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So sorry, Ellie!

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@Piper, we had a Cocker-Lab cross once.  We found Abby and her sister in our backyard early one summer morning when out Lab started barking at the pups.  I don't know if someone saw them in the road and placed them in the yard or what, but we have a fenced yard.   We gave her sister away, but I would not let my husband take Abby to the pound.  We pretty much knew where the puppies came from but we were not about to give them back.  These fundie asshole neighbors of ours had gone on vacation and left the mama dog and her puppies outside in July.  

 Abby was named after Abigail Adams and was a real sweetheart.  I'd take her with me on the runs to school.  I remember covering her ears when we were listening to Undaunted Courage on Radio Reader when the book talked about Native Americans eating dogs.  Abby was a real sweetheart who unfortunately loved to chase cars.  

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@Piper can you post a pic if it is not too much to ask? Loved to see such a pup!

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On 3/20/2019 at 10:35 AM, Granwych said:

So, apparently Ellie is gestating her first litter.  I had so fervently hoped  that the Maxwell Backyard Bad Breeders would never become a reality.  

In the meantime, Grampwych and I are anxiously waiting calls from the vet.  Our little Maltese was diagnosed as diabetic and is an inpatient until his blood glucose levels get stabilized.I

Hugs to everyone who gives their pets the love and care they deserve.

I love this guy so very much however I want to wake him up every time he starts to fall asleep. He does that to me so maybe he should know what it feels like😉. I’m also thinking about begging for his food next time he is eating because once again  he should know how annoying he can be. 


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13 minutes ago, onekidanddone said:

I love this guy so very much


Ah! He looks like he could be siblings with the kitty I found a few months ago (no chip, no collar, put info on lost pet sites, and left info at shelters, but no one claimed him).




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Here is a picture of our cocker/chihuahua. Such a wonderful dog.


Funny you mentioned your lab/cocker cross. We also rescued one, and had her until before her 15th Birthday. One of the most laid back dogs we have ever owned. She looked just like a black golden retriever, except she had very fluffy feet. 


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On 4/9/2019 at 5:21 AM, ViolaSebastian said:

A dauchsund/Pitbull mix. I’m in hysterics again, even looking for the photo to show you guys. 


oh my lord I cant breathe thats so funny hahaha. My aunt had a corgi x german shepherd. It looked almost full shepherd but had the shortest legs... hilarious stuff

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