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Slur-spewing terrorists open fire on biracial children

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I hope these two racist fuck sticks go away for a long time.


A pair of white Florida men have been arrested after shooting at and shouting racial slurs at two biracial children — and claimed that they did so because they thought the kids were on meth.

Orlando’s WFTV reported that James Reidnauer and Brent van Besien were arrested in the city of Leesburg on hate crime charges after shooting at the 16 and 12-year-old brother and sister on March 17.

According to the report, the men confronted the children on a trail owned by a nearby church as they were walking to a convenience store to buy candy.

“Deputies said Reidnauer and van Besien fired at least two shots — one near the girl’s foot and one in the air — before shouting slurs at the biracial children,” WFTV reported, adding that both were uninjured and able to run home.


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https://www.thedailybeast.com/james-robert-reidnauer-brent-van-besien-fired-shots-shouted-slurs-at-biracial-kids-cops-say Here is an even more detailed account of what happened .  From the article  


" In a police interview, Reidnauer said a “brown guy and a white girl”—whom he described as “meth heads” in their 20s or 30s—were “walking around through the area” and “acting suspiciously,” the affadavit said. The two men insisted they believed the children were trying to break into a house.  Van Besien, who denied using a shotgun, described the two children as “a black or brown guy and a white girl,” though the responding deputy wrote in the report that “he then changed his story saying he never actually got a good look at the people because he was quite a distance away.”  So , they claimed both that they didn't get a good look at the adolescents , and that they thought that they were home invaders . Sounds contradictory to me . 

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