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Sherry Shriner Cult Caused Murder


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I had never heard of the Sherry Shriner cult but it is being used as a defence in a murder trial.


A woman accused of killing her boyfriend has blamed an alien cult in court. Barbara Rogers allegedly shot Stephen Minero in the head in July 2017 after the pair had been drinking at a nearby bar in Coolbaugh Township, near Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. The 42-year-old told police that the pair were members of an online cult, led by “Sherry Shriner”, which believed in aliens and impending Armageddon, WNEP reports.

Rogers claimed the cult had turned against her boyfriend. She claimed that when they got home from the bar, he produced a .45-caliber handgun, put it to his head, wrapped her hands around it and told her to pull the trigger. Rogers said she didn’t know the gun was loaded.

Investigators say she rang 911 and said: “My boyfriend had a gun. Oh my God, he’s dead.”

Prosecutors have called a number of witnesses, including a firearms expert. Rogers declined a plea deal on third-degree murder that carries a sentence of 10-15 years. Sherry Shriner is a published author who believes that a "New World Order" featuring aliens, using the internet, and zombies is working to take over the world. A Christian, her beliefs are rooted in the Bible. She defended herself in a number of posts after Minero’s death in 2017. According to the UK Mirror, she wrote: “I warned Stephen she was a Super Soldier who would kill him and move on… but I’m the ‘false prophet’. "Perhaps he finally figured her out...but it was too late for him”.

As a defence it's certainly... interesting.

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There’s a show called “The devil You Know” on Vice and it’s about Sherry Shriner’s cult. You learn some stuff about Sherry. Of course she was one of the early students at Liberty university and was raised in a fundamentalist family in Ohio. Which makes sense to me. I feel like so many cult leaders learn a lot from fundamentalist upbringings that can be used to their advantage in starting their own cults. Sherry lives in the middle of nowhere Ohio and I know a few people in that small town. It’s major trump country and conspiracy theories already seem to be acceptable in that culture. Now I don’t think a lot of people in the town actually follow Sherry. They think she’s gone too far. But it’s a place that definitely buys into the election being fixed and the pandemic being overblown. So she sort of fits in even though her cult followers are mostly online and all over the US. 

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