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Need Advice / Help with New Pharmacy

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I will first start with my medical history from the past few years:

About 10 years ago I suddenly had burning pain in by hips which made it hard for me to walk and what I all over pain which no doctor could diagnose. I went through an entire two years of multiple appointments with specialists and testing to get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I was referred to a pain management doctor within the hospital to help manage my symptoms and that worked for a while. I became addicted to to the pain medication (Partly because I abused it when I realized it not only helped with physical pain but numbed emotional pain from an abusive (sexually and physically) childhood. (I could not comprehend allowing people abuse my daughter's the way my mother allowed two men abuse me. She knew what was happening, witnessed some of it, but lied and pretended it didn't happen.)

So, after a couple of years I admit myself into rehab. My husband was simply amazing and supporting through the entire time when I thought he would divorce me the day I went to him in tears and told him I was assisted and thought I needed to go to rehab.  (He tells me "you came to me for help, why would I turn my back on you when you needed me most. I vowed through sickness and health, not just health.") I definitely got one of the good men in t h is world!

During rehab I had genetic / DNA testing and though that testing and an MRI it was decided I would benefit from taking Suboxone long term. (Suboxone is mostly used to assist addicts to get clean without the horrid withdrawals.) Through all the testing in rehab it was found that I have very low dopamine; Suboxone not only raises dopamine levels it also helps me with the chronic pain from fibromyalgia. I have taken this medicine for 8  years and have no doubt in my mind that if I'm taken off I will go right back to pain pills because I simply can't function with the level of pain I would be in. 

About 5 years ago I started having strange symptoms; legs going numb, short term memory loss, brain fog, dizziness, falling / tripping over my own two feet, etcetera. After a year of more testing and many doctors (and another MRI to compare with the one I had years earlier when I was in rehab) I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  I now take injections three times a week, suboxone twice a day, an antidepressant twice a day and a second antidepressant / anxiety pill once a day. I also take Adderall for the symptoms of the MS (helps me stay focused, keeps away the brain fog, and keeps me from falling so much. 

Now for what I needed help and advice with:

My husband recently started a new job (he drives 18 wheelers for the largest retail chain in the U.S. ) so we have to use their pharmacy if we want our medication covered under their insurance. I had my doctor send over the adderal script ten days ahead of the refill date. I figured since they gave me so much trouble filling my suboxone I knew they would call all three of my doctors again for this one, too. I called 10 days ago to make sure th received the script so they had enough time to confirm and I was assured they had it. I called again Thursday to make sure they had the approval from all three doctors, they said they did and it would be ready for me on the 10th. (Today.) I called again yesterday because the app on my phone showed the script was delayed and awaiting authorization so I called again. They assured me everything was fine and they received authorization form all three doctors. Today, I went to pick it up and I was told they had to order it because it was as out of stock! 

I simply can not understand. When I first went there a month ago with my other scripts I gave them all three doctors information, explained they were all affiliated with the same hospital so every doctor knows what the other is prescribing. This was done by design, by my request. Because I have so much going on with my health and with the addiction I need everyone on the same page, including the pharmacist. I think it's a smart decision so I'm not given medications that don't interact well; I have 15 year old (twin) daughter's and a husband whom all depend on me!  A stroke, heart attack, or any other adverse reaction would not be welcome.

Is this normal practice for a pharmacist? Wouldn't they have ordered my medicine over a week ago when it was sent to them and I called to confirm? I asked if another pharmacy (same store, different location) could fill it if they had it in stock but I was told no because it was an electronic prescription. Can someone with medical and pharmacy rules / laws help me understand this? I wonder if it's personal because this particular pharmacist told me I took too much medication and I didn't need it all. (This was without knowing my medical history or asking me any questions!)

I understand medical professionals have to be careful with advice given over the internet but if I could just have someone tell me if it's common for this to happen or point me in the right direction on what to do I would be grateful. 

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