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Dillards 71: YAAAAAY

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9 hours ago, HarryPotterFan said:

 If you are dumb enough to volunteer for a tv show that’s made your FIL bank you are  too dumb for law school 

Or marriage and parenthood

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I would be surprised if they ever get divorced -- I don't think they actually feel as miserable as it looks to us from the outside. And I think Jill (sadly) will put up with almost anything that Derek decides to do.

But in the event Derek ever decided to leave, I suspect JB would be bound and determined (and would pony up some money) to get Derek to stick around (at least on paper.) And not just for "Duggar brand" considerations. A contested divorce would result in court filings that might make some of the financial arrangements between JB and the kids clear (and even if they were somehow supposed to be kept private, I suspect that information would at some point find the light of day.) I think that's the last thing JB wants anyone outside the family (and possibly even inside for some of the kids) to know.

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Many women who were abused actually believe that someone who isn't beating the crap out of you--and may even be bringing you chocolate milk--loves you. Jill is a nasty, pathetic mess but I have to say I can understand how she might actually believe Dewreck is the best husband ever.

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2 hours ago, SassyPants said:

Or marriage and parenthood

True, but at least for law school you have to get a undergrad degree and take a test to get in. There are some academic standards. But Trump is a complete dumbass and he got married three times and reproduced. Jenelle Evans reproduced and I’m not sure she knows you are supposed to feed your toddler.

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