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Beauty School Dropout —Fix My Makeup


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Hey everyone! Post your makeup routine here to receive constructive feedback on products, technique, and problem areas. 


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For a long time, I pulled a JRod and bought my eyeliner at dollar stores. I stopped that a few years ago and now I mostly get a brand from Sally Beauty Supply called Palladio.  Still probably not the best out there, but I’ve had no problems with it. 

My daily routine:  foundation and powder because my skin is blotchy and oily. No blush because my cheekbones are not well-defined and after years of trying, I just couldn’t learn how to put it on correctly.  Lip color is a light coral-pink. (20+ years ago, I favored bright red, but it doesn’t work as well as it used to.)

My eyes are where I tend to focus. I brush on a light shadow up to the brow bone, a medium shade on the lid, a darker liner over the upper lid and outer half of the lower (I don’t do the waterline). I have small, close-set eyes so I try to stay away from the inner corners. Then a dark shadow in the crease and attemp to blend it. Then mascara. Some days it turns out better than others. 

I do the whole routine every day that I plan on leaving the house, but when i’m having an at-home Saturday of chores or yard work, I skip everything. 

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Here's my daily go-to make-up:

1. I do have a decent moisturizer, Peter Thomas Water Drench. I bought it because I have super dry skin and my friend got me an Overstock.com gift certificate. I would love recommendations on extremely moisturizing moisturizers.

2. This is a new one, but I am trying to use Nivea Men post shave balm as a primer. So far, so good. I used J.ONE Jelly Pack and love it, but I don't have that kind of cash laying around, people. My issue is that my make-up doesn't stay for very long.

3. I use a Bill Nye concealer pencil in a red tone to balance out the dark circles under my eyes. This mostly works, but there are patches that come through. I put Urban Decay Naked Skin over top of the pencil. (See the sample closet to the elbow).

4. I slap on some foundation. I'm using Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear. An Ulta salesperson helped me match it to my face. I do not think it is a good color for me anymore. (See the sample closest to my wrist). I bought some Too Faced Born This Way because several people in the J-Rod thread mentioned it's awesome. The sample is the second patch from my wrist. PLEASE tell me if it's bad, because I can still return it.

4. I use the pictured brush to blend all that shit in.

5. I put some Stila Convertible Color cream blush on with my fingers. I just put it on the apples of my cheeks and blend it with my fingers, and sometimes the brush if I'm feeling froggy. It's the third sample from my elbow.

6. I put some Wet N' Wild Volume something waterproof mascara. I need to buy a new one in the worst way. Mascara tends to run on me and I get the dreaded J-Rod eyes. Someone in another thread here recommended it and it does fairly well.

7. I put on some Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick. I actually really like this lipstick. It's the sample second closest to my elbow.










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