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UPS Workers Sue Over Racial Discrimination


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Looks like it's now UPS's turn in the PR disaster barrel


Nineteen workers at United Parcel Service are suing their employer, alleging that management at its Maumee distribution hub “enabled, tolerated, and purposefully promoted and encouraged” a culture of racism there that led to racist acts and discriminatory employment decisions.

The lawsuit, which was filed late Wednesday in Lucas County Common Pleas Court, seeks injunctive relief to halt the discrimination, plus compensatory damages exceeding $25,000 as well as unspecified punitive damages to deter future unlawful conduct.

In the 46-page lawsuit, the plaintiffs cite racists acts that reportedly occurred since 2016, including a July, 2016, incident in which an employee at the Maumee facility was fired after hanging a noose in the workplace then posting an image of it on Facebook.

Other recent incidents occurring in 2016 are listed, including the white employees making hanging gestures, offensive racial language and texts toward black employees, racially charged remarks about Ku Klux Klan meetings, displaying of confederate flags, and the placing of a stuffed monkey wearing a UPS uniform in an area where black employees were working. 

And of course UPS is about to learn the hard way that all that stuff about equality, respect, not being racists, etc isn't a bunch of feel good horseshit, but stuff they're actually expected to live up to.

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