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Breastfeeding Men

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I promise I have a good reason for posting this in this particular forum.

So a young woman in England has developed a system that will allow men to potentially lactate and be capable of nursing their children.  Her reasoning is, during a study of post-partum depression she discovered that many men feel a similar low at that same time.  Men tend to feel left out or that they lack a bond with their child and sometimes women have issues trying to breastfeed and the PPD just accelerates the frustration.  I could see where this could solve some early issues for the babies...latching, lack of lactation, etc.  Obviously there are a lot of opinions on both side of the coin.


I've read several MRA forums where the men feel offended that their children have or do prefer the mother or they are actually jealous about the fact that women alone get the experience of carrying and caring for a baby.  When they are bitching about all the perks that women have in life this is one that pops up very frequently.  Many of these men don't want a relationship or a woman in their life at all, they simply want a child.  

Well.  Here ya go guys!!  You want that opportunity?  You want to raise your child without the "hassle" of a woman?  It's finally becoming a possibility.  I would love to see how many of those assholes would actually be game for something like this.  

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