantation you were executed.  Quite a few branches of the church handed the execution duty to secular officials as well - one way of keeping your hands "clean". 

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Ted is now in Milan.  @Italiangirl and @laPapessaGiovanna, beware (although I don't think he is near either of you).


Excited to be preaching in Milan, Italy this morning. This is my father’s homeland. Our name was Delasandro. When my Grandpa arrived from the Abruzzia region, east of Rome, as a little boy, the Italians could not find work in the coal region of eastern Pennsylvania. My great grandfather decided to change our name to Alexander, an Americanized version of Delasandro. 
I’ve always desired to preach in, and visit Italy. Praise God, He opened the doors for me to be here!

And the Baptist Society likes Ted's position on Zwingli.  Reformed Baptist = SO BAD THEY ARE CATHOLIC!  I always love it when Fundies declare war on  each other.  Apparently relations haven't improved at all  since 1527.




Please share the Zwingli video tweets if you stand with us again Catholic-reformed theology, and see the blindness of those who even call themselves Baptist, but through sheer ignorance, are enthralled with the Reformers and their Catholic theology.


Oh, and Ted is reposting ugly-anti-immigrant and ugly-anti-choice stuff, but that is too predictable to be worth my comments.


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Un miss him for short, if i was visiting my Grandma in Cremona would be around an hour far from him. Never been soo glad to have to work in the summer. Also the region is Abruzzo and i think (i'm preatty sure actually) their name was D'Alessandro (is like of Alessandro meaning the first of the family was called Alessandro). Ugh i really can't stand him! ?


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3 hours ago, Italiangirl said:

Un miss him for short, if i was visiting my Grandma in Cremona would be around an hour far from him. Never been soo glad to have to work in the summer. Also the region is Abruzzo and i think (i'm preatty sure actually) their name was D'Alessandro (is like of Alessandro meaning the first of the family was called Alessandro). Ugh i really can't stand him! ?


Me neither. If you're going to boast your Italian origins at least check the spelling of the two Italian words you're writing!

Btw we don't need hate preachers here, we already have the Vatican and Salvini, we are suffering more than our fair share.

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Uuh don't let me start on Salvini I could rave the entire day, and he is getting his ego so big now that he won again last Sunday in many city....gosh I don't see how this could end well. The M5S is week and fragment and useless, the left is basically a joke...and he is getting more and more votes scaring people. I'm so sick of all this hate speaking, but for now I don't see an ending 

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He finally likes this place when he gets to eat McDonald’s. Yuck. 

I lived in Antalya, Turkey, with a former friend, and Antalya is full of restaurants of every price range, with amazing fresh ingredients and every chef I met took great pride in their culinary arts. My house mate would go to McDonald’s frequently, for a ‘treat’. Yuck. 

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Europe may relax.  Bro. Ted the Evangelist is now winging his way back across the Pond and will be converting Detroit on Saturday.

He had the bestest time in the Cottian Alps wallowing in what he loves most.  Torture, persecution, and DEATH.

Lots of pretty pictures of mountains interspersed with gross images and multiple videos where Ted yammered on about the Waldesians, Waldenses, Vaudois -- they are all the same thing.  I didn't watch all the videos but Ted has written a book all about them.

The Waldenses Of Whom The World Was Not Worthy : A Sober Disquisition on the Persecucuted People of God

Yes, the title has a typo on the Kindle version.  I wasn't going to spend $7.99 on a Kindle version but, in the interest of inquiry, I downloaded a free sample.

He wrote it in 3 weeks, sometime in 1995, while not intoxicated.  Really, Ted.  The word you want is somber not sober.

It is not really a book.  It's just a long essay.  Approximately 113 pages of twaffle in very Victorian high-falutin' language.  Practically unreadable.  Ted thinks it fills a gap because not many Baptist Christians these days read long books.  He's read 60 books about the Waldesians.  Some of them are "jewels" on "the author's" bookshelf.

"If at any time this book is critiqued as if it were an attempt at being a comprehensive history, may it here be communicated once again that this was in no way the intention of the author.  This book, in reality, is simply a broad yet moderate glimpse into a universe of available Waldensian history.  May the dissenting historians and brethren be merciful on this point."

OK.  I will be merciful  It is mercifully short.  And it has footnotes!  But may this sistren point out that your history is rather wonky, Ted.

His main points are:  

  • The Waldenses were descended from people who were directly ministered to by apostles.  Therefore, they are apostolic. 
  • And Trail of Blood. 
  • Links in the right type of Baptist chain, unbroken to the days of the First Church!
  • They predate Peter Waldo.  Dammit, they do too!
  • They were not Calvinists.  Eleventy!!!!!111111111!!!!!!!!!
  • They were persecuted.  This one is true.


Bye, Ted.  

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