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Counting On Season 8/9/10 3: Another Wedding, Another Ms. Renee Dress

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Hey friends! Let's keep the raid talk here

 That way no one misses any dirt! Happy digging!

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23 hours ago, MoonFace said:

There comes a time in life when you don't care how they look as long as they feel good. 

I still care how my shoes look but they must feel good also, it's possible for the two to coexist.

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That is, without a doubt, the most penis-y sandcastle I have ever seen.  I mean, if you set out to build an actual sand penis, I don't know that you could have done a better job.  Plus, where it is pl

But Mizzzzzz Reneeee is such a wizzzzard she can pull off any and all alterations in the HOT MINUTE that is the lead up to whichever wedding it is! She is willing to to hack together all the brides wi

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I got my learner's permit at 14 in Alaska over 20 years ago, and there was no driver's ed beyond my dad taking me to the Fred Meyer parking lot at night. I could have gotten an unrestricted license at 16, but I wouldn't have had a car to use and I didn't really see the point. I could walk or hitchhike almost anywhere I wanted to go, and the boys with cars were happy to take girls places too.

I basically only got a real social life when I was 15 and started having friends who had their own cars; the independence of having a semi-private space to hang out in groups without adult supervision was a game changer. I get that it's better for safety to only let teens have one other person in the car, but I really wonder where kids go for this kind of space now. 

I only got my license after high school because I moved to LA and had to drive from Burbank to Orange County and back every day---that was a whole different world. 

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5 hours ago, NakedKnees said:

Of course this is all anecdotal. I feel like people talk about Los Angeles like you really need a car to get around, and I would rather not live there without a car, but public transit does exist in much of it too. 

I visited a friend in LA many years ago. She lived pretty close to downtown LA (shared a one bedroom apartment with three or four other people) and they were all really concerned about how I was going to see anything since I didn’t have a car and they all worked during the day. 

A quick google search later I could tell them there was a bus stop right outside their house where you could easily take the bus pretty much anywhere you wanted to go. They had never taken the bus. They did have an interesting way to fit four cars in two parking spaces though. 

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I got my driver's license on my 16th birthday and also got a car then. It was my entire birthday and Christmas gift that year and it was a 12 year old car which my parents spent about $2500 on. I played school sports August-March and there was no school bus after practice was over at 5:30 each weekday, so it meant a huge time savings for my parents. I also worked both a full-time job the summer I turned 16 as well as another 4-12 hours a week refereeing sand volleyball. Neither would have been possible without a car. Still, it was very generous and a huge privilege which many didn't have.

I grew up in a middle & working class area in St. Louis and I'd say over half my friends got cars while we were in high school. No one had anything at all nice though! And many friends contributed financially or paid outright for their vehicles.

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When I turned 17 I drove my mother’s car for 5 months. Then I got a 1991 Jeep limited. This was in 1997 so it was a used car. I loved that car & I drove it till 2003 when I got my Jeep Liberty. I just gave up that car this past July and it was so hard for me to give it up. I was raised in a well off area of New Jersey most of my classmates either used cars & a few got brand new cars. 

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Where I grew up, most people either bought or had use of a car in high school. Unless you were rich, siblings usually shared cars, which often meant dropping one off at work, driving with a parent and leaving keys, biking to work, etc. When I was in college not as many people had cars, though more did as I got closer to graduation. Living on campus or nearby, you can get by without one, especially if you can bake (homemade cookies=people lining up to drive you). Where I grew up, it's difficult for teenagers to work without a car, but only the rich kids had new cars. Most of us it was either an old beater or our parents had an old car that they let us drive rather than getting rid of (for minimal money) when they decided it wasnt reliable and it was time to upgrade. I know many kids who got stranded with a car that wouldn't start or had funky restrictions on what their car could do (though I might win that contest...lol)

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I couldn't wait to save up for a car. I ended up lucking out because I bought my brother's first car and finished paying it off a couple months after turning sixteen and getting a job. For me I could finally go where I want, do what I wanted and not have to wait for someone to give me a ride or beg my brother for weeks before he finally gave in and took me where I wanted to go or take the bus. Then he'd try to rush me through or have to remember times when the bus left. I could finally go to Barnes and Noble or Borders (when it still was in business) and spend hours looking through books, reading and picking out books. I could drive to my best friend's house who lived clear across town. She had the same problem. It was great! It was also great that I bought my brother's car since he ended up replacing everything inside, fixing it up and tinting the windows. He was the kind to fix up cars or trucks until there was nothing left to do then get bored and sell them and start all over again (well until his son was born). We both laughed two years ago when I sold him my car. Not the same one I had sold it and bought a jeep years ago but since I can't drive and he needed a new car. It made sense to sell it to him.

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My grandparents got me a car second semester senior year. I took the bus until that point. It also allowed me to work more without needing to be shuttled. I think an incentive for them was that I was planning to go to college and needed something to drive. I never asked or expected them to get me a vehicle. It was an older model Honda they purchased from another older couple who'd only put 3k miles on it in the decade they'd owned it - a true unicorn vehicle. That Honda lasted forever and ever. Mid-college, I ended up switching vehicles with my dad who was doing a 90min work commute. He took my Honda and I ended up with our family vehicle which was a Ford Expedition. That was such a random car for a single 20-something, but I wasn't driving much at all save to go home or a couple miles here and there for food/errands at the time. It made more sense for him to have the fuel efficient Honda and for me to have the gas guzzler. 

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My parents bought a new car every 3 years.  My dad had a company car so they only needed one, and as soon as it was paid off they would sell it and buy a new one.  My dad is that guy that has to have all the new sparkly things and has to have them 1st.  My parents were also very proud of the fact that for about 3 years they had the most expensive house in town. :pb_rollseyes: Oh yes we were raised with things, lots and lots of things. and that was about it. 

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You guys--I had to take the bus SENIOR YEAR! (Weird confession, I found waiting for and riding the school bus wildly relaxing and still have dreams where my work has set up a school bus system and I get to ride it again). 

We lived on the rural fringes of a suburb and that part did suck. I had to hitch a ride with my friends or just not go anywhere. 

I paid my mom 2k for her old minivan when I was 20 and drove it until I was 29. Now I drive the same 2007 Ford Focus I bought at 29. Can you tell I'm not a car person? Saved me a ton of damn money though. 

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My mom saved and got me a truck for my 16th birthday for $2,000. She got it from a friend and got a good deal because it was a standard transmission and they were having trouble selling it lol. I had to learn to drive it, but it was a blast. My mom had similar incentives to others mentioned - not having to ferry me around and allowed me to work more hours. I also left high school before I turned 17, so that truck got me to college as well. We sold it and split the money when I moved overseas and then I used her car when I moved back. I lived in the California Bay Area, so public transport was pretty good. When my mom passed away I inherited her Honda CRV and I fully intend to drive it until it falls apart. Over 260,000 miles so far! 

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I guess I wrote this more about my mom than sharing my driving experience. I miss her and like talking about her on here.
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When I was 16, we had two cars in my family- one for my dad to get to work and one for my mom. Dad would bicycle in warmer weather since his job wasn't far from our house. my high school did not have an activities bus, so when I had an after-school activity, which was most nights, I was responsible for taking Dad to work so I could use his car. Mom was able to pick him up after work.

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Counting On – Episode 6

“To Grandmothers House we Go”

WARNING – this is officially THE most boring and contrived episode EVER.  Holy flashbacks and I don’t even know the point of anything that happens.


Joken are vacationing with Kendra’s family.  They start out by passing around the ham (so much for that “no pork” thing.

They discuss that this is the first time they’re vacationing with the baby.  The family has gone 6 years and they had to convince Joe to come because he doesn’t like the water (and what’s in it).

They pack up and Kendra explains that they have “modesty standards” but this year they found exercise material.

Flashback to the “wholesome swimwear” days of the duggars.

They arrive at the beach, Kendra’s mom is visibly pregnant and has to be helped to the spot on the beach.  She’s 28 weeks and “struggles” because she was in a car accident with Kendra.  She has premature contractions. 

Kendra and mom discuss that she was having contractions last night, 4 in 25 minutes.  Kendra talks about how hard labor was and what a good job she did. It’s nice “having a little while before the next one.”

Kendra TH – Since Garett we have a lot more to talk about. I love asking her how to do things.  She’s done is 7 times.

They discuss having a newborn, each month has new challenges but its fun having him.

They head out to pick teams to build a sandcastle.  Kendra thinks “daddy” and Joe are equally competitive.

They’re going to build sandcastles and whoever has the “tallest” or “highest” wins.  You can use sand or water and the goal is not “biggest” but the “tallest.”  There is a 30 minute limit and the winner gets to bury the loser’s leader in sand.

They dump water on sand, making a big pile.

14 minutes in and its formless and knee high.  Daddy is kicking butt.


The sand is stuck in the buckets… Kendra notes that theirs is “squatty and not as tall.”

They lose badly.  Joe notes that it was a “sand tower.”

They bury Joe in the sand.


Kendra thinks the family vacation went really well and well “probably definitely want to come back next year.”

YOU GUYS! THIS IS THE END RESULT.  Get your minds out of the gutter! 



JinJer are going to visit Jeremy’s parents and then his grandparents.  Its felicity’s first time being in the NE and seeing his family.

Challenges traveling with baby – mobility, we can’t go wherever whenever.  We need all her crap and have to stop to feed her.  Jeremy can’t imagine traveling with 19 kids

Flashback to 2008 traveling with the duggars.

Boob reminds us that they had to run

Jessa reminds us that they lost Jackson

Flashback to Jana comforting Jackson after he got lost

On the plane, Jeremy “works” Jinger texts while holding the baby.


On the way to the Philippeans

Jabbie, Carinna and Maggie are headed to Shang hai from LAX and then to Manilla. 

JD explains that it’s about 24 hours.  This is Abbie’s longest flight and is excited about their first mission trip.

They land in Manilla (weeks before the wedding).  JD explains that Abbie always wanted to go on medical missions but didn’t have the opportunity.  Their parents had dinner together and JD suggested the trip to the Philippeans and she was “just another nurse”, “just a number” who turned into a wife.

JD – going on this trip together helped us see how we can help others with our skills god gave us.

Abbie – I’m a nurse and licensed for a year.  I was inspired when my grandparents got sick.  I love taking care of people. I left my job a couple of months ago to plan the wedding. I hope to go back one day to keep up my skills.  It was kind of a hard decision leaving my job but it’s what I was supposed to do.  John would support me getting a job once we settle into Arkansas

JD – I support Abbie keeping up her license and serving others.

JD selfie cam – we’re spreading the gospel

Abbie – we set up medical clinics, dentist, wound care, observation to see how the hospital flows.

JD – I enjoyed seeing her in her element and seeing that side of her heart.

PA – Jeremy’s Parents House

Jeremy reminds us that they’re at his parents’ house. 

They discuss that they were sitting at the same table telling them that they were expecting.

Flashback to them telling his parents they’re prego.

Jeremy – it’s pretty crazy to think that the little shoes were a birth announcement and now they’re on her feet.

They all agree to go bring the baby to see her great grandma. 

Jinger reminds us  that they’re going to see his grandparents… and Jeremy’s friends are coming to surprise him.



Michelle cracks a bucket of eggs.  J’boys snag turkey bacon which looks nasty and dry.

JD TH – most duggars get their driving permits at 14

Flashbacks to Jackson being born, growing up… J’kids pretty much eulogize him. 

Boob reminds us they needed a pillow to prop Josiah up.  Flashbacks to Josiah learning to drive.

Boob brags that no one has “wrecked” while he was giving them instruction.

Breakfast is served.


Jed/Jer remind us that they used to eat 36 eggs and pounds of bacon.

Flashbacks to Michelle in a frumpier touring the pantry.

These days they go through 24 eggs and 2 pounds of bacon.

Boob proposes that they “swing by” the police dept and Sgt Jennison will give pointers.   He’s seen a lot of wrecks.

They have 40 cars (their estimate) outside of their house.

Jackson has driven the van before but never with a cop.

Tyler gets in on the TH action.

Jackson – I’ve practiced backing up but not a 3 point turn.

Jana – the hardest part is the backseat drivers.

Jackson – it was nerve wracking pulling up because of how the space was angled and he was standing there watching. 

Jackson gets out and shakes Sgt’s hands.  He jokes that he has his ticket book with him.

Jed/Jer – police officers are great because they can critique because they tell you what they’re looking for.

They practice a 3 points turn in a parking lot.   Jackson is confused about backing up to the right because they don’t have a need for that on a farm.

They joke that he hit imaginary cars also parked in the lot.   The camera keeps count of all the imaginary crashes.


Jackson thinks he did fairly well.

They head to practice parallel parking.   J’kids get out to “help guide.”


Abbie tries “new authentic food.”  The worst thing she ate looked like leeks but it may have had meat.  It was the worst thing she ever put in her mouth.

They try chili ice cream and agree that its “hot.”


JD takes a huge bite.

They agree that the trip was “successful” and they’re headed back to the US.  They plan on doing lots of missions once they’re married.



Felicity arrives and Jinger hugs Jeremy’s grandmother.

Jeremy explains they had a close relationship growing up.  They are faithful and loving.

Grandma is adorable when she sees Felicity


She holds the baby and kisses her.  She jokes that Felicity is staying with her.  She meets great grandpa and smiles


Jinger – when grandma first saw her, she was so filled with joy. I remember the first time I met grandma I had the same welcome.

Flashback to Jinger meeting her

Jeremy – they’re in their 90s, its special for them to have a relationship with her.  Grandma was super elated to see felicity and she totally ignored me for like 5 minutes.  It was all baby.

Grandma – I knew he was there but the baby was the important one.

They head for lunch.  Jinger goes to the kitchen and sees the meatballs and lasagna.  Jeremy likes that they’re still cooking at their age.  Grandma won’t let them help make lunch.

Jeremy tries to sit in a chair and they joke it’s as old has he is. Jeremy explains that the kitchen is a time capsule and everything is the same.

Felicity meets Cousin Anna.

Jinger explains as Luis and Cara (Jeremy’s friends) show up.  No one knows they’re coming. 

The doorbell rings.


Cara and Luis and their kids ring the doorbell.  We see them walking into the house as Jeremy pretends to not see them through the window.  They greet each other and coo over felicity.

Jeremy reminds us of who Luis is and see pics of Jeremy playing soccer.  Flashbacks to Jeremy and jinger watching Luis play soccer.

Jinger loves Cara and thinks they can be friends.

We’re reminded of when they visited the Vuolos in Texas and they watched the kids at jinJer’s house.


Jeremy tells us that they just bought a house in the area but didn’t know they were coming

Jinger – Jeremy was completely shocked and had no idea.

Jeremy – having a child now lets us connect with them on a different level.

Jinger (talking to Cara) I’m starting to get in a routine but if I take on too much, if I have another kid it will be like AHHH.

Cara – it’s a lot to be home all day but it’s a lot to find playdates.

Jinger TH – it was sweet seeing the kids playing together, maybe it will be us in the near future.

They sit down for lunch and pray.  I’m not sure why the wimminz are banished to the side.


I’m very curious how there are enough place settings and food for the “surprise” extra 5 people.

Cara says it’s nice to finally have the legendary cooking and isnt it odd they had enough food for us??? Who are they cooking for, I guess it’s the “Italian way.”

Jeremy – it’s really surprising the paternal instinct, especially at night, to check on her.

They discuss that Felicity is the first grandchild.  It’s time for them to head back to Laredo tomorrow.


The wedding is coming up! They’re making a unity candle (badly)

Jana sets up the airplane hangar and the lights go out.

They head to the church for the wedding and we see a sparkly dress

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It’s nice that JD liked seeing Abbie ”in her element” as a nurse and that she wants to keep working. I assume it’s only until the babies start popping but still. Those two could probably actually do good if they went on missions. At least if they could keep the Jesus-talk to a minimum. 

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Looks like TLC is trying to make Kendra gag. I'll show myself to the prayer closet.

ETA, Abbie shouldn't have to quit her job to plan a wedding. Plenty of employed people plan weddings while working jobs... oh, wait a sec. Patriarchy! I'd like to see Abbie be a working wife, but we'll likely get a pregnancy announcement instead. *Yawn*

This show gets duller every week... Buzzard, you're a hero.

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I hate that Abbie said it was hard to quit her job but it was what she had to do. Had to do? Because of getting married? Any explanation on that? Also her vague going back to work "someday" leaves me feeling very disappointed. Not surprised, but disappointed. How many people thought she and JD would be different, but no I predict a pregnancy announcement from them before the first anniversary, and she won't go back to work. 

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4 minutes ago, neurogirl said:

I hate that Abbie said it was hard to quit her job but it was what she had to do. Had to do? Because of getting married? Any explanation on that? Also her vague going back to work "someday" leaves me feeling very disappointed. Not surprised, but disappointed. How many people thought she and JD would be different, but no I predict a pregnancy announcement from them before the first anniversary, and she won't go back to work. 

Maybe Iam wrong but I thought she had to quit since she was moving. Don't they live in Arkansas? I thought someone said she is now licensed in Arkansas so hopefully she will go back to work if that is what she wants to do. I do agree that it is more likely she wont work if she has a baby in the next year or so. Hopefully if it is something she enjoys she will continue to work, even if it is on a part time basis. 

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Abbie knows what leeks* are. She was already in the running to be my new favorite member of the Duggarverse, but the fact that she’s can identify “different” vegetables, and seemed excited about trying new foods, she’s a winner in my book (until she says something terrible, of course).

*I know a lot of people remember the proselytizing in Scotland part of the Duggars tour of the U.K., but the part that always pissed me off was the scene where they’d tried to figure out all the “funny sounding” foods. Like leek and potato soup.

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i thought abbie was cute in this episode! new and refreshing, compared to the rest of the duggars.....not that that's much, but....yeah. haha. i like that she emphasized her license and skills that she needs to keep up, that she very clearly loved her old job and it was one more bittersweet thing to leave "back home".

I too thought Jeremy's grandmother was adorable.

The driving plotline was dumb. hilarious how they seem to rotate through Dugglets to do "all about" THs for. I have this weird thing where if people are just jabbering on, I just watch them talk (how their expressions change/how their face moves/etc) rather than listen to what they're saying and for whatever reason, talking-Jackson's lower face resembles John's talking-face in particular, to me. (super interesting, Counting On, well done...)

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So did JinJer negotiate there own deal with the show and or network and/or production company? They have been featured in every episode this season for no reason other than Felicity is cute and poops. Lots of them have cute babies that poop and we don't see them as much. Maybe the others are filmed at the TTH more rather than at their own homes and doing activities with the others so we don't see segments that are just a couple with their baby like with JinJer. So it may seem more focused on them because they are separated from the rest and their segments are just about them. It also seems like the Caldwell's and the Swanson's are always at the TTH and mixing with the Duggars so I guess some other couples and their families get featured a lot just by being with the Duggars in Arkansas without it seeming like they are being specifically featured.

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Ms Lucy Fur

Not gonna lie; I got a little teary eyed when Grandma Vuolo held Felicity. 

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backyard sylph

 I feel gratified I recognized Jackson correctly in the preview. I have such a hard time telling some of them apart. 

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Grandma Vuolo was the shining star of this season episode. Adorable and loving and competent. There is a woman I would like to watch work magic in her kitchen. They should have canned the rest and had the whole show be about Grandma.

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      She got so much right, too.  I forget that sometimes.  Sometimes I remember and dismiss it out of spite.  
      “They did the best they could with the tools they had.”  I forgot where I first heard that but I’ve carried it with me like a mantra since my parents passed.   They truly did.  Whatever else was missing, whatever I needed that they couldn’t give, the love was always there.  

      That’s something.
      My confidence in my own abilities.  Faith in my own power.  My own strength.  They gave me that, too.
      That’s also something.  
      They’re why I’m messed up, but they’re also why I’m okay.  
      Shit’s complicated.
      She died before I figured out how smart she really was.  Sad thing is I don’t think ever figured that out for herself.  
      Ignore me - just crying in my car waiting to pick up my son.  

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