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Melatonin nightmares - do they go away?

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Dr prescribed me melatonin because I can’t sleep and we can’t figure out why. Nothing is bothering me, I’m not anxious or depressed - just awake. Daylight savings changed recently so it could be the culprit.

Among other side effects, the nightmares are really bothering me. Do they go away? Should I persevere? Tonight will be my 7th dose and I really don’t like it, I think I’d rather be awake all night. 

Edit: I still wake during the night when I take it, but unlike before I can now fall back asleep. So it is working to some extent. But which is the lesser of two evils?

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...I saw this. I have, well, all the "things" in the mental illness departments so am familar with the vast assortment of sleeping products natural, otc, prescribed, "addictive" - what have you.

All that to say - nothing is like the dream situation I experienced with melatonin. And when I said this to my rn she did not seem shocked and was okay with leaving that off the table. So, if you, as a person in self-described, normal spirits are having issues with it... I might ask for another option. They exist.

Doctors do tend to start with the less addictive things. But you are in good shape..so with luck, you can find your way back to restful sleep. Tell the truth.

Your objective is a solid period of REM sleep.  Waking up and shaking off unpleasantness sucks.

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18 minutes ago, adidas said:

Thanks @Alice in Fundieland I will go back and see if there is another alternative. Really appreciate your input. 


You know...on the natural front. I do advocate cutting all caffeine after 3 (definitely 5) and currently I have taken to drinking a cup of tea with my nightime meds.

I like two bags of extrastrength Sleepytime tea from celestial seasonings. Seems to give me a bump. Valerian tea is also good. But, it smells unforunate. You’ll find that with the capsules as well. You might try that little ritual with whatever pill you take. 

If you do tea. There are several nighty night blends out there. Two bags! 


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I’ll see if I can find that brand of tea, thanks - I do have one but happy to try something new. Do you mean two bags in the one cup? Bathroom calms in the middle of the night are an issue when I have too much to drink before bed!

i am sooo caffeine sensitive - one cup of coffee when I wake up is all I’m doing at the moment. 

I didn’t take the melatonin last night - no night mares! But my day started at 4.10am gah!

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