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Traveling to Iceland

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Mr. Butt and I have the opportunity to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland next May (2020). I thought I read somewhere that Iceland requires travelers to have medical insurance. We have medical insurance here in the states, but it doesn't cover us internationally. If anyone is in Iceland, or has traveled there from the US, can you offer any advice? What I am needing to know is this: Does Iceland require insurance and how much? What will the weather be like in May? What to definitely see and what can be passed up? 

I am currently researching purchase of a Travel Medical Policy that will cover us in Iceland and also transport us back to the states if necessary. 

One last thing, can someone send be the official Iceland Tourist Board website? I can't seem to find it...lol. 

Thanks everyone. 

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I am so jealous! Not sure which sites you have found, but these are the ones I've just been drooling over:

Inspired by Iceland - the official tourism site

Gateway to Iceland - the official guide to Iceland

Visit Reykjavik - Official city site

Ferdamalastofa -Icelandic Tourism Board

Department of Tourism

Guide to Iceland - I got sucked in by the "9 worst tourist traps in Iceland" article. Iceland has tourist traps?! A lot of them look remarkably familiar...

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Posted (edited)

@OzlsnThank you for these sites. I will be reading over them. Especially the worst tourist traps. I am a sucker for stupid stuff...lol.

I appreciate your help. 

ETA; Just read the stupid stuff and then went down the rabbit hole on other crazy stuff. I won't be doing any of those. But I do like to see stuff other people think is silly or goofy. Thinking about the worlds largest ball of yarn or something of the sort....lol. 

Edited by Chickenbutt

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