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LGBT perspective: Chris Pratt + Hillsong Church

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I didn't know just how bad Hillsong was until Pratt got called out. The Lutheran congregation I grew up in had and as far as I know (I haven't attended services in almost a decade) still has some ties to Hillsong. So there are people in my life who like them. I really have to talk with them now, I knew Hillsong kicked out openly gay pastors, but I didn't know they practiced conversation therapy, or that their founder's father was a child molester! 

My little sister regularly attends charismatic hipster mega churches that seem modern but where bigotry is lurking under the surface. (I'm not sure if she has attended Hillsong or not though.) The churches have conferences where they brag about the thousands of souls they save every night. They talk a lot about how today's European youth have "turned their backs against god" but how they, the members of these kinds of churches, are evangelizing more than ever before and winning more souls all the time. They scare me honestly, not only because of their charismatic elements, but because of their regressive values. My sister has been very supportive ever since I came out to her more than 5 years ago, but I'm scared she will one day stop supporting me since I know she hangs around people who think my sexuality is a sin all the time. She even recently said she doesn't really know if homosexuality is okay or not, since the Bible is a bit conflicted on that point. She says she'll always love me though, but I'm so tired of "hate the sin love the sinner" kind of people. I grew up surrounded by them and even though they think they are tolerant because they don't abandon me or other LGBT people in their lives; they are, if they can't accept that what we are isn't a sin, not really so tolerant after all.

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