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Kendra & Joe Part 12: Another day, Another Duggar on the Way

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43 minutes ago, Eponine said:

I feel silly asking this since I've been around FJ basically forever, but what exactly is a "Prayer Warrior"? I always imagine it as someone praying for wars, or maybe just constantly praying? What does that mean??

The church I used to attend had a prayer warrior group in the older ladies Sunday School class. They were ladies who you could contact when you really needed someone to pray for whatever you’re going through, good or bad. They were women in the church who were known for having a strong faith and it made a lot of people feel better when one of those women were praying for you. 


@FrozenSmile looks like we had the same thought at the same time! 

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45 minutes ago, Eponine said:

I feel silly asking this since I've been around FJ basically forever, but what exactly is a "Prayer Warrior"? I always imagine it as someone praying for wars, or maybe just constantly praying? What does that mean??

I think there's some variance by denomination/belief system. It's not a fundie specific term and a more mainstream Christian would likely have a very different definition. 

In my more mainstream church it's less spiritual warfare focused and more praying fervently in an intercessory (spelling?) Nature. Like praying for God to intercede in the life if someone who is suffering. Or for a country in turmoil. It was always more heavily focused on praying for something positive as opposed to against something negative. 

Again that's much more mainstream and the *what* will likely vary. I think the main definition would be more around someone who prays fervently and often and likely "well" (ie comfortable praying out loud etc) and or someone who identifies with the spiritual gifts of prayer and or intercession.

@FrozenSmile and @JanasTattooParlor both explained this so much more succinctly than I did.

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While I cannot stand the title Prayer Warrior (seems like a contradiction in terms to me), I am one at my Anglican church.



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It seems that the “prayer warrior” thing blew up in the mid-2000s, probably due to its use in Republican political rhetoric which you can read about on Wikipedia. It was in use before that, though. See also the fundie movie War Room. Kendra called it her favorite movie in a CO episode; evidently the Caldwell family is really into this concept.

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