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Gregory Dow, Missionary Wanted For Rape

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I searched but didn't find any prior posts about him. Dow was convicted of sexual assault of his daughter in the 90s. He and his 2nd wife opened an orphanage in Kenya in 2006. He fled Kenya after a warrant was issued for his arrest for the rape of girls under his care.  His wife was arrested for child cruelty for forcing tween and teen girls to get birth control implants. Their church is of course standing by their side. 




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Thanks for posting this.  I hadn't heard about this.  I did find a site referring to, I believe, the sending church and Doug Lamb (mentioned in the article, who apparently shrugged off the accusations).   I wonder where the Dows have disappeared to?


“They fundraised for them to go to Africa knowing well that Dow was a registered sex offender. This is like putting a child in a candy store. I spoke with Doug Lamb before Greg and Mary Rose went to Kenya. Doug dismissed me as if I was trying to cause trouble,” she said. “Why would he as a pastor encourage them to go, gather support for them, support them financially?”

Lifegate - Elizabethtown

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A poster on another forum that I am on posted about it. She is apparently a relative and completely in denial about Mary Rose doing anything wrong. The mental gymnastics some people turn. I found the news article and was once again disgusted. 

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I hope Dow and his wife can be extradited back to Kenya to stand trial.  What a scumbag.  

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